Well to start off, I am really excited about the upcoming book, The World of Ice and Fire, and got a question about its content :wideeyed:
Please don't turn this topic in to a "what will happen in the future" - topic. Somthing, something: I am wondering if there will be some more intel on House Daynes past in this upcoming book? What does the past of House Dayne look like, and especially how has their relationship with Dorne been in the past (friendly/unfriendly)? Reason:
I find this house/family to be more interesting than others, simply because they haven't really been revealed in the same way as others, taking in consideration that they got no POV chapters. I'm curious about House Dayne, Reed, Redwyne, etc because we know little about them. This is of course natural when you are interested in a universe where there is so much to discover, and so little time to reveal all of it. I know we won't know everything about Westeros and other parts of this world, but well.. Perhap we will see them more in the future, but that's out of relevance to this subforum.