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Le Grande Northern Conspiracy, Parte the Fourth


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You misunderstand if you think that's an argument. It's one of the bigger subjects of the discussion, whether the GNC is merely speculation or if there really is textual evidence/hints.

I come down on the side of it being to speculative. It doesn't really bother me that people try to flesh it out on this thread but its brought up on other threads and is presented as a fact at times which is rather annoying.

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No one in the North will object to Jon as their king? This will only be true unless Rickon and Bran turn up.

And we are talking about regents here. Sansa may not be supported as a queen, but is likely to be a regent. If she becomes a regent, she is placed above her husband, so Tyrion cannot tell Sansa what to do.

You're mixing apples and onions here. My comment was specifically regarding Jon over Sansa as Robb's heir. Even when Rickon shows up (and I've laid down my chit in these forums on exactly when and where I expect the banner of the direwolf to return in TWoW) Robb's will naming a successor trumps Rickon's claim. Jon would have to abdicate KitN for Rickon to wear the bronze circlet.

If Jon is made legit and heir, doesn't his claim come ahead of Bran and Rickon no matter what because he's older? Or does he take a backseat to them both because he isn't a true born heir? But then again, Robb can designate his heir since he's king, right? Sort of like what Robert did with Renly and Stannis and Storm's End?

This is why the War of the Roses happened. The amount of heirs in the North... is too damn high!

In a nutshell, yes. Robb's will trumps anything involving birth order. For example, had Ring Robert's decree named Tommen as his heir, Joffrey would have been sent skulking to Casterly Rock.

Because when I'm having a discussion about anything (for instance what Stannis will be doing next, what's going to happen with Manderly's fleet or what the Blackfish next move will be), people are treating the GNC as if it's the truth. I'm giving constructive criticism in hope of getting people to treat the GNC as it is, a theory with a lot of speculation, not truth.

I'm not that sure of those textual hints. For instance, Manderly told Davos how he can't even trust his own maester and that the Freys have bought his servants, that he isn't free to act/communicate as he likes. Now that's something that's never mentioned when discussing the excessive exchange of information that has to have happened according to the GNC, together with the lack of any ravens in Greywater Watch and in the Mountains of the Clans. Sending a servant to tell everyone (for instance Manderly) about the existence of the will is also doubtfull. Think about how Cat didn't trust anyone with the news of the attack on Bran, how she went herself, or the very secretely hidden letter from Lysa to Cat. Those information would contain a lot of treason and are not easily trusted to someone. So I doubt the will is already revealed beyond Greywater Watch, if the will has reached this place in the first place.

I think you misunderstand the nature of the GNC. It doesn't really begin to pick up speed until all the players are in Winterfell. It is only once they are all together that matters such as Bran and Rickon still being alive or Robb's will starts to be discussed.

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