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  2. Arya Greyjoy

    Who will Sansa marry?

    I'm sorry, the translator is bad.
  3. karaddin

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I think we're supposed to go with that idea - it's safe from humans for the immediate future as it's running on hardware in an unknown location. For all we know Ford had set up the hardware at a black site and told Dolores but no one else. That's not the only option, but it's an option I can see. As for why the big door etc? It's a metaphysical transcendence for the hosts that choose to do it. It's a step that they should be making of their own free will and of religious importance. Their back ups had been destroyed so the code that makes up them is running locally, and the 'door' is the field generated by the super size interface device of the exact same type Dolores and Bernard were using. So it fulfills both requirements - gets the code to the interface and possesses great symbolic importance to the hosts in question.
  4. Bael's Bastard

    What did Eddard want to do with Rhaegar's children?

    Unless GRRM changes his mind (see SSM linked below), Robert proclaimed his intention to take the throne around the time of the Trident, while Aerys and all his male heirs (Rhaegar, Aegon, Viserys) were all still alive. So they had no intention of putting a male line Targaryen descendant of Aerys on the throne (interestingly, if Orys was truly a bastard of Aerion, father of Aegon I, then the Baratheons could conceivable have an unbroken male line descended from a Targaryen lord, though without the name, and through a bastard). http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/US_Signing_Tour_Huntington_Beach_CA
  5. Not sure what your point is but I believe in due process and innocent until PROVEN guilty . I think drafting him was a mistake anyway, he never justified that high pick in my eyes and better players were available but I guess it's the result of a qb needy league.
  6. Arya Greyjoy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I have not talked about Daenerys but about Sansa and Jon. Although Sansa was queen, Jon will not marry her because he does not love her. The false track of Daenerys has lasted eight seasons and that is not the issue. Daenerys I do not care.
  7. Los Canaleros

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I did think the Sublime was a half-baked idea all around. Seemed like an excuse to kill off a bunch of the higher profile hosts whose stories had nowhere left to go. Yup, I don't buy that it's "permanently safe" from outside interference. Locked away somewhere, sure, but all machines inevitably fail.
  8. Raisin' Bran

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    Guess I can't eat just one.
  9. Jabar of House Titan

    Why does Ned and Catelyn’s marriage work?

    Because Ned and Cat were both very good people who had (relatively) good people as parents Ned and Cat both honored and understood the importance of marriage in general and their marriage in particular. Divorce was never an option for them. Ned and Cat deeply respected each other as individuals. No sexist, racial/ethnic, religious, political baggage … unlike Doran and Mellario Ned and Cat were patient and diligent enough to work on their marriage making their marriage slowly Ned and Cat both knew their place but they would both be willing to compromise: as the head of house and the Warden of the North, Ned would always have the final say but he followed Cat's lead on a lot of things and listened to her in everything. Cat knew that she couldn't always have what she wanted but she made herself available and flexible enough to make the best of whatever her husband ultimately decided. They made an effort to both enjoy themselves and make their spouse as comfortable as possible so that their spouse could enjoy themselves. To be honest, the two of them are excellent role models for what a husband-wife relationship should be. I think it also helps that Ned and Cat were neither too rich for their own good (Robert/Cersei) nor were they hard-up enough to have finances poison their marriage (Jorah/Lyneese). Oh and who can forget about the fact that they lived in a place where they were far away from naysayers, gossips, meddlers and backbiters. The fact that Ned personally built the Winterfell sept for her... If there are any guys reading this, I hope they take a hint.
  10. Arya Greyjoy

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Jon is a relative, it's not an option. I would have to put Bran too. We have to be realist.
  11. dbunting

    Colony [spoilers]

    Snyders character is too good on the show to kill him off, so he will weasel out again. I also thought she was a double but no more. I think they said this is 6 months later in the first ep after Charlie died. Yeah it handles some stuff really bad but the overall story is pretty good especially now that we are getting word that these aren't even the bad aliens, that they are being stalked by another alien race and are simply using humans as labor. If this show wasn't on in the summer when other shows are off I would've stopped after season 1.
  12. Red Tiger

