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Salvation for Stonedance

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<p>The victory at sea by the Sea Watch proved a vital blow against the forces of the so-called “king”, Red Rhys of the Scourge, and his ally Sullehman Saan. But though they had lost the battle, the war for Stonedance continued as the remnant of their forces remained at Stonedance in strength. Driving forward under the royal banner, the host under Prince Aemon Targaryen, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, joined with the outriders they had sent to sweep away the reavers and scavengers that Rhys and Saan had out. As they approached the walls, the giant Vaario Quanis could be seen bringing a man there—and then tossing him off to die a painful death, dangling from the rope around his neck. Moments later, Red Rhys and Sullehman Saan roude out with their lieutenants under a rainbow banner of parley. The Dragonknight met them with a handful of his captains and knights, and from that vantage recognized that it was the aged Lord Allard Massey who had been hanged from the battlements. The villians made demands on the Dragonknight, of withdrawal and an end to assault, or they would hang a hostage from the battlements every dawn. To make the meaning of the threat still plainer, Vaario held Jyana Arryn on the battlement.</p>

<p>It goes without saying that Prince Aemon refused, and instead made a counter-offer… to the lieutenants: open the gates, and Rhys, Saan, and Vaario would be given swift deaths, and the rest would be allowed to take the black. Filled with wrath, Red Rhys declared that he would live and die as a king, and departed the parley. That evening, the Dragonknight commanded the captains of the host to have their men continue to lay a camp as if for a siege… but to secretly have siege ladders repaired for an assault on the castle. It was a moonless night, and there would be no better opportunity.</p>

<p>Late in the moonless night, the assault began with the Dragonknight at the forefront. His offer had borne fruit for the walls were more poorly defended than they might have been due to tension between the men loyal to Rhys and Saan and those who wished to accept the offer. The fighting was fierce on the battlements and Dark Sister reaped a bloody harvest. But when the superior numbers of the kings men begin to tell, many among the enemy begin to throw down their arms and surrender. Retreating from the battlements, Sullehman Saan, Red Rhys, Vaario Quanis and the Skagosi reached the keep with those loyal to them. The Dragonknight—leaving a wounded Ser Sorin of the Kingsguard to take charge of the prisoners - lead men in pursuit. Within the halls of Stonedance, it finally comes to an end, as bloody a finish as this wicked enterprise was to begin. Red Rhys was slain on his throne, his chest pulped by the Ser Sarmion Baratheon, Stormbreaker, his loyal Dornishmen slain to the last man. Sullehman Saan, attempting to use Elrone Darklyn as a hostage, was beheaded after a vicious duel with the Iron Serpent. The fearsome Skagosi cannibal called the Eater was slain by Ser Jan Marbrand and Ser Cleyton Waxley. Only Vaario Quanis escaped, using the chaos of a fire that broke out in a wing of the castle, though not before dealing terrible wounds to the brave Ser Mathin Lannister, and sustaining burns himself.</p>

<p>In the aftermath, the cries and pleas of the dying filled the night, and the sobs of those rescued from the carnage and horrors. House Massey has suffered terrible blows, and their people with them</p>

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