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  2. Theda Baratheon

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    Most people really don’t care about others personal business lol British are still quite reserved
  3. RedEyedGhost

    12 Monkeys

    She's fantastic. I thought they were going to do the same trick with 99 Luftballons, but that was so much better, and This season is straight killing it.
  4. La Albearceleste

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    I'm not sure that difference is as marked as you imagine. At any rate, in either case that statement is not consistent with an assertion that this is an issue that should cut across party lines. Corbyn's position on this issue is frankly craven, cynical, mealy-mouthed, and insincere: the sort of thing you would condemn in any other politician. He has not done one thing that deserves respect in relation to Brexit. He knows what he's doing, and it is not what he professes to be in favour of doing. He goes in the pile of politicians who looked at the biggest political issue of our times and said 'how can I use this to benefit me?' Realistically, we won't. That is 100% certain. If you are in denial about that, unfortunately that does not affect the certainty. Other than the fact that they have consistently all pulled together on this one? I have no idea why you think I implied that. I didn't. The EU have consistently tried to reach a deal with us, in any case. They don't want to be in this negotiation, but they are participating anyway. The problem is that, for internal political reasons, the Tory party keep switching positions, attacking their negotiating partners, and stalling in the desperate hope that something will turn up to allow them to deliver on promises they've made that simply cannot be fulfilled. Who said we have to be 'dominated here'? This is a straw man. That would be the stupidest tactic I can imagine. I am guessing you haven't much experience of negotiating deals in the real world? This is flippant, and does not answer my question. Having a safeguard against a bad deal is a good thing. Why is this good thing outweighed by the supposedly stronger negotiating position of having the government be the only arbiters of whether the deal is good? Please explain. What if his personal interest coincides with mine, or the majority of the population? Why should we proceed, without evidence, on the assumption that it doesn't? It's dismissed as a soundbite because that's how it's been used. Not as a sincere invocation of democracy, but to silence dissent and falsely claim support for positions that were not voted on in the referendum.
  5. Kidnapping Jaime and Brienne is actually much more interesting, that´s for sure.
  6. Helenas Musikautomat

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    This is my experience too, even in the pretty socially conservative little backwater where I currently reside. I mean sure you get the odd one or two, as you would anywhere else, but for the most part people are supportive or don’t s seem bothered one way or the other
  7. Black Crow

    Heresy 209 Of Ice and of Fire

    But what if its the mother's blood, not the father's which is important?
  8. Theda Baratheon

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    I very rarely ever see or encounter homophobia and I’m also in south west. Not saying it doesn’t exist - it most likely does - but I don’t think it’s an unsafe place. The uk doesn’t have the best history with lgbt rights but then again where does???? At present, despite the shitty government, I don’t think the majority are homophobic.
  9. Theda Baratheon

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    Reading The Martian Time Slip by Philip K Dick, on a bit of a marathon...
  10. La Albearceleste

    Match Day 10: Belgium v Tunisia; South Korea v Mexico; Germany v Sweden

    They weren't the only poor performers. And it's a big coincidence that the two poor performers dropped happen to be two who are personally close. I didn't feel Ozil was a poor performer, actually, but I know he got slaughtered in the German media by a bunch of ex-players. Which adds to my perception that this is about whether his face fits (literally, given some of the comments made). Short version, I think you can't realistically defend this as being purely a footballing decision. I do think that the way Low wanted to play tactically yesterday wouldn't have suited Ozil, so there's a footballing element to it: but I also believe there's more going on behind the scenes.
  11. mankytoes

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    From our side of the pond, I can't see that. I can't see an equivalent to Mike Pence up there in a senior political position, and I don't think that could happen. To me, the important difference between Conservatives and Republicans is that Conservatives are much more amoral, Republicans more immoral. Like David Cameron, our last Prime Minister, he supported homophobic legislation when he was younger. But the public tide turned, and so did he, becoming a big support of gay marriage, which he got passed. I think this is pretty typical. He doesn't care about gay rights, but he isn't particularly against them, he just wants power to remain with him and his friends. Whereas Pence, as far as I understand, is not some opportunist, but someone with a very genuine, hateful religious belief, that gay people are deviant and immoral. I do think the crucial difference is that we've overwhelmingly rejected religion in this country. The Glastonbury area is beautiful, tolerant and diverse (in terms of people's lifestyles and beliefs. Not ethnically, the whole south west is hella white).
  12. mankytoes

