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  2. HelenaExMachina

    The Answer is (allegedly) Sex Robots

    I think perhaps you missed the thread after the Canada attack (i certainly don’t recall seeing you post for a while then). You might find it an interesting if disturbing read, i’ll look for the link
  3. Angel Eyes

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Bran beat Littlefinger, not Sansa.
  4. He does eat a fair amount of eggs. especially at the weekend when he will also have them for breakfast. Yes Legumes are better than meat, so we are still having some. I'd just rather see if we can avoid them for the day we are being strict on. Basically when it comes to cheese, if it smells cheesey its too cheesey for me. but I don't mind if it has a mild cheese taste. I eat pizza with Mozzaralla, but avoid the pizza's with other cheeses. Cream cheese is ok. guacamole is nice. not that fond of Humas but in small amounts are fine. Husband will eat all of them no issue.
  5. HelenaExMachina

    Careerchat II

    Meant to respond the other day but it slipped my mind. Anyway, thanks for your advice. I decided there was nothing to lose by applying at least. I cleared the initial phone interviews with three firms, and had a face-to-face interview with one today which went...okay-ish? Taking this one more as a learning experience than really expecting the job though, which is fine as it will allow me to perform better in my next interview on Monday. Again, thanks for the advice! Based on the role play aspect of the interview I think this might be a role I would enjoy
  6. Maybe but I imagine that has already been tried if that's the case. Shitty as it is to say I have a hard time seeing some that hade turned that pious, (presumably as a response to all the his he has seen/done) consummating a marriage with a woman like Gatehouse Ami outside of Dorne.
  7. banjax451

    Nobel Literature Prize Speculation 2018 Cancelled

    I hope Roth's last action was a middle finger directed towards Sweden. He absolutely deserved the Nobel Prize, which was cruelly denied him due to circumstances he had no part in (international politics, committee politics, and the publishing strategies of American publishing houses - all of which the Nobel committee appeared to blame him for). He'll be a towering figure in the "didn't get the Nobel" pantheon.
  8. Jeor

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Emery confirmed. Glad we got that done quickly and painlessly, and now he has time to properly plan the squad and get some transfer business happening. Apparently a three year contract, which is probably about right. The only thing is he doesn't have a track record of staying in one place long, but hopefully that's more of a reflection of his employers rather than him.
  9. dmc515

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    I think your disappointment is generally well-founded, but this is not what I got from the fourth episode. Rather, I think it's pretty clear Ford at least has "cracked" any issues, and it's entirely possible William has as well and either is withholding it from the Delos-bot or actually regrets it (and that's what he's seeking to destroy in this final "mission").
  10. Ylath's Snout

    Viserys and daenerys captured

    Seems unlikely with Cersei as his queen. Sure Boby B is/became a shit-tier husband but Cersei isn't great as a wife. Maybe Robert would have been in a better state of mind over all without having to worry about those loose dragons in Essos but that seems optimistic. If he sent Jamie to watch over Viserys and Dany while they were the wards of Stannis/Ned/Tywin then maybe things would be different.
  11. Mark Antony

