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Robb Stark Is The Biggest Fool In Westeros


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I seriously think that Robb Stark is was a big fool. He made big blunders which cost him his life and even that of his mother.

He needed the Frey's for fighting the battle and pissing them off was the biggest mistake he made. All he had to do was marry a Frey. Instead he married Jeyne Westerling and created more enemies for himself.

He executed Rickard Karstark when he already had less forces. I agree that Karstark did a wrong thing but by executing him, Robb lost the Karstarks as well.

There are many more mistakes that he made and in the end he bacame the King Who Lost The North. He also didnt listen to Catelyn when she was against sending Theon to the Iron islands.

I can think of these mistakes. Are there any other that you guys can think of?

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I can't find any other mistake by Robb, but I agree with you about his marriage with Jeyne: it was the most stupid thing he could have done. And about the Karstarks, he should have put aside his honor for a while and spare his life, as everybody bid him. But I don't blame him for Theon's betrayal: Theon was his friend, and almost a brother to him. Neither Robb nor Theon himself knew what was going to happen when he sailed to the Iron Islands. If there is anybody to blame for that, they are Balon and Theon Greyjoy.

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