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  2. LongRider

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    "Plus we are owning the libatards and drinking their tears." he did not say. (but surely wanted to)
  3. Lord Varys

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Well, if you want to believe Roose Bolton when he is lying to the boy he is going to gut in the very near future I can't really help you. I don't doubt that Roose knows (roughly) how many men are in his army - but I see no reason why we should the numbers he gives Robb as sacred gospel - which, again, don't tell us anything about the men Roose brought from the Dreadfort to Winterfell at the beginning of the war. I don't care how many men the Boltons can field - I said we don't know how many men they raised in AGoT and I stand by that. But my point wasn't that your speculation about the Bolton men numbers are wrong - I said I think the Dustins and Manderlys are both more prestigious and more powerful than the Boltons, and I stand by that, too. The Dustins have a town, and the Manderlys a city. No other Northern house has any of that.
  4. Triskjavikson

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    So we now have at least three arguments coming out of the White House on this. There was the "we can't do anything about it, it's the Dems' policy." There was the "we could maybe stop it but only once the Dems give us border wall money." And now there's the Stephen Miller "we're doing it and it's awesome" argument.
  5. LongRider

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I guess Trump and Miller did Nazi that coming. Heartless cruel bastards.
  6. Angel Eyes

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    So how would you match up different characters for marriages in the years before the War of the Five Kings? I’m already on notice for saying that Sansa and Joffrey was a terrible, terrible idea. I actually think a marriage between Arianne Martell and Willas Tyrell could work, considering Willas’ friendship with Oberyn Martell.
  7. Martell Spy

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Nazis gonna Nazi. How Trump Came to Enforce a Practice of Separating Migrant Families https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/06/16/us/politics/family-separation-trump.html
  8. 300 H&H Magnum

    The Five Forts

    An impossibly huge abandoned place with mystery. I like the connection to the Stone city.
  9. Today
  10. The Dragon Demands

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    Alright, I've done the first writeup for a Game of Thrones Wiki "hub page" on the live-action prequel projects as a whole: https://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Game_of_Thrones_prequel_projects From this hub page, there will be articles on each specific pitch idea that gets ordered to pilot. The first of which is the one on the Long Night run by Jane Goldman: https://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Game_of_Thrones:_The_Long_Night Not much there yet, but the goal was to writeup everything we DO know. Just letting everyone know that's the place to check for any little updates that might be coming in weeks and months ahead (stuff that slips through major announcements). …..Given that there is a lot of speculation but little information, I cited Elio & Linda's own video analysis as an excuse to speculate on the identity of the others. I can't speculate on my own on the wiki, but I can "report on" the speculation of authorities (such as the World book co-authors). No real difference, as everyone pretty much suspects the same prequels - i.e. Targaryen Conquest, Dance of the Dragons. Obvious enough to anyone who read the books, and paid attention to news announcements. Some news writeups were pretty good on other news sites, some mainstream news sites....(shudder)….last week started making speculation lists of "maybe Robert's Rebellion and Tales of Dunk and Egg!"....even though GRRM very prominently stated they were officially not doing those. I have no idea how these people have journalism jobs, they do no research. ….well, not to be too negative, most writeups were pretty good, actually: Harper's Bazaar, Rotten Tomatoes, Esquire, all had pretty well-informed analysis. Still, it's the job of the wiki to keep the masses informed. The fault was mine for not making a "prequel news hub page" sooner.
  11. Varysblackfyre321

    Sam in basic training

    So do you concede Tarly doesn't value intelligence and learning less than the Ironborn? I'd like to contrast Sam with someone who's very, very much like him... or rather, this person is what Sam would have been, if Sam had been allowed to have any self-esteem growing up. Rodrik Harlaw. Rodrik's example not only shows what Sam could have been, but it also shows that even the Ironborn have more respect for intelligence and learning than Tarly... the other Ironborns' general approach to Rodrik is loving tolerance and even often valuing him for what he knows. Like we literally have seen Victorien(whose lived and tried to to live to the expectations of his culture and done so with sucess), callously say to a Maestor in his care to quit whining about being raped by Victorien's crew and defend himself-place Sam with the Ironborn the boy would probably be dead by now his intelligence and want to learn meaning squat.
  12. Sigella

