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Bakker の Pacific Rim Job


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I could buy the palming argument under other circumstances but I think there are just too many arguments against it - points 1-4 above, and add to those that surely someone in the audience would notice if Kell ripped her heart from her corpse while standing up.

Oh and there's also this, right after he gets out from under Umiaki:

He raised his palms to the great hollows of the earth....

Bakker is telling us that he doesn't have anything in his hands.

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A good magician always shows he has nothing in his hands or up his sleeves first.

So he hid it. In the only place he could hide it.

Do you really think hiding a heart up his butt is more plausible than him performing a miracle?

Why do they deceive themselves so?

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But he'd have to have been hiding the heart up his butt for at least a few days before he was circumfixed.

And then he was to get the heart out after being let down from the circumfix and palm it while making it seem like he ripped it out of his heart. He wasn't on stage, there were people surrounding him.

Sorry, Heart Up Butt supporters, but I have to denounce [you] as being led astray by demons. I suggest you switch over to the Empty Butt side before this schism gets...messy..

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