    The Americans: The Final Season (Spoilers) pt. 4

    Been a while since I was this pumped for an episode of tv. Since Justified was still going on I guess. Shit is going to go down tonight.
  12. I agree to this. He lost any religious fervor when he saw his parents die. No question, but that also leads in to his future as well. He doesn't, though. He questions her along the way more often than not. Melisandre came to him on her own mission (which probably wasn't for Stannis himself, but to get to Jon, only Mel doesn't know the real who or why yet). Mel has tried hard to convince Stannis that he is AA reborn. She even gave him a flaming sword! But does that sword work without Mel and her majocs close by? We have not seen it work, not up to and including the TWOW chapter. What we see instead is Stannis referring to Davos as the reason why he is there (to save the realm first blah, blah, blah). And later we see Stannis using his "old" wartime strategic planning and cunning. Not pulling out his fiery blade or spouting anything about him being a reborn red god figure. Agreed. Never disputed this. Maybe, maybe not. He kinda has to have a world to rule over. I think he at least sees this when he points north and calls whatever the real enemy. Here I disagree. This reads to me like you are saying Stannis is a devout follower of Melisandre and will follow her like she is a red fire queen, and in doing so make everyone else bow or burn along the way. He does not do this with Davos or Justin Massey, and both are his hand and advisor, respectively. We know Melisandre looks out for herself first in her flames. The odds are is she will use Shireen for her own needs rather than Stannis knowing or doing so. GRRM has given us a heads up there is quite a bit going on at Castle Black. With Shireen, Selyse, and Melisandre all being in the same place as the huge kerfuffle, and the personal threats they may be facing, it seems Shireen's destiny is with Mel and Selyse, not Stannis. Melisandre paid the naked steel no mind. If the wildling had meant her harm, she would have seen it in her flames. Danger to her own person was the first thing she had learned to see, back when she was still half a child, a slave girl bound for life to the great red temple. It was still the first thing she looked for whenever she gazed into a fire. But again, he questions Mel along the way, gives the credit due to Davos, and never chants or even asks for Melisandre. He is winding his way through this mire on his own wits and he seems to be realizing this more and more. I re-read the Theon TWOW chapter last night and it seems the case in Stannis' future as well. Stannis may be picking up on an elemental power, but that is not from Melisandre. When we look at Mance and his comments about wearing the ruby cuff, he hates it. It gives him odd thoughts and feelings... but still, he removes it when he is away from Melisandre and then he is back to his own (devious) self again. Melisandre has her own agenda, and she hasn't figured it out yet. She has made herself appear useful in order to get her (plot) moved foreward. Stannis was just a ship ride, a step stone, in what "R'hllor" has planned for Melisandre. Coincidentally, I had already stared doing some re-reads on this Shireen burning idea and puzzling out the clues elsewhere, and I have to say, Selyse is a big part of this event. I think we assume Stannis because he seems to "obvious", or because of the abomination, but it does not appear to be happening that way. That is where there is not text to show Stannis called for the punishment of the men who ate the dead men. Every line from the book says it was the queen's men that called for this, and Stannis wasn't there for the setup, he never sang along or called for R'hllor, and he never even said "may the force be with you" at the end. He just walked away "wordless" and went to focus on something else. The second part is speculation. Stannis could very well die in the battle at Winterfell, or immediately after. There is no promise for a Stannis and Melisandre reunion. He can try to push Red Rahloo on the northern men, but they won't go for it, and Stannis will be stuck in the middle of a nasty winter in the middle of the north, surrounded by a bunch of old god'ders... which doesn't really sound very strategic Stannis-like to me. Bow or burn will not work in his favor. You can say that again! Exactly... unless Davos is there There is a the constant online debate about what constitutes as a "god" in this series. Chances are there is a nature/elemental force that one choses to use this way or that. Choice is a rather consistent theme in all of GRRM's work, and this includes the Theon TWOW chapter as well. Or, people can be like Mel and take credit for wind when it was just a natural occurrence Melisandre takes credit and gives blame as needed to make herself seem legit. She is going to be exposed real soon. I think even she gave hint to this: That was a lesson Melisandre had learned long before Asshai; the more effortless the sorcery appears, the more men fear the sorcerer. Sure thing. I will be at the pub and you can buy me a stout when the book comes out. YES! I agree with this, and it seems to be going this way. Not much I can say without adding a huge TWOW spoiler tag, but I think Stannis will stay religiously neutral, but he will question Melisandre, if not R'hllor itself, and the extremist pendulum will continue back to middle (if he survives).
  13. Your style reminds me of Tucker Carlson. That is why I wrote what I wrote. It would be futile for me to try to explain why I think what I think. It is my opinion that Stannis will not sacrifice his daughter. First off the thread started on a "what if" ---- how would Davos react if Stannis gives Shireen to the flames. There has only been one threat made against Shireen and that was made by a wildling/free folk.
  14. He has not had an attack since well before we married 12 years ago. Its just his levels came back as too high in his latest blood test. Beer is one of his biggest problems here, he enjoys them too much and its not something I can help him with. I should stress he is not alcoholic and can go without but its not unusual for him to have 3 or 4 cans a week, and if in social occasions well more than a couple. (although as we are old farts these occasions don't happen often). Myself I rarely drink, I might have I supposed 5 or 6 glasses of wine a year. Cutting down on the beer (the worst Alcoholic drink for gout) has to come from him, he knows he is supposed to. Cutting out or down on foods is easier since he will eat what I cook.
  15. Theda Baratheon

