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ConCarolinas May 30 - June 1 2014: Charlotte NC GRRM Guest of honor

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I can't make Worldcon next year so this will be my BWB event for 2014. If you can make it please come. If you're new to the Con scene a small local convention is always fun. I'm in contact with one of the organizers and I'm going to see what I can do about, possiblely getting a party room. There is a $$ problem involved with that so we shall see. If you coming let us know here.

I'd love it is some of my worldcon compatriots could make it down for this one.

Ser Scot A Ellison

George Snow +1

King In The North Carolina


Lily Valley +1


Lany Cassandra (Maybe)

Missy Mayhem (Maybe)

Ashayatara +1


Fragile Bird (maybe)

The Great Unwashed +1

Ser Knight Somerville +1

Arlington Bill






What would Victarion do?


The maid of Woodlynne (maybe)

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Always looking forward to the future!

There will be an event in NC (North Carolina) in May 2014. I know that some of us would be interested in a con in the Southeast of the US. GRRM is the planned GOH.


Since this is just 'up the road' from GA, I am planning on being there.

Memberships go on sale this Labor Day weekend.

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I learned something interesting tonight. And it ties into the BWB tradition of Ghost pepper drinks. The brewery that opened up in Columbia SC (my home town) Conquest Brewing is producing a Ghost Pepper Stout called "The Bi-polar Hi Roller". I've had it and it is excellent. A nice heavy beer with a clean peppery finish that has a very pleasant heat to it. When I tried it I didn't realize it was Ghost Peppers.

I'd be happy to bring some to ConCarolinas if anyone is interested in giving it a whirl. Hopefully, they'll be bottleing by then, if not I'll bring a growler.

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