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Important information is being revealed to Sam and now in ADWD same is true for Davos

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If you have not read up to page 394 in the book do not read on as stuff will be revealed that you do not know yet...

GRRM stated that AFFC and ADWD were divided and so some stuff that is happening in ADWD was happening around the same time other things were happening in AFFC. In a AFFC, we know KL gets a raven stating Davos has been killed and confirmed by the Freys etc..

In ADWD we learn the truth and that manderly is not weak or dumb, but rather smart and cunning in his own right to save his people etc but also looking for a way to enact vengeance. Davos is a good character and starting to rise in the ranks of my favorite character because he can read people, but he is modest and loyal etc...

We know the court and the head on the spike is a farce meant for the Freys and Lannisters. Manderly is tasking him to bring Rickon. I am still weary of Wex because he may be a mute, but he is smart if he was able to know to stay downwind so Shaggy would not catch his scent and known to go to White Harbor and he can handle a daggar too well for my liking. Still in Davos chapters he too has important knowledge bestowed upon him like how Eddard was able to get home to call his banners and thus that same lord on the sisters let Davos traveled to White Harbor. In the wolf den important history is revealed and of course Willa reminded Manderly of the oath they swore to the Starks and such an oath and a debt can never be repaid.

Is it because both Sam and Davos are modest and loyal to friends that important things keep being revealed to them or is there a different reason that may have to deal with their story arc or others? I am thinking Davos will succeed in getting Rickon, but I do not think his story ends there. he is too much of a father figure and has a lot of similar qualities Ned Stark had and would have been honored by ned Stark. I am thinking his role is leaning more to help the Starks maybe in a father role or something. I can also seem him commanding the fleet of White Harbor in a great battle.

What do you think important information and tasks are being revealed to Davos? I like his character, but cannot stand Mel and others.

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I do not quite understand what you are saying in the second paragraph.

First, I have always liked Davos. He does the right thing, which is the hard thing at the risk of ticking off Stannis and Mel.

When Manderly showed his true character, I was cheered by the fact that there were still strong right-thinking men in Westeros. I hope he survived the mess at the Winterfell wedding. (I wonder what this wedding will be called?) I felt for Jeyne, but she was such a nitwit in Game.

I agree that Davos is similar to Eddard Stark. Unlike Stark, he has all that life experience as a smuggler, and knows how to get out of tight situations. He is a survivior. I believe that Davos has a large part to play. He had been nearly everywhere in this struggle. Perhaps he will be of assistance to Dany. Since he is such a good and decent fellow, there is probably a bullseye on him. I hope not.

The idea of him commanding the White Harbor fleet is a great idea. Excellent. Had not crossed my mind. Hope it is in Martin's

edited: I said I have always liked Stannis. Good lord

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