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The Heretic's Guide to Heresy


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About Heresy:


"Heresy covers a wide variety of subjects, but is largely about questioning some of the popular assumptions that the Wall and the Nights Watch were created to keep the Others at bay - and that the story is going to end with Jon Snow being identified as both the lost Targaryen heir and as Azor Ahai – seated on a dragon.Furthermore,Heresy is about making connections between the various myths and magic in an effort to futher understand what's going on in the story"(Black Crow).


Does Heresy have a main consensus?:

Heresy is diverse in beliefs and theories,you will come across different factions within,but the one concensus that does exist is-Nothing is as it seems.

For an introduction into the major topics of Heresy begin at Heresy Project: The Faith 7 in addition Heresy project: The 5 Kings . Projects of this nature are known as Mace Cooterian's Cenntenial Projects

Links to all Heresies are provided in the spoiler tag below. Drop in anytime don't be shy. You are here because you took the blue pill. Happy Heresy :cheers:




Heresy 1 The wall the watch and a Heresy

Heresy 2 The Wall The Watch pt 2

Heresy 3 The Watch The Wall pt 3

Heresy 4 COTF, Identities of AA,TPTWP etc.

Heresy 5 Professor Crow's Lectures

Heresy 6 Old Nan's Tales 

Heresy 7: Bloodraven's motive

Heresy 8: What the Night watch has forgotten,Professor Crow's animadversions.Timelines and the nature of history

Heresy 9 :Craster and his sacrifice

Heresy 10

Heresy 11

Heresy 12

Heresy 13

Heresy 14 Doubting the Starks 

Heresy 15

Heresy 16

Heresy 17 Sidhe made of Ice 

Heresy 18

Heresy 19

Heresy 20 Timelines 

Heresy 21

Heresy 22

Heresy 23 The Reed's Oath :

Heresy 24

Heresy 25

Heresy 26 The Black Gate

Heresy 27

Heresy 28

Heresy 29 Origins of the Weirwood faces 

Heresy 30 The Elementals Pt 1

Heresy 31 The Crow and GRRM Interview

Heresy 32: Snow storms,Bloodrave/Odin connection,Warging

Heresy 33: The Liddle connection,The Pact,greenser and the Black gate,

Heresy 34: Identity of Mance,Targ/Valyrian conquest at Hardome,Mance=Rhaegar,


Heresy 36 New year's edition 





Heresy 41:POV's Meerene,the Watch,The Wildling perspective 

http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/80889-heresy-42-the-black-watch-edition/The Black Gate







Heresy 49er edition


Heresy 51: Ramsey the Changeling

Heresy 52

Heresy 53

Heresy 54

Heresy 55 

Heresy 56

Heresy 130: Khal drogo

Heresy 131:Azor ahi and the Prince that was Promised Heresy project

Heresy 132: The Wildlings Heresy project 

Heresy 133: Weirwoods  Heresy Project

Heresy 134:Faceless men Heresy Project

http://-heresy-135 Heresy Project 

Heresy 136: Heart of Darkness

Heresy 138: Kings of Winter 

Heresy 139:WOIAF,Necromany,Borrow king,Targs 

Heresy:140 WOIAF Rhaegar's motives,green power 

Heresy 141 WOIAF greenseeing,Balance

Heresy:142 WOIAF maze builders,wws,The unseen hand 

Heresy 143:Soltice ed,Others,Dragon in Winterfell,Jon the sacrifice 

Heresy 144:Rhaegar's long game,Jon the Sacrifice,What the Wall Stops,Sineater 

Heresy 145:Other/gender,COTF/WW connection,Targ/Stark,Benjen CHs 

Heresy 146:Garth Greenhand,Hollow knight,The Wall,Last Hero 

Heresy 147:Wight watching,The battle of the Dawn,Black gate,Night's King 

Heresy 148: Jenn's song,Coldhands and Bloodraven,fighting the dead,Deep ones,Heroes 

Heresy 149 1993 outline,Others,wws/Neverborn and Wights 

Heresy 150:1993 letter contd 

Heresy 151: Dany the Skinchanger,The singers,RLJ,Letter contd

http://-heresy-152 RLJ:Aegon,Elia reconciling mysteries.

http://-heresy-153 RLJ:Reed,Black Gate

http://-heresy-154 RLJ: Rose theology,GRRM's interview,crib tales of WF

http://-heresy-155 RJL:Love(Lya&Elia)/Politics/other,the puppet theatre of J.Arryn,AD+L=J

http://-heresy-156 Arthur Dayne,Weirwood Bias,All Magic,reconciling the Reed Oath

http://-heresy-157 Viserys the heir and what the KG knew,Balrogs,unweaving mysteries

http://-heresy-158 Identities:Bran,Lyanna the May Queen,Behind the rising

http://-heresy-159 Faceless men connection,Maesters,Dany knows nothing

http://-heresy-160 Gared and the Direwolf,Greenseeing and the Starks

http://-heresy-161 Dagger debate,Arya/Jon romance,Jon's Parentage

http://-heresy-162 Sansa/Alayne

http://-heresy-164 Glamours,lineages,magic

http://-heresy-165 Dragonglass,glass candles obsidian and magic

http://-heresy-166 Does the synopsis matter today?Where were L&R?

http://-heresy-167 COTF and their relationship with the Others and Men

http://-heresy-168 COTF the people,the real war

http://-heresy-169 motivations of the greenseers and the COTF,Kurtz analogy

http://-heresy-170 more of the same above,some betting challenges on rlj

http://-heresy-171 lil bit of RLJ,a lil bit of Craster

http://-heresy-172 Craster and his wives,secret identities,Jon's future role




Heresy 176: AA one of the bad guys,theories of everything 

Heresy177 : Jon legit,Craster Stark bastard,The Singers 





Heresy 183: greenseers,the hand behind wights and wws  



http://asoiaf-heresy- epi 05


Heresy 188: Jon's parentage,Deconstructing Bran's Winterfell vision,NK/LH and BTB

Heresy 189

Heresy 190



Heresy Parentage Project:

Wrap up threads

Wrap up 1

Wrap up 2

Wrap up 3

Wrap up 4


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For those interested in Heresy and those already familiar with the thread;here is a compilation of what was discussed from its inception to the present.Its also an easier way to refer to topics discussed without having to thumb through loads of threads trying to find a particular Hersey...

Thanks for this. Very helpful.

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We dont need it pinned.just have black crow include a link to this page in his first post of each new heresy thread.

I think this is better,will do

Can't you guys just post a summary of what your core beliefs are this week?

Because Heresy is not hegemonic it is easier for readers to go through the threads in order to draw their own conclusion.

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I can't remember exactly which one off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure that we had a thread around the 30s or 40s that was dedicated to the Winterfell crypts.

Thanks Toccs I will scroll through and see .

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The first Heresy thread was called the Watch, the wall and a Heresy IIRC


And I was there, at page four! Yay for me, an heretic of the first hour! (or at least of the first thread)

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