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  2. George definitely has a very thin knowledge of or interest in medieval jurisprudence, and this is reflected in the paucity of such stuff in Westeros. I think it's an aspect of things he hasnt' really considered deeply, given his view that any crimes to be judged in King's Landing are judged by ... the king. Which is simply not plausible for a city of a quarter of a million or more people. This is not the only setting that has this issue, of course -- there's precious little jurisprudence to speak of in a lot of fantasy works. (Has there ever been a good fantasy novel featuring a lawyer or judge, I wonder?) You all may find the Law Talk Podcast with GRRM of interest, in this regard. Suffice it to say, the law professor hosting it seemed a little surprised on occasion.
  3. Lady Valicious

    Gendry King's Landing King

    Gendry is just passing by in the books... It's Edric Storm like it was said earlier who is the potential contender. Still think that with fAegon taking the Stormlands and probably KL he should make himself scarce if he wants to survive.
  4. Nevis


    I agree with you that it’s out of character for him to want to be a lord, but I think at the end of the books (if they are ever published) there will be a new lord Baratheon of Storms End, most likely Edric Storm. And as Edric was omitted from the show they had to go with Gendry, who probably hasn’t the slightest clue what it really entails to be lord of a huge demesne.
  5. Meanwhile, a new power rises in Valyria - it's Daenerys resurrected by Red Rahloo and she's not much happier than Lady Stoneheart. Hijinks ensue.
  6. Omg, yes "Too early in the morning to kill princes" and lets Hector return to Troy, wtf. Oh and Menelaus dies at the beginning of the war If Troy is an indication for their faithfulness toward GRRM's ending, we can at least hope for the books: KL will be destroyed - almost everything else will be different.
  7. Ser Lepus

    The Perils of a Reluctant King

    Robert wanted to be king... he just didn't want the work and responsabilities that came with it... If he really didn't want to be king he could have pushed the job on Jon Arryn or Ned Stark; they wanted him to be king, but, what were they going to do? Chain him to the throne? And once it was clear Robert didn't want it, honor and duty would have forced them to take responsability... But anyways, I think it is better if the king wants to be king... That is a very demanding job with a lot of responsabilities and public exposure, and you could easily become depressed, angry and demotivated if it is forced on you against your will...
  8. Good thing it’s over too as I was beginning to develop a mild case of cenosilicaphobia watching the last seasons. I’m not sure the last season deserves a blue ray. A sloppy disk at the most.
  9. Tyrion didn't give a piece of good advice to Daenerys. Had she followed her original instincts in Season 7, and blitzed the Red Keep, the war against Cersei would have been over in 30 minutes, at a fraction of the final casualty total. And, that's really when the series began to go off the rails, IMHO. Daenerys and her commanders started doing things that made no military sense, just so that Cersei could remain in the game. Varys who promised fire and blood to Lady Tyrell at the end of Season 6 became virtually a pacifist in the final seasons, for reasons.
  10. hnv

    Unowned lands and keeps

    The bigger question is how they feed everyone in Essos? There's seems to be minimal agriculture on Essos, hardly any crofts, yet the cities flourish with trade.
  11. If I compare it to medieval England or France where there was a true richness of courts and judicial bodies both local and central it is quite strange. You would expect KL to have some sort of King's Bench where people from all over could come and seek remedies detached from the local lords and not only by the King holding court. We actually don't even see lawyers and the maesters don't see to occupy themselves with law either.
  12. Tyrion1991

    The Perils of a Reluctant King

    Because most of the people who read stories in the bible or any story really are individuals who won’t ever have any power. So teaching them that “you don’t want power”, “it corrupts you”, “you shouldn’t trust your passions” and that the highest virtue is to be humble and do what you’re told is a means of social control. It’s a way of saying that you should know your place and not complain about your situation. If you’re a medieval serf and you complain about your condition well that’s just because men are sinful and want power. That the good man accepts his lot in life just like King David did. So the whole power corrupts and humans are innately flawed except for a few stoic top men who know best is a very questionable message to be spreading.
  13. Ramsay B.

    Trailer Thread V

  14. Surely Isaac Hempstead Wright and Emilia Clarke both summed up their ends this Season. "I thought it was a joke" and "It came out of f*cking nowhere."
  15. Tygett Lannister

    Your biggest what if?

