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The Heretic's Guide to Heresy


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Important update:
The Wolfmaid is  a bit bummed today i don't know how many of you read Ran's announcement linked above,if you haven't you should read it immediately as it affects the upcoming project.Due to upgrades that will take place content posted now up until we switch over  will be lost .This ofcourse includes all content in the project.So i have some things to figure out moving forward.
I'll get back to you all.

Ran posted an update today:


Just a quick update: as we're not going to be able to try to upgrade until later in August, all posts between now and that point in time will be included in the upgrade database -- we'll take a fresh backup of the forum as it stands then, and use that to perform the upgrade on on a separate server.

When we do that backup, there will be a roughly one week period in which posts here will not carry over to the new server, but we'll announce when that happens.

TL;DR: Don't worry, all posts up to now and into mid-August will not disappear when we upgrade.

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You guys aren't going to post them here for scrutiny?

Yes, i'm running the first one the last week in this month seeing as we will not be affected by the switch.

So yeah, it will be in the Dance section. Edited by wolfmaid7
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Arthur + Lyanna= Jon


Just went up.

Just read the OP, very good job.


I have a few arguments for this that are outside of ASoIaF:


- the Dayne's have a famous sword. The hero of the story always uses a famous sword. Will Darkstar be the hero of the story? Not likely.

- Arthur + Lyanna = Jon then Jon is the offspring of the two oldest First Men houses. Almost as pure ice as the Targaryens are fire. What is the story called again?

- Now if Ned is not Jon's father and Jon's mother is Lyanna (who on the show might be played by Maisie Williams?), would you cast Jon's real father for a flashback or his real father's best friend? I mean, if Rhaegar were Jon's father we should get a flashback of the Trident and Rhaegar dying with Lyanna's name on his lips, shouldn't we?

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Wolfmaid, I figured you'd be interested in the most recent update concerning the forum-update


Despite the downtime earlier this morning, with a message noting we were preparing an upgrade which meant content posted between now and when the update was completed would be lost, we discovered as soon as we were done that Invision (maker of the forum software) was preparing a new release with one significant improvement... so instead of upgrading now, we're going to delay a week or so.


So I guess early to mid-september is the current estimated date for the update.

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Is it heretical to ask why heresy threads are in the ADWD forum... And why we need a separate ADWD forum to begin with so many years after publication?

No its not heretical to ask why.However, I don't know except Heresy's home has always been in this forum.

I generally just hangout in the general books forum.

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FYI: Just saw Ran's post, in case you missed it.

King o' the Board

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Posted Yesterday, 04:42 AM
Yes, apologies. WE did our backup yesterday. Today we're going to get it all running on the other server, get that upgraded to 4, and then start it on the process of reformatting posts for the new software. That will take several days, maybe a week.

So anything posted yesterday, to the time we announce the upgrade being completed, should be saved manually (i.e. copied into a file) if its content matters to anyone. It won't be transferred over... provided the upgrade actually works. If not, we'll announce it.

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