    The cursed libido of House Frey

    Yes, people gets more children when there are no birth-control except abortion too. Still: Walder in the beginning of the series (with about as many offspring as he did after he joined the Lannisters and got more lands and castles and marriages) owned one castle and was a vassal lord the Tully's. Not sustainable at all. And sure, he beat it in Steveron's head that blood is blood but with him dead things aren't so certain. I do give that old creep that he looked out for his own in contrast with Robert who doesn't give two groats. But at the same time - all Walder has done in his road to better the prospects of his House might cost him his entire House (by Arya or the BB or the wolf pack).
  13. Seams

    Brienne and the Wizard of Oz

    There is also Wizard of Oz imagery in Dany's arc, particularly the scene were she flies above the rainbow on Drogon's back. There is a colored brick road and Brazen Beasts wearing lion, tiger and bear masks: Others have found Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass allusions in various POVs.
  14. Free Northman Reborn

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Thats all interesting speculation, but I feel quite safe to interpret references to men from specific Houses as being confirmations of the number of men from said House. Unless specifically stated otherwise. Roose is quite particular in distinguishing between the men from various Houses in his army. Who he sends to Duskendale, who gets trapped on the wrong side of the river, who he leaves to guard the ford, down to breaking a mere 600 men down into their constituent Houses. In this context, it is quite clear that when he says Dreadfort men, he is being quite specific. But let me ask you, why this aversion to the Boltons being able to raise around 4000 men? What evidence do you have against it, in the face of all the evidence for it, that makes you argue this point so strongly?
  15. sperry

    NBA Finals 2018: Do Or Die For The Cleveland LeBrons

    Guys will sign it, and then demand out half way through. We've now seen Kyrie, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Kawhi do it in recent years with UFA upcoming. Not sure what the answer for it is, but it's a problem.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Fire Eater

    Brienne and the Wizard of Oz

    Good catch, Oathkeeper incorporates rubies, and belonged to Cersei's sibling, so it would be the ruby slippers. He would be the Wicked Witch of the East. The war would be the closest thing to a tornado IMO.
  18. Summer Bass

    Chris Hardwick (of Nerdist) to be fired--from everything?

    Dykstra said she has other proof in case Hardwick decides to go beyond denial to lawsuits. I guess we'll see how this all shakes out, and if there are any other women he was shitty towards.
  19. Summer Bass

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Well, if sorcery scars the World, then aporetic sorcery has to be holy because it un-scars it. Mimara just had to unlock its full power. Given the real threat of damnation and the awareness that schools like the Mandate and Scarlet Spires have of it, I feel like they haven't put enough creativity and effort into trapping their souls to avoid it. Or even just figuring out how to destroy their souls with sorcery, since a single searing burst of pain is much better than an eternity of it.
  20. Dolorous Gabe

    Westeros World Cup - Fantasy League

    I like Mexico but I didn't think there was much chance of even a draw against Germany, so I kept Ochoa and Lozano on the bench. Who knew?!
  21. It's not just your opinion. Daenerys has serious mental and behavioral issues. I can barely stand her illogical, irrational and infantile way of thinking. Targaryens are incestuous, which is a reason why there are so many idiots among them in history. Aerys, Maegor, Aerion, Viserys are some of them. To make it even worse, they inspired other idiots with their insanity and stupidity, such as Cersei Lannister or Joffrey "Baratheon". Following Westerosi way of doing things, Daenerys still has a right to the throne. Then again, I agree that there is no reason for people to be upset about Targs losing the throne they invented. They did next to nothing significant for the continent in 300 years of ruling.
  22. Jace, The Sugarcube

