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  2. Blackfish Tully

    LF, Sansa and the Vale

    looking at a map it looks to me that it's more like 9 or 10 days of travel to the Golden Tooth from Riverrun and you have to believe that they would be tracked the whole time by the BWB not to mention that Blackfish would have suspected that the Lannisters would be looking to get Edmure and Jeyne to the Westerlands so the moment he got out of Riverrun he would have been planning the rescue . The problem with trying to figure out Littlefinger's plans is the fact that everything we have seen about Littlefinger has been through the eyes of his enemies and his victims so we have to be really careful in assuming we have any idea what his plans truly are but i agree with a previous poster that the Riverlands is where he will make his move as opposed to the North . He knows the Riverlands and he is the Lord Paramount there so it would make sense that he would try to make some moves there .
  3. Damn it. That is a possibility. Although Stewart has said he'd only do if the story was good and that he thought something with everyone in would appeal to him. That can be countered by the fact he said he may need to watch discovery but again it seemed he had no idea when that show was set
  4. Oh why does this sound so probable?
  5. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    There is that "convenient" element of the first female droid happens to turn up when they decide to have a pansexual character present too. Because sadly it would be more "offensive" to some of the robot was make in any way.
  6. red snow

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I'm with you on the curiosity side of things. Would make a great learning tool for the craft of directing. Let's add antman to the list too (although no footage was ever directed in that one). It's just a shame it costs too much to do post production on what was shot of the other films although for rogue one the trailer suggests a lot had even made it that far.
  7. Helenas Musikautomat

    TTTNE 473: I hope Josh posts in this thread!

    @El trigo sarraceno crazy ex live videos are up! Look at whiJo being Heather!
  8. Lucius Lovejoy

    Do you think the night' queen will return?

    Great topic! If my flight wasn't about to take-off I'd spend more time on it. I've written this elsewhere before and don't have time to look it up, but I definitely could see Val as Night's Queen with Stannis as Night's King. I will come back to this with details on how this would happen. I also don't believe that the historical Night's Queen was anything but a wildling human, if she even existed.
  9. LongRider

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Not that he ever was, just sayin'
  10. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    On the wiki pages for Yellow Dick and Rowan, it says Rowan killed Yellow Dick without citation. Isn't that an unconfirmed theory?
  11. Welcome to the forums. I agree with you, but unfortunately I can't see D&D passing up the opportunity to have Arya kill Cersei, and Brienne kill the Mountain. I don't believe St. Tyrion will be committing any more murders on the show, and after Arya took what should have been Sansa's kill of Littlefinger, I don't see Sansa committing murdet either, but I agree one of those 3 would be most satisfying.
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  13. Princess Daenerys

    Tyrion Counsel to Aegon (Young Griff)

    So much more could go wrong going to Westeros directly. Aegon can never prove who he is. His credentials will be questioned. He doesn't have enough men to fight the Lannisters. Because, unlike on that other work, the Lannisters are still powerful.
  14. Princess Daenerys

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    I think so as well. The original outline called for Daenerys to find the eggs on her own. They still hatched. Changing her physical appearance won't necessarily change the story. She just won't have the title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World. She still has the rest.
  15. Bernie Mac

    Military Strengths and More!

    cheers, but in fairness you started with the condescending when you commented 'just wow' in reference to a 10,000 garrison quote you imagined I made. how does that change what is being said? I actually thought I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but it appears I was wrong to do even that. Fortunately, these fruits were plentiful, and there were orphans and castles for all. Varys had lists. Forty-seven lesser lordlings and six hundred nineteen knights had lost their lives beneath the fiery heart of Stannis and his Lord of Light, along with several thousand common men-at-arms. Traitors all, their heirs were disinherited, their lands and castles granted to those who had proved more loyal. Nightsong was not amongst those lands, it had already been given away weeks/months ago to someone who did not earn them through loyalty but volour. When the heralds had finished telling of each hero's deeds, he rose. "It is His Grace's wish that these good men be rewarded for their valor. By his decree, Ser Philip shall henceforth be Lord Philip of House Foote, and to him shall go all the lands, rights, and incomes of House Caron. How can Nightsong be on these lists when it already had a new lord? Varys is reading the lists of the available lands for the Reach lords, Nightsong is not going to be on such lists as it had already been given away. This is not complicated, this is pretty straightforward. what? I have no idea what you are trying to say here. or here.
  16. Princess Daenerys

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    Beauty is just one of the many tools at Daenerys' disposal. Take that beauty away and Daenerys is still smarter than Jon and Sansa. She may come by the dragon eggs differently but she will get them and hatch them still. She was originally suppose to find them but George changed the story a little.
  17. The Sleeper

    Tyrion Counsel to Aegon (Young Griff)

    Apart from Tyrion being Tyrion, it was a thorough lesson in distrust. Not only does he tell Aegon to his face. He makes a demonstration as well. It is also a lesson about assumptions. What he says about Dany being suspicious of Aegon is something to at least being considered. I don't believe that Tyrion actually wanted to turn their course. After all the Golden Company is simply not enough and Dany was Aegon's best chance at legitimacy. I think he was auditioning for becoming Aegon's proverbial little devil on the shoulder, gaining some influence and trying to make things so that he was a councilor of an independent party rather than an offering to Dany. Half of his strategy worked. The Aegon has chosen a path independent of Dany.
  18. Thanks for the advice! Between you two and a post on Reddit, I see that I am not alone in my YouTube TV dilemma over Hallmark/HGTV. Someone there suggested Philo and it does seem to be a good supplement to YouTube TV at $16/month. It picks up HGTV but no Hallmark though. So much pressure!!!!
  19. Cersie=Carol, The Mad Queen
  20. I think a more important question is what had to be forgotten about the Long Night. What attrocities were committed by all the surviving factions in order to live through a winter that lasted a generation? How was peaced achieved between the factions after this? Hoster Blackwood gives us a justification for the greenseers and other groups to manipulate history and legend:
  21. Corvo the Crow

