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Shae's bizarre behavior


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Here is where i am dreadfully frustrated and confused ( not in a good way)

Did Shae honestly love Tyrion? After the events of ASOS it seems like No, she didn't, but then again..possibly she did?

Makes no sense. The book is ridiculously vague and thereby annoying.

All of the evidence up till the point of Tyrion's trial suggests that Shae actually has developed a genuine love for Tyrion( not just his money or his social standing)

The real topper is when Varys offers her money, safe passage, and a good home if she just leave Tyrion, but she refuses. This very much seemed like a noble and honest plea from Varys, yet she refused. why?

Did she not trust Varys? or...

Was she honestly in love with Tyrion?

again if it was money she wanted, why not take it and go? Tyrion wouldn't be able to find her.

It doesn't make any sense whether she legitimately had feelings for Tyrion or not. Her actions are vaguely contradictory to her vague motives.

So my final question is, which of these 2 options do you most believe?

1.Shae legitimately developed feelings for Tyrion,but she was forced to betray him.which she honestly regretted.


2.Shae only told Tyrion what he wanted to hear because she needed the money and protection. She used him as her convenience and when it was no longer convenient, she betrayed him.

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That's true. The Shae on the tv show gets a lot more screen time (in the books she's barely mentioned) and it's pretty clear that while Tyrion loves her, she seems to be in it for the money/security etc... I detested her in the tv show...so when I read the books I was glad to see that 1. She was a lot different. 2. You barely see hide nor hair of her.

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So its just a matter of Book Shae = rotten whore vs. Tv Shae = sincere yet unfortunate ?

Why? why HBO? why GRRM? why do this?

GRRM made her a rotten whore, why you ask? Because he wanted to. The TV show has gotten VERY different in so many ways and Shae is one the biggest examples. To answer why they did that... Clearly ratings and to appeal more to women. Why did we need to see 10 different mushy love scenes between the young wolf and his foreign bride? Same thing. You cannot compare apples and oranges, read faster you will understand soon.

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