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Character alignment discussion

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Depending on wether you know Dungeons&Dragons type RPGs, you might be familiar with that game's alignment system: Law vs Chaos and Good vs Evil. Alignments are always a combination of these 2 factors, which results in 9 different alignments (with "neutral" always being middle-ground on both axis.

What alignments would you attribute to the actors of asoif?

Here's my take:

Lawful Good: Davos Seaworth. He's a good person through and through. He has a code of honor which he sticks to, even if faced with dire personal consequences. He holds Stannis as his rightful king but tries to talk him out of evil deeds he might do knowingly or unknowingly.

Neutral Good: Maybe Jon? He's a good person, acknowledges his superiors but he sometimes feels he has to act outside of their codes of conduct if it means doing the right thing.

Chaotic Good: Can't think of anyone right now.

Lawful Neutral: Stannis, without a doubt. This guy is all law and justice, regardless if the result of his actions are good or evil.

True Neutral: Tyrion? He seems to me like the kind of guy who does whatever he thinks is best or whatever it takes.

Chaotic Neutral? Arya? She's not downright evil, yet she'not really always good either. And she seems to have a disregard for law as well, considering her lifestyle.

Lawful Evil: Melisandre perhaps? Her religion imposes on her a certain lawfulness, but her actions so far seem to have been rather ruthless or evil.

Neutral Evil: Cersei? Just the selfish little b*tch she is...

Chaotic Evil: Maybe LF? He's just as selfish and delights in wreaking havoc among his enemies and friends.

What do you think? How would you qualify the different actors in the books?

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I think that Jaime could go as "chaotic good" after he decided to change his life: he defied his father and acted against his sisters's wishes to save the Stark girls from her. He clearly doesn't believe in laws, oaths and stuff, but is a good person (or turning into it) anyway. And I may say the same about the Hound.

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Yeah, Jamie might be Chatoic Good now... Who knows he might even end up Lawful Good?

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Lawful Good: Ned Stark - all about laws and honor, but not in a Stannis way. In a good way.

Neutral Good: Qhorin Halfhand - he's a good guy, but he likes to walk out of the path I think. He even gets himself killed to get to his goal.

Chaotic Good: Robert Baratheon - he's good deep down, but... well. Robert Baratheon.

Lawful Neutral: Yep, you're right, Stan Baratheon.

True Neutral: Agree again, Tyrion.

Chaotic Neutral: Makes me think of Sandor Clegane, actually, but I couldn't explain why.

Lawful Evil: I think Littlefinger goes here - he's really bad, but he always tries to keep everything around him in order while throwing everyone else in complete chaos.

Neutral Evil: Euron Greyjoy?

Chaotic Evil: Joffrey! Who's more chaotic and evil than him?

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