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Actually we get some information pointing towards this; Lord Hornwood asks hunting rights north of a ridge and a holdfast taken from his grandfather. Since his only known/major neighboors are Bolton and Manderly there are probably some small lord living beyond the ridge (think of Osgrey, Webber and Wat wood) and some other lord/master holdfast is given to as Starks won't directly control some holdfast leauges away.
  22. Lord Varys

    Tyrion Counsel to Aegon (Young Griff)

    That would have depended on how many men would have gone to Meereen. If they had taken a fleet and moved the entire Golden Company to Slaver's Bay they would likely have arrived too late. Quentyn left much earlier and he, too, came nearly too late. Aegon and the Golden Company could have seized all of Meereen in Dany's absence, crushing her enemies, and making Aegon a dragonrider. What they would have done then is rather intriguing - would they have just left for Westeros, or would they have tried to find her? The greyscale thing is indeed the crucial element there. Without that, Connington wouldn't have tolerated any rash actions, insisting they secure Dany and the dragons first. And since Strickland was of the same mind that would have been what they would have done. But now it is more important for Connington to see Aegon on the Iron Throne than to ensure the boy will remain there forever. He is not going to be around for much longer, and he lives for revenge, not for building a new peaceful world. He might long be dead by the time Dany and Aegon rip each other to pieces.
  23. The Sleeper

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    I suppose it is impossible to prove it one way or another, unless someone finds the corpse of the actual Aegon, which could might be identified by some artifact, or unless Varys confesses. I can't think of a way to prove he is Aegon.
  24. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    1. 5 2. 4 3. 1
  25. Lord Varys

    Tyrion Counsel to Aegon (Young Griff)

    The real issue with this plan is that makes no sense whatsoever at the point George has put that scene in the end. If it had been a suggestion Tyrion had made at the meeting with the Golden Company (or at evening thereafter, when Aegon and Tyrion happened to have a chance to talk to each other) it would have made some sense. But on the Rhoyne they were still operating under the assumption that Daenerys was on her way to them. They were only going to Volantis where they would meet Daenerys and then they would go west together. Tyrion's entire speech about going west instead of east makes no sense at this point, and neither does the choice between going to Daenerys like a beggar or to Westeros directly. To make the scene work, George should have included a scene prior to the Aegon-Tyrion conversation where the gang on the ship had learned that Daenerys Targaryen was not, in fact, coming west and instead remained at Meereen. But they learn that only much later. By the time they have the conversation Aegon should have ridiculed Tyrion for his trite and nonsensical scenario because nobody was planning to visit Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen. People (apparently the author, too) usually miss that because we have known for a long time that Dany settled down in Meereen. Within the framework of the story the advice is not sound advice at the point Tyrion makes it. But it becomes sound advice when Aegon decides to follow it. Going to Dany would mean a long delay with an uncertain welcome/end and the their enemies back in Westeros most certainly would have regrouped by the time they got to Westeros. In fact, with the things happening that Tyrion didn't know when he was giving his advice Westeros is even much riper for conquest than Tyrion actually imagined, meaning that Aegon is likely to have much more success much faster than anybody could have imagined. Tyrion's intention likely was to get Aegon to go to Westeros as soon as possible and cause havoc by attacking Cersei and her allies now while they are weak so as to hurt his sister and his brother. At the same time it would have also ruined Varys/Illyrio's grand plans for Aegon and ensured his eventual demise - something Tyrion would have relished at at this point because Varys/Illyrio was treating him as their little pawn. We know he understands that to crown Myrcella means to kill her, and he clearly should know/assume that to crown a dragonless Aegon might also have the potential to kill him. It most certainly would if he isn't a real Targaryen and his aunt doesn't exactly come to save him but rather to put him down as a usurper and impostor. Now, Tyrion himself had no plans to get to Daenerys without Aegon or any of that crap. He is still rightfully afraid of the dragon queen considering who and what he is. He would have gone to Westeros with Aegon - or he would have died in Volantis at the hands of Jon Connington when he had outlived his usefulness knowing that he had planted a seed that might ruin their careful little scheme. If he had lived he may have thought to relish in Aegon's victory over Cersei - or who knows? Perhaps he would have rediscovered his Lannister allegiance and would have ended up betraying Aegon. We cannot really know. Tyrion wasn't making a lot of sense in this self-destructive mood he was in until he finally realized that he did not want to die.
  26. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths and More!

    Wow such attitude. Have you forgotten to add this part or left it on purpose as it doesn't suit your needs? I'll assume the former. Per any chance the not-so-lesser lords have become alive again so they aren't included in the dead count just as the castles given weren't as you suggested? Lord of Light does work miracles for his believers it seems. At least for the great lords. And petty lords. Maybe even landed knights, but a landed knight is still a knight so maybe not.
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