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    It's lame ass anti-intellectualism wielded by those who feel kool by being 'above the sheeple'
  23. The rumors about Rohanne sacrificing her children remind me of Jaime's dream which essentially tells him that he's to be a sacrifice. I've been following up on your suggestion upthread about the Lannisters and the 12 Labors of Hercules. They largely align if one includes The Rhoynar and the Casterlys. But I think this one gives weight to your suggestion that the power dynamic at Craster's may have been more muddled than we think. Note that Bran and Bloodraven are both Prometheus figures. I wonder if the Golden Apples are Craster's twisted gold ring/bracelet. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Herakles/apples.html Adding to your thread on Tywin that the unabridged Westerlands chapter gives weight to the there being a long and established history of sorcery in the Westerlands. It's more about the symbols and qualities which they have in common seeming to point...somewhere. Ravenous Reader's find on the rivers strengthened that for me. White Harbor supposedly practices the old sacrifices in secret still. They used to hang entrails in the trees. The Manderlys who named after the Mander linked to the origins of Garth the Green who is linked to human sacrifice, and here we have the Manderlys practicing more human sacrifice with Frey pies. I'm not exactly sure how it ties together, but there's substantial connections. Nice find. A male birth/defecation seems to imply a rebirth with a negative quality. I like Tyrion, but he's a piece of shit after his rebirth. Time for a new rebirth for him and I think that's around the corner. Tyrion has Bronn kill the singer Symon Silver Tongue for his knowledge about Shae. Bronn then brings up that the Bowl of Brown has all kinds of meat in it hence the name Singer's Stew. So another connection to shit and human sacrifice and cannibalism in this case. I seem to remember Arya suspecting the bowls of brown to possibly have human meat. My mistake - I didn't mean to imply that the entire Rhoyne was foul/a cess pool. Seems to be just the part linked to Garin's Curse/Shrouded Lord/Stonemen. I've noticed that where shit isn't necessarily appropriate literally, general foulness is substituted. That Tyrion frequently mentions Tywin and the shitty Casterly Rock while there along with the Palace of Love and Sorrows (Tytos' joy turned to sorrow), I think the Rhoyne's shit link near the Bridge of Dream anyhow is quite strong though not literal. See Tywin's funeral in the OP. They're literally smelling corpse rot, but the connection to shit is fairly screaming. I think the HOTU gets the same treatment with the rot that's taking it over. It's interesting that the Rhoyne needed to be told about Aegon being Valyrian. It didn't sense his blood. The Rhoyne wouldn't care whether he was specifically Targ or not. Anything for more Ned, but that's quite sad. I also see Ned in here. Actually there are loads of Stark symbols around Aegon - not sure to what effect. Interesting to think about Ned gunning for Aegon... In AGOT, Tyrion has to hold the river (a Trident river, I forget which, maybe green current Green Fork?) from the Starks. Mists, reeds and currents recall the Rhoyne. Like Tyrion was charged with cleaning Casterly Rock, here is charged with keeping the river clean of death, or figurative shit if you will. Tyion getting tossed into the river seems connected to this somehow. Another type of Stonemen trying to get into the water... AGOT Tyrion VIII Clegane had no splendor about him; his armor was steel plate, dull grey, scarred by hard use and showing neither sigil nor ornament. He was pointing men into position with his blade, a two-handed greatsword that Ser Gregor waved about with one hand as a lesser man might wave a dagger. "Any man runs, I'll cut him down myself," he was roaring when he caught sight of Tyrion. "Imp! Take the left. Hold the river. If you can." The left of the left. To turn their flank, the Starks would need horses that could run on water. Tyrion led his men toward the riverbank. "Look," he shouted, pointing with his axe. "The river." A blanket of pale mist still clung to the surface of the water, the murky green current swirling past underneath. The shallows were muddy and choked with reeds. "That river is ours. Whatever happens, keep close to the water. Never lose sight of it. Let no enemy come between us and our river. If they dirty our waters, hack off their cocks and feed them to the fishes."
  24. Then more men would have died for nothing. Even if the honorable Lord Eddard Stark didn't give a shit about the lives of the Reachmen, I doubt he would have risked more Northern lives when he could simply talk Mace Tyrell down from a war that was already over.
  25. Byfort of Corfe

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Deleted, too much of a spoiler. Others may if they wish.
  26. Callan S.

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Actually it draws an interesting link - anarcane ground is where the gods have walked the earth and so dream lucidly, not allowing the semantic cracks that sorcerers use to invoke/provoke effects in less lucidly dreamed locations. And Mimara contacted with something, some kind of divine being, through a chorae. Do chorae in some way summon gods? They are called tears of god, as well.
  27. There is a lot of switching back and forth between conqueror's right and blood right on this forum depending on who you support without realizing that blood right had to start with conqueror's right at one point.
  28. Kairlie Minogue

    Chris Hardwick (of Nerdist) to be fired--from everything?

    The Aziz Ansari situation exposed him as an entitled creep. Nothing false or overblown in the accusations. It did not reveal him to be a mental, physical, or sexual abuser, true. It did reveal a whole other set of problematic behaviours which honestly is worthy of wider conversation about cues and hints and generally giving as much consideration to the other person as much as you are with what's going on in your pants. The thing with shrugging off these allegations because the person or people is famous is exactly why this behavior continues on. I mean, if they were friends of yours or coworkers or something would you care more? And why? Because you have some vested stake? We should all have some vested stake in calling out and ending shitty behaviours regardless of whether we're affected or not.
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