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    1. I'm not appealing to "left loyalty" (I don't even think I support that idea, certainly not as an absolute), I'm appealing to leftist values, there's a very important difference. 2. And I think it will pass, largely down to Corbyn, and I respect him a lot for what he's done on this issue. I do not feel certain we won't get a good deal, no. I might not have great faith in our leadership, but lets not forget why we voted out in the first place- EU leadership has generally been pretty shambolic, I see no evidence that they're suddenly going to be able to all pull together on this one. As usual, the nations will throw their weight in as individuals, and they don't want to fuck up their link with an important trading partner. 3. You would hope so, but all the rhetoric from our side seems to be that it's purely down to us. As you imply, this seems counter to the basic logic of a "deal". 4. No, but our economy is more unified. The EU is not a nation state like we are- it's still evident that this is a collection of countries trying to get the best deal for themselves, not a single entity. We aren't the "dominant party" but that doesn't mean we have to be dominated here. 5. Because that just give the EU the motivation to give us a terrible deal, so we say no, and thus remain. 6. I'm not trying to be flippant, but because it's better to be in a stronger position than a weaker one? Airbus are trying to determine our politics, of course they are, that's obviously why they made that statement. You gave quite a good argument as to what their legitimate concerns might be. Then you had a dig at me and made up some quotes because... this is politics and that's what people do? My point is more general (which is why I didn't mention Airbus specifically, but talked about corporations). It's like Richard Branson, saying it's vital we remain (and hoping we forget how pro-Euro he used to be) because it's in our interest. Now is Richard Branson really concerned about the country as a whole, or him and his business? That's an important question, because Richard Branson's personal interest is probably different to yours, or mine, or the majority of the population. People like this idea that a political decision is either "wrong" or "right", but reality is more complicated, many decisions help some groups while hurting others. Perhaps most people actually voted "right", if we're talking about their own self interest, in the referendum. It's a little depressing that anyone living in a democracy would dismiss the idea of the will of the people as a soundbite, though.
  13. Giant Ice Spider

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I have to agree with @crlovel on this. We've had Beric (a minor character) and Catelyn (a major character) come back from the dead. I really don't think we need a 3rd character 'cheating death' as it were. Jon messed up big time, and when people mess up in this series, they die. Allowing Jon to make a mistake with so little consequence makes it feel as though those characters that have survived this long are basically safe, which makes the whole series less compelled. So yeah, just let a dead man die, for crying out loud.
  14. Today
  15. No, I think Özil and Khedira were left out because they were horrible against Mexico. Löw had to make a few changes, and they were deserving rotation targets. It's not so much cliques from what I can tell, more like some sort of mentality problem. They were having problems with their cohesion and defensive workrate for the entirety of 2018, and as a result they offer too much space. They got away with it most of the time, but the last two pre-tournament fixtures were a clear warning, which was succesfully ignored. And the rude awakening came against Mexico, and also in the first half against Sweden. I don't think they'll be able to fix that problem, and thus won't defend the title. Esp. with this ever present myth in the players head: We are Gemany, we've always been able to flip the switch for the big competitions, we will do so again.
  16. Her chapters got really redundant and boring really fast. I was done with the crazy after one chapter. Jaime chapters also bores me. All the Lannisters have very narcissistic chapters and since I hate them all(excluding Tyrion but he annoys me)I dislike their chapters.
  17. It was reply to your claim, that Airbus is trying to determine our politics. And I said that is not what is actually happening. The UK is actually forcing Airbus hand this time. And I explained to you why those (not so) minor problems are a huge deal for Airbus (and also car manufacturers). Alas, I fear trying to explain that to you was a total waste of my time, as you will go on about will of the people, Brexit betrayal, and whatever other soundbites you could quote.
  18. Jace, The Sugarcube

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Look on the bright side. Once you hit hopelessness (literal, not silly hyperbolic) everything gets fucking hilarious. You don't have kids do ya? People with kids don't get it. Too close to the action, can't get any perspective.
  19. Danelle

    Was it Cersei or Aerys?