    Unpopular opinions

    How dare you insult Daniel Radcliffe in my presence
  16. haloumi literally means "salted", so of course it is quite salty... As for cheese alternatives: Do you like cream cheese, cottage cheese or guacamole or other savory dips/spreads? Hummus is with legumes but in moderation should also be o.k. (As I remember the rules, legumes are not good but still better than most meat products for gout.) There are also spreads made from nuts and almonds, usually somewhat sweet and often quite expensive. They are favorites of vegans. And again: eggs, fried, scrambled, boiled, poached, whatever. the cholesterol craze was exaggerated, one can eat lotsa eggs and be fine, they are a good source of protein for people who have to watch out for purine.
  17. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    I LOVED Shogun World and Madame Akane’s dance was amazing. I also really love Sizemore this season. The hosts calling Maeve a witch was really cool as well
  18. dmc515

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    Well, for one thing, the election hasn't happened yet. Congressionally it doesn't "so often" happen - the party that's won a plurality has also controlled the House all but two times since 1952: 1996 - in which the Dems won by 60,000 votes but only took 207 seats - and 2012, when the Dems won by a more substantial 1.2 percent but only took 201 seats. The individual races still look good, gonna wait for the results before I grab my pickaxe - no matter how hot and bothered Nate Silver's sexily weighted numbers get me.
  19. Megorova

    Opinions on Ghostwriters for remaining books

    I hope so. Because that chapter was totally not like GRRM's style. It did looked more like a dry summarization, than an actual writing. There's too much symbolism and foreshadowings in ASOIAF books. Furthermore it doesn't even look obvious, until those foreshadowed events do happen. I doubt that ghostwriters will be able to copy GRRM's style so well, that they will even be able to incorporate, used by him symbolism. So GRRM still will have to write himself, all those moments of foreshadowing, and there's plenty of them. Though there's also a lot of filler text, inbetween important events. So if that text will be written by ghostwriters, then nobody won't notice, that it was written not by GRRM. I'm not against ghostwriters, as long as important moments, and Jon's and Tyrion's POVs, will be written by GRRM himself, and not by his helpers.
  20. mormont

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    Not sure what you're talking about here? Immigration almost never involves anyone being asked to do this. It involves pitting the interests of strangers with whom they have something in common that they're told is important, against the interests of strangers they're told are of less worth and virtue. Asking people to care equally about strangers that live 1,000 miles away as strangers that live 100 miles away does not seem to me a big thing to ask.
  21. Blackfish Tully

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    I was referring to the original plan to head west and attack Stafford . Even if Robb does not find the secret passage he still would have went west , there was really no need to try and take the Golden Tooth he could simply bypass the castle , his main goal was Stafford and his army . Not finding the path around Golden Tooth would have made surprising Stafford impossible but he would have still had faith that his experienced soldiers would defeat Stafford and his inexperienced soldiers and then he could plunder the west and at the very least cut off Tywin form his reinforcements and resources . His goal was to destroy the Lannisters and cutting off Tywin from the west and plundering his resources while Tywin fights Renly and/or Stannis was the best path to that goal and the added goal of setting himself up to dealing with either Stannis or Renly if they come out on top . expect for the fact that sieges are unpredictable , that siege could have lasted a year or just one day but Edmure lacked the foresight to see that Tywin in the Westerlands was the best plan and that's OK , everybody makes mistakes , Robb made mistakes some really big ones and so did Edmure so I'm not sure why it's so hard to admit that . Look at it this way . there is 100% chance that Edmure stopping Tywin leading to Robb's death , that's just a book fact . Edmure not stopping Tywin might still lead to Robb's death . Tywin could kill him in the West or the Tyrells may still attack Kings Landing without Tywin's help but there is a chance even if it's not a great chance that Robb is able to keep Tywin in the West long enough for Stannis to attack Kings Landing and the Tyrells decide that without Tywin it's to risky to attack Stannis or they wait to long for Tywin and Stannis has already taken the city and they bend the knee . If Stannis takes Kings Landing Robb would leave the west as soon as possible and go back to the Riverlands and regroup and wait to see what happens in Kings Landing and what Tywin does . The odds might not be in his favor in the events but it's better then 100% chance of dying . except it allows Stafford the chance to raise and train his army and link up with the 4K at the Golden Tooth and then the Robb and the Riverlord now have another Lannister army in the Riverlands. Better to destroy that Lannister army before it's ready and then cut off Tywin from his reinforcements and resources and let Renly and Tywin fight each other and Robb and the Riverlords can sit back and conserve their resources and deal with whoever comes out on top .
  22. Buckwheat