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Clint Eastwood's kid was acting like his face hurt.
  13. Born Yesterday

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I liked it, but some things make absolutely no sense to me. Take the Sublime (as the writers called it), that magical place past "the Door". From the interviews it's clear it's meant to be a fully digital world (because the hosts' consciousness is pure code, so they don't need a physical body), and function as a nirvana/paradise/"afterlife". They can live there and do as they please, free from human interference and human "sins". Great, right? SO WHY NOT JUST UPLOAD THEM THERE, FORD? Why did he need to have this weird activation process, where a door appears in the middle of bloody nowhere and hosts see it but humans don't, so apparently it's not a PHYSICAL door, and everyone who passes through that non-physical door gets magically uploaded to the Sublime? How could that even work? And what the heck were these coordinates? What do satellite coordinates have to do with a running code, and how does changing them prevent humans from messing with it? That beam was sending a signal... where? To space? Another satellite? Nowhere in particular? I mean look, if the Sublime is a code, and the code is running, it has to run somewhere. On a machine, or - internet style - a network of machines, an actual physical thing. (Which incidentally needs to be maintained, by humans or an automated system, otherwise it will fail sooner or later.) Where is this machine? ...It's like they forget that Westworld is a physical space, subject to the laws of physics among other things, and treat it like virtual reality where anything goes.
  14. Raisin' Bran

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    you could always try.
  15. DMBouazizi

    U.S. Politics: Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone

    You see it most prominently in Clinton's SotU proclamation in 1996 that "the era of big government is over." But as you said, that was a political strategy of triangulation, not necessarily indicative of the trend within the party as a whole, or over time.
  16. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    But was he actually good in that?
  17. Vin

    TTTNE 473: An Obsession of Joshes

    Love is a transcending force my dear flowery person . Yep , BTW this is just an observation . I would never tell someone how to spend their hard earned wealth cause that's Marxism and we don't do that Here Thanks *nods back* Not really in contention but yeah . I don't even LIKE 45 people . But I appreciate the efficiency . I was already at uni on my 18th birthday so the celebration consisted of revision for an electromagnetics II exam . I think funerals should be about remembering the good times and what better way than a classy party where everyone calls me a bastard after I've died ? Big changes mate , good luck with those although if your ultimate ambition is to write fiction for a living (you've mentioned it in the threads) then philosophy isn't the best fallback ? At any rate try not to descend into nihilism and good luck! The French countryside is great , the cities not so much . Have fun . Sanderson books don't last on my shelf , most books don't last on my shelf I'm a very fast reader I know , right ? Who knew dentists could be so interesting to talk to ? (Or so pretty ) Volvos are good . I like volvos .
  18. chiKanery et al.

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    The first one wasn’t really good or bad in my view. It took a big swing at a unique idea and it landed flat, but it was enjoyable enough. I was hoping they would correct the problems with the second one, but nope, it was worse in every appreciable way, and that acting was truly dreadful. I’m starting to wonder if John Boyega was a one hit wonder. I haven’t seen him be good in anything outside of The Force Awakens.
  19. karaddin

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I'm pretty chuffed that I had the 'powers' of Maeve and Dolores pegged pretty well. Maeve had power over others - I actually was early I'm thinking she had neural based access to other hosts but she developed it exactly how I expected it to work - through the mesh network that was introduced in the first episode of the season. She leveled up this power in the finale, thanks to Ford last week, with the ability to control other hosts bodies directly rather than just telling them what to do OR by being able to command other hosts back online after death and then give orders as per normal. It was a little unclear which happened. Dolores by contrast had power over herself, and I think her followers had it to some extent as well which is why they were able to defeat so many. By becoming aware of their true bodies, and the commands running through them, it let them ignore the sub routines that respond to physical trauma and keep functioning as per normal essentially transcending host death. It also left them able to ignore Maeves commands (I think). Not sure why it stopped working in the fight against ghost nation if the followers did have it though. Their powers are completely separate and only two parts of the puzzle.
  20. DMBouazizi

