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Controversial moments you're not ashamed to like


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-Absolutely love the Frey Pies

-Tyrion killing Twyin and Shae was awesome. Despite Twyin being a great character he orchestrated the RW so that felt like some kind of revenge. Also revenge for what a dick he was to Tyrion all his life

-LF throwing Lysa out the moon door also great. I hated Lysa's character not to mention she was about to do the same to Sansa.

-The attack on Craster. Let me clarify in no way did I like seeing Mormont die, however a) I really wanted Craster to die & it led to Jon being able to take over as Lord Commander

-The transformation of Theon. Only because I needed to see Theon tortured so brutally to forgive him for his betrayal and actually begin to like his character. Not to mention discovering another impossibly unlikeable character in Ramsay to fill Joffrey's void.

-Finally, Ned's execution. Don't get me wrong I loved Ned as a character, but this was the moment you realized that GRRM was willing to do the unexpected and kill off anyone.

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- Cersei's imprisonment, especially because her own schemes and plans got her there

- Sansa not kneeling for Tyrion

- Manderly's pies, it was a wonderful sort of vengeance

- "before you make me rue the day I raped your mother."

- "Only Cat."

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I REALLY like the epilogue where we see Varys kill Pycelle and Kevan.

When Varys is complaining about Pycelles death stink and pretends to care that Kevan is suffering, just perfect.

Oooooooh snap! Yeah man! YEAH MAN! That epilogue is gr9!

Jorah getting taken as a slave.

Heeeeheeee yiss.

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When Lommy Greenhands died. He was being incredibly annoying, and the way he was killed seemed very cool and had a slickness about it.

Petyr killing Lysa.

Janos Slynt's death - OK so perhaps this isn't that controversial, but it was very satisfying.

Jaime's interaction with Sybill Westerling in AFfC

It seems I like death.

EDIT - I hated when Sansa didn't kneel. I understand it, and Sansa is probably my favourite character, but in that moment all I felt was empathy for Tyrion.

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