    What if Renly wasn't assassinated?
  16. DireWolfSpirit

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    Im actually impressed that Grassley would only have $3million in assets if thats acurrate? My gut feeling is that its probably a few times higher than that for a guy in his position.
  17. RhaenysBee

    Elimination Game #??: Who Comes Out of GOT S.8 the Best

    Hurt Tyrion 9. Drogon 25  25. Sandor "the Hound" Clegane 14 (2-) 29. Tyrion Lannister 19(4-) Eliminated List Final Five: Jaime Lannister, Arya Stark  First 25 (so one can see who was on the list at the start of the game without having to go back): Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Nymeria, Gendry, Brienne of Tarth, Jorah Mormont, Podrick Payne, Gilly, Melisandre, Bran Stark, Rhaegal, Yara Greyjoy, Samwell Tarly, Tormund Giantsbane, Missandei, the Night's King, Davos Seaworth, Lord Varys, Bronn, Lyanna Mormont, Sansa Stark, Daario Naharis, Euron Greyjoy, Cersei Lannister, and Theon Greyjoy
  18. Lady Valicious

    Your biggest what if?

    Also my biggest What If... Rhaegar having at least cared for Lyanna and at least feeling guilty over Rickard and Brandon's deaths I doubt House Stark would be in danger under his rule. Being King it would be no issue to legitimize Jon (or whatever his real name is) whether he was actually married to Lyanna or not. My questions would be more along will we have dragons if Dany doesn't have to go to Essos or could she hatch them under other circumstances as magic rises on both continents? Are they needed for something else than conquering Westeros back? How will the big houses and Westeros get ready for the Others? Will the different kingdoms believe in the thread? How would the Lannister play their cards with the Targaryen still ruling?
  19. Quillon


    North of the wall was never "frozen tundra all year round" as the show shows. If it were so the wildlings couldn't live off of it at all. It should be colder than "the North" but not everywhere is frozen tundra, f.i. there is no snow on the ground when NW arrived at the fist of the first men in the books, later it snowed right before WWs attacked. Also we don't know if the seasons gone back to "normal", the show doesn't tell us shit. That grass just signifies the coming of the spring.
  20. darmody


    This is asinine. It requires absolutely zero insight into the mind of Ramsay Bolton to know better than to snap at such bait. Especially when Jon's strategy relies on Ramsay being the one to take the bait. Which makes Jon an idiot, but we already knew that. I cannot for the life of me understand why people keep insisting Jon didn't listen to Sansa. He deliberately drops everything and says point blank I'm all ears, she has the floor and out comes, "...I dunno. Something!" Okay, Sansa . Very helpful. The whole thing is about the Vale army. Sansa keeps it secret for no good reason, Rickon dies, and Jon/Sansa's army is nearly wiped out.
  21. Daeron Vaith

    What are you least looking forward to?

    I am starting to get bored of Cersei... Whatever moves Dany I don't care much about, too. I like to read about what's going on around her, but her thoughts and motives I do not take much interest in...
  22. Today
  23. The problem is that we've not seen her wantonly slaughtering tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of civilians before this point. Nor do we get any narrative justification for her burning down the city that her ancestors built - this is all her property, which she's about to inherit, after all. I get that her becoming a tyrant was foreshadowed, that there were disturbing tendencies in her character, but this was not developed properly across previous seasons. Why couldn't they have just shown her massacring the Tarlys and their surviving soldiers by dragon fire, without even giving them the chance to join her? That would then give Varys a genuine reason to turn against her, and the Northerners a genuine reason to fear her.
  24. darmody


    The "20 good men" thing became a meme for a reason It was some kind of clever trick. It was simply piling more onto the already overburdened Stannis. Yeah, Ramsay had cunning and he did trap some people. But if you look at his track record, mostly it's just him going back on his word or unprovoked violence. He tells the Ironborn to give him Theon in exchange for safe passage, then kills them. He has Theon promise the Ironborn holding Moat Cailin they won't be harmed if they give up, then he harms them. He up and stabs his father when he doesn't expect it. And so on. None of which in the real world would give you a reputation for cunning. You'd just be a liar and murderer. The North knew him as a terrorist. He didn't actively form alliances with other houses. The Karstarks and Umbers fell into his lap. Sansa spent most of her time locked up in her room. She might have picked things up at dinner or briefly while walking around or from Reek or deduced through Ramsay's sexual technique. But it's not even like with Little Finger, where he gave her lessons.
  25. to make up for this mess, George better have Tyrion eaten by wolves. Hand of the king, after bringing the Mad king's daughter to Westeros is a fucking joke. I am still hopefull for WINDS, lets see what happens
  26. In fact, any man who favoured other men would know that if he wanted to be king, he needed to produce an heir PDQ. That was another contrivance in Season 2. Edward II had four living children, after all.
  27. did he love her? maybe I was the only one who only saw Dany in love with Jon; but his feelings for her have been quite cold. But we all see what we wanna see it. anyway, as I said, Jon and Sansa positions by the end of season 8 are pretty much a parallel to Bael the Bard song and since there is so much hints for this union in the books, I think George may be giving us some clues. But, in the end, its just a theory.
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