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Hi, i'm a spanish speaking, a former follower of aSoIaF

I´m sorry for my english, i cant find a spanish forum...

I'm asking about the publushings houses who deal this books.

I hant to buy a english collection of aSoIaF becouse I have seen that the spanish edition has been clipped, here there are two publishing houses named Plaza & Janés and Gigamesh, the both cut the book to make it look like a pocket edition...

I whant to find a spanish edition who had the complete book or if it not possible, you can suggest me the best english edition of the collection.


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Hello Leocreyes,

Asshai.com is a fine Spanish language fansite. Good people. :) If I understand your question right, you'd like to find full-sized hardcovers of the books without splitting volumes in half? I'm not sure if any Spanish publisher does that or not, but the folks at Asshai would know.

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