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TWOW Character POV Ratios


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Dorne - Areo

Stormlands - Arianne, Jon Con

KL - Cersei

Oldtown - Sam

Riverlands - Prologue POV, Jaime, Brienne

Vale - Sansa

North - Asha, Theon

Norther (wall) - Mel, maybe Jon

Northest - Bran

Iron Isles - Aeron

Braavos - Arya

Meereen - Barristan, Tyrion, Victarion

Far away - Dany

20 POV is a lot. I am guessing we are in for some casualties. Brienne, Victarian, Jon Con, Theon is my guess. I am thinking Arya will end up near another POV and other characters will come together in KL before long reducing the amount of POV we will need

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New try after having re-read the books.

The Wall / Beyond the Wall: 14 chapters

Melisandre - 5 chapters (she's the only POV character left at the Wall, and since GRRM revealed that there's a lot to come about the Wall, I can't see her getting no chapters)

Jon Snow - 6 chapters (I believe that Jon will be resurrected by Melisandre after having warged into Ghost, but won't be the same than before, just like Azor Ahai Reborn, so I find it likely to get insight into the Wall through Melisandre and to explore further north with Jon)

Bran Stark - 3 chapters (we have to find out more about Bloodraven as well as Meera's und Jojen's future - I think Meera might play a significant part in Bran's storyline; and with Bran's chapters we're able to get an overview on the entire world of Westeros)

The North: 15 chapters

Theon Greyjoy - 6 chapters (just because there has a lot more to come about him - Mance's future, the battle of Winterfell, Theon killing Ramsay which definitely has to happen IMO)

Asha Greyjoy - 3 chapters (I think she's going to be separated from Theon in some way so that we get the Battle of Winterfell through two different sides - maybe Theon being captured by Ramsay once again and Asha being on Stannis' side)

Davos Seaworth - 6 chapters (3 chapters of Skagos, then his return to White Harbour and some tactical reveals of Manderly, later his way back to Stannis)

The Iron Islands: 2 chapters

Aeron Greyjoy - 2 chapters (whatever is about to happen, I'm absolutely curious about everything that might occure)

Riverlands: 6 chapters

Jaime Lannister - 5 chapters (2 chapters in the riverlands surrounding the meeting with the BwB, later he might return to King's Landing, so I'll count 2 chapters for the riverlands)

Brienne of Tarth - 4 chapters (1 chapter with Jaime before they're separated again, then continuing her search for Sansa und finally finding her in the Vale with Hyle's und Pod's help and somehow rescuing her with Lady Stoneheart's help from Littlefinger - I truly believe that the only one who's likely to kill Littlefinger is Catelyn herself)

Vale: 8 chapters

Sansa Stark - 8 chapters (well, there has to happen very much …)

King's Landing: 7 chapters

Jaime Lannister - 5 chapters (3 of them in KL)

Cersei Lannister - 4 chapters (to catch up with the events in KL - perhaps some long chapters with further insight into Cersei's madness and the events surrounding the trials and Qyburn)

Storm's End: 8 chapters

Arianne Martell - 4 chapters (after her travelling to Aegon she might be added in Connington's chapters; I think she'll play a more significant role in the last book)

Jon Connington - 4 chapters (ending with his death - not by the greyscale; surrounding a battle of King's Landing)

Dorne: 2 chapters

Areo Hotah - 2 chapters (surrounding the Darkstar storyline)

Oldtown: 5 chapters

Samwell Tarly - 5 chapters (to continue with his storyline)

Braavos: 8 chapters

Arya Stark - 8 chapters (there has a lot more to come with the House of Black and White, I believe we'll meet Jaqen and her storyline in Braavos has to be ended in TWOW)

Meereen / Dothraki Sea: 23 chapters

Daenerys Targaryen - 8 chapters (because there has a much to come of the Dothraki Sea, and I think she'll end up in Asshai before finally returning to Westeros)

Tyrion Lannister - 8 chapters (to resolve the storylines in Meereen)

Barristan Selmy - 3 chapters (after the battle of Meereen, he will perhaps die which I don't believe to be very likely or occur in Tyrion's chapters)

Victarion Greyjoy - 4 chapters (somehow similar to my explanation about Barristan)

This would make 98 chapters (+ prologue/epilogue). Maybe too many, but if GRRM writes shorter chapters, perhaps it's possible.

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