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Bakker - "You worship suffering."


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Look for people asserting things. People with opinions. Then quote them and remind them that they are deceived as are all men.

But are we ourselves not making assertions? If so, are we also not deceived, like all men? Ever do men flatter themselves, ever do they claim that they see, while the world remains blind. That they alone are awake.

Aren't we simply trading presumption for presumption Triskele? Feigning humility to better tower above our fellow man? After all,as the Tusk tells us: he who kneels lowest before the God stands tallest among the fallen...


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one thing I just recently noticed, Sorcery of nonman, inrithi etc origin is pretty much always described with the adjective "unholy." Doesn't really matter who is seeing or experiencing the magic, it usually gets a descriptor of 'unholy light' at some point.

But when the cishaurim water is described, only some perspectives use "unholy" usually heavily biased perspectives like Proyas. Others tend to use descriptors like dazzling, and iirc, when it zooms out to the omniscient narrator, the cishaurim magic is "holy" and the inrithi magic is "unholy".

So do we just excuse or ignore the repeated designation of 'unholy' because our perspectives are nominally on the side of the Inrithi and we refuse to believe that they're on the wrong side, that they are the badguys, fighting for hell with the weapons of hell?

Because it seems pretty clear and it seems like only readerly assumptions and readerly self-deceptions would prevent a literal and clear reading of the adjective.

which brings me to my suggested topic title: Bakker - Holy Water, Unholy Light

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