    TTTNE 473: I hope Josh posts in this thread!

    That was a spoiler for felice!
  23. I'm not too worried about Protein or even this meal being really balanced, since we are eating meat the rest of the week. Meat is one of the big things we are supposed to cut down on, but we can only make so much of a change at once. If we can be strict low purine once a week, then maybe that balances out if we are not as good the rest. Yes its something to keep an eye on and if we start going meat free more than once a week, it will need to be a bit more balanced. But lets get the one day a week sorted first. As for cheese, Halloumi is really salty. We have been rather successful reducing salt. we don't cook with it. Most of the time when we go out to dinner, we can really taste any Salt seasoning. However depending when the cheese is added it is often possible to not to add it on one of the meals with much effort. Or I can just use a little less.
  24. I have also had gout attacks in the past (fortunately the last one was more than 15 months ago). I still eat meat, but not much and not every day. To avoid alcohol, especially beer, is also important. (It is easier for me to avoid alcohol than meat, so I hardly drink anymore, except very little on important social occasions.) I think you can eat most carbs as most of them are low purine. Eggs and Dairy are also o.k. and probably the best source of proteine because as you know a gout patient should also avoid legumes (although they are usually not as high in purines as meat). I read that oatmeal can also be a problem but I eat oatmeal almost every day for breakfast and this seems to work o.k. It is also usually recommended to get to normal weight (say BMI 25 or lower). I am at 25 but hope to lose a few more pounds. 23,xx would be great and if I can hold that, I will not try to lose any more weight. What do I typically eat: breakfast: (quick, i.e. the non-cooking variety) oats with milk, yoghurt, sliced fruit (whatever is at hand, today banana and strawberry), a chopped walnut or two. (oats are on some no-go lists for gout but I think the benefits outweigh the risks, alternatively one could try another type of grain porridge or flakes. lunch: pasta, potatoes, rice or similar carbs, typically with some sauce, not too much meat or scrambled eggs, some (of the allowed varieties, but I think unless one eats loads of asparagus etc. purines are usually not a problem) veggies or salad, basically the only thing I really watch is not too much meat and hardly any legumes. dinner: rye bread, butter and cheese. If I had no meat for lunch, sometimes sausages, cold cuts. Sometimes fruit or a tomato, occasionally more dairy (yoghurt) or something sweet like a piece of cake or a sweet pastry (but I am also trying to cut back on that kind of carbs for weight control). I am both lazy (all that chopping) and not too fond of salads, otherwise I would more frequently go for a low carb dinner option, say a salad with feta cheese or sth. like that. (Note that since last fall I usually do intermittent fasting, i.e. I have a small dinner around 4 p.m. and then nothing until breakfast at about 7:30. If I had a big lunch (in Germany lunch is often still the main meal), I sometimes skip dinner. If I have a big dinner for social reasons I try to skip breakfast to maintain a 15-16 hour fast.)
  25. LynnS

    Heresy 209 Of Ice and of Fire

    We have GRRM's statement that Sam broke the spell when he used dragonglass on the WW which melted and disolved in a mist. So I'm not sure that it is actually 'dead' but returned to a disembodied state.
  26. RhaenysBee

    TTTNE 473: I hope Josh posts in this thread!

    Nathaniel likes Harry Potter.
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