    Well the facts are: Aerys and Tywin had a complicated relationship. The both loved the same woman, but it was Tywin who married her. Aerys married his sister, because he was told to do so. Unlike Tywin, Aerys was in an unhappy marriage. The fact that poor Rhaella had several miscarriages, only made things worse. Meanwhile Joanna gave birth to two healthy and gorgeous babies. And what was Aerys's reaction? Later Joanna died while giving birth to Tyrion and both Aerys and Tywin mourned her. They both regarded Tyrion's birth as a punishment for Tywin's arrogance. Nevertheless Tywin's twins were gorgeous, healthy and hia pride and joy. While hoping to marry Cersei to Rhaeghar or Viserys, he arranged for Jaime to marry Lysa. While Jaime, still loved his sister, he expected to inherit the Rock. But Cersei, who wanted both Rhaegar and Jaime, had other plans. And then there is the very disturbing part of Aerys's attitude towards Jaime, soon after he joined the KG: It is as if Aerys was trying to claim Jaime, the healthy, handsome, energetic son that he had always wanted, Joanna's boy. Even though Tywin, as Cersei predicted, did not prevent Jaime becoming a KG, he did resign and the consequences were bigger than anyone could have expected. He was succeeded by men who were clearly unfit for the task and by the time RR begun, the Targaryens were exposed. Aerys's Hand at the time, proved quite ineffective. There are many ways Jaime's appointment could have been arranged: Aerys might have planned this perhaps from the moment Tyrion was born, in an attempt to deprive Tywin from his perfect boy. If this is the case, then it is possible that Cersei overheard the plans and she merely persuaded her brother to join the KG. Cersei arranged everything. Once she got Jaime's consent, she likely hinted to Aerys, how strong and brave her brother is, and how he proved his swordsmanship while fighting the Smiling Knight. A brief inquiry with Sir Arthur, would only confirm Cersei's claims and Aerys would be easily convinced to appoint Jaime. Varys could have also a part in the conspiracy. If Varys wanted to undermine the Targaryens, what better way than to have Aerys offend Tywin in an absolutely unforgiving manner?
  20. Lee-Sensei

    Renly was a dummy

    From trying to kill him. I still can't think of another woman that he had hit.
  21. Lee-Sensei

    What did Eddard want to do with Rhaegar's children?

    If Cersei had given his children his Throne would have been secure.
  22. Lee-Sensei

    What did Eddard want to do with Rhaegar's children?

    I doubt it, but this isn't about what Roberts would have done to them. This is about Eddard.
  23. AndrewJsonsen

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    Actually, I was forgetting that Iceland’s loss to Nigeria means Argentina are still very much alive - though their fate isn’t entirely in their own hands.
  24. La Albearceleste

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    You'd hope so, yes. And yet: This was your counter to the Airbus thing. Appeal to left loyalty. That doesn't really matter, does it? If a deal is truly a good deal, it should easily win a majority in the Commons, If it can't do that, there's no argument for saying it's a good deal. But in any case, you and I both know there will not be a good deal, so the point is moot. The point is that a failure to reach a deal cannot always be blamed on both sides. If one side is being unrealistic and behaving in bad faith, the other side cannot be criticised for failing to reach a deal. In this analogy, though, we chose that deadline ourselves and publicly announced it (again, for no better reason than that the people in charge wanted to appease a section of their support and so survive a little longer in their jobs). So the analogy here requires us to have declared this loudly and unprompted as we walked into the showroom. And, showing the limits of analogies, the salesman here does not actually want to have to sell us a car at all. The only reason we need to reach a deal with the EU, with or without a deadline, is that we have demanded to leave. We do have a large economy. But even without us, the EU's economy is much, much larger. We are not the dominant party in this negotiation, and that is just a fact. Why? And why is it not worth weakening our own position?
  25. C.T. Phipps

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    I WAS A TEENAGE WEREDEER and AN AMERICAN WEREDEER IN MICHIGAN is now available audiobook, paperback, and ebook form. https://www.amazon.com/Teenage-Weredeer-Bright-Falls-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B075TTN2FN/ https://www.amazon.com/American-Weredeer-Michigan-Bright-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B076DPQVH6/ Do you find shifters deerlightful? Are you ready to break out of the herd? Then read the Bright Falls Mysteries!
  26. Shryke

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Or, you know, because the american people lack the political will to actually support such a policy and would scream about "partisanship" and such if any such thing was even remotely attempted. It doesn't matter that the Republican party conspired with a hostile foreign power to steal the presidency and, for example, install an illegitimate justice on the SCOTUS. No one will impeach his ass the minute Trump is thrown out and reverse all his decisions, despite the obvious illegitimacy of it all. Not because it's "hard" or because people are "cowards" or whatever but because the american polity will not accept that plan. There is no consensus and will be no consensus on the basic facts of the matter and what should be done. People don't care or think it's fine. There is no political will within the voting public itself to tackle the problem that is the Right and the Republican party.

    What did Eddard want to do with Rhaegar's children?

    He probably doesn't know , may be wards to either the houses of Arryn and Stark or Baratheon and Stark .
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