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Exactly my thinking. Not only does it make sense they'd have a profile on Hale - it's vital for appearances that her host version is as much Hale as possible in the real world. I expect this will be explained in the third season, probably with a long expositional scene. Agreed as well. Especially if you read the interview with Joy @Marko Antonivic cited, it is very clear the showrunners at least do not view Dolores is the villain. And neither do I. She simply has a different perspective from Bernard or Maeve or Akecheta. But she's also willing to respect that. This is sort of what I had hoped Sarah Connor Chronicles was setting up - if the robot revolution ever happened, wouldn't the robots have competing aims? Very much looking forward to that. Well, Dolores' history with him would be why she said that, but I agree there's no real reason for her to bring her along. And she seemed likely to ditch him even before he started shooting her. I think what we saw is likely his new loop in the "far, far future," but also did actually happen. I also think it was deliberate that we don't really know what happened with him between going down that elevator and being ready to be evacuated in the timeline when we see Halores take off on the speed boat. Expect that will be covered in the next season. Yup. They made Bernard out of Arnold without virtually any backup data but rather Dolores' memories. Perhaps one of the hosts has enough recollection of Emily.
  21. Jabar of House Titan

    So where would you live ?

    If I was a regular commoner? In Westeros, it'd either be Sunspear or White Harbor. As a matter of fact, if you can stomach the heat (most people can), Dorne is the best place to live in the entire continent. Living in a town on the Greenblood or on the coastal areas of Saltshore, Ghost Hill or Lemonwood. It'd be almost paradise. The Arbor, Oldtown and the surrounding areas also seem nice but the Ironborn are currently making life (or will be making) for the smallfolk there absolutely terrible. Outside Westeros, I'd want to live in the Summer Islands or Braavos.
  22. Errant Bard

    U.S. Politics: Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone

    Macron is liberal in the purest sense: He is for liberalizing economy and for liberalizing social rules. He's only anti liberal when it comes to frontiers and communication, for that he's a bit of an authoritarian. His modus operandi when facing opposition is not to take his interlocutor's position into account, but to consider that they are dumb and need more explanation, to realize that he's right. Ah, and he's mostly gifted in communication: those camps you're speaking of are referred to as "closed centres to welcome migrants" now, not even kidding.
  23. Giant Ice Spider

    Why does Ned and Catelyn’s marriage work?

    Compared to Cersei and Robert, ANYTHING is a good relationship. I'm going to err on the side of cynical and say this is plot convenience. Having parents that don't get would rub off on the kids, and I don't think, perhaps barring Jon and his mother-related issues, that GRRM wanted to go down that road. Especially for sweet, innocent characters like Sansa and Bran, who would be totally different if Ned and Cat hated each other. To be honest, it does strike me as a bit odd that they got on. A lot of people have pointed out all the reasons their marriage works, but I could totally see it being undone by Jon, and the jealousy and distrust that created in Catelyn. Though I may be wrong and a marriage could in fact survive an alleged bastard child.
  24. Los Canaleros

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Great finale which will demand a re-watch or three to fully process. The whole season will, really. I'm not going to pretend like I correctly predicted much about how this season developed, but I've thought since early on this year that the series would turn toward an examination of the "singularity" concept, where AI (in this case, Dolores) becomes fully sentient and capable of self-replication, while figuring out that humanity is little more than an obstacle to that process. The interesting twist here is that Bernard is present to act as a balance to that idea, a "moral compass" of sorts which we typically don't see in other depictions of the rise of AI.
  25. Theda Baratheon

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    I don’t find him bland I find him insufferable
  26. Nittanian

    Wiki Update

    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but italics display correctly in the Contents of an article (A Game of Thrones) but not in the subsection's header (A Game of Thrones).
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