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  2. Gertrude

    Ep3 Death Odds

    I agree with this list. Berric seems to be a given, but that's not very impactful. Greyworm or Missy - Greyworm seems more logical, but Missy would be the shocker and the show loves to twist things. I think Ser Brienne is in terrible danger. I am convinced one of the Mormonts die and I think it may be Jorah. If it were him saving Lyanna, then it is a beautiful way for him to regain the honor of his house, and Sam regains Heartsbane (which is a truly minor consideration, but it seemed weird that Jorah would gain a Valyrian blade. I get the symbolism and of course it's logical that he wield it over Sam, but it still sits a bit wrong with me at gut level)
  3. dbunting

    So, if Jaime can be forgiven . . .?

    She did say she would be back to Westeros to die, just like Varys. Maybe her and Bronn ride in on horseback as the battle starts! Just kidding. Mel did tell Arya that the two of them would meet again...
  4. dbunting

    Battlefield Commands/Assignments

    Except there were no battlefields in those cities, we see it all happen on screen. He goes in through tunnels once to help open the gates. Another time the slaves revolt and open the gates themselves, Mysha episode. The only true battle was when Dany herself set it up and Jorah was in exile. When she came back with her Dothraki horde and used her dragons on the fleet in the bay.
  5. dbunting

    Tyrion talks

    Don't forget, Tyrion loved Shae and thought she loved him too. When she testified against him it broke his heart. Then to find her in his fathers bed it just ripped him apart. So him going to the brothel on the way to Dany showed us how much Shae hurt him. He can't do it anymore.
  6. darmody

    Battlefield Commands/Assignments

    There hasn't been situation like this for 1,000 years. At Pyke I imagine Jorah was among the ranks. I bring up the other stuff to note that he was at a high strategic level when Danny conquered three or more Eastern cities, though not commanding in the field. Second or third-ranked commander of an entire army which happened to win without fighting battles.
  7. dbunting

    Killing of the NK

    It has to be like this. This isn't humans fighting humans where at some point they need to rest. The enemy doesn't tire, eat, sleep etc. They will not stop coming at you until they win or are all dead. IMO humans lose this coming battle, retreat, regroup and win the war. Plus, who is to say this is all of the NK army? We didn't see him or his dragon, maybe he isn't even there.
  8. Jô Maltese

    The Naughty George thread

    Cant remember this one?
  9. nymeria_2321

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    Feel like Bran needs to say this to Sansa (or somebody should, and maybe Dany too), given when Dany went to make peace with her and she just kept on about "and after we win this and you win that, what then? " she needed a big ole "How do you know there is an after"!!! But back on to Jamie and Bran - don't think Bran cans see the future (unless its "possible" futures) so him saying it is just him saying "Dude chill out lets worry about making it through tomorrow before worrying about what comes next"
  10. nymeria_2321

    Killing of the NK

    I feel a lot like this will be the case because timing and everything but it also seems crazy that theres 8 season of build up for this battle just for it to end in one fight?! Thats just lunacy. and for Cersei and the IT battle to be the central/ending conflict, also crazy. So now I just don't quite know what to think.
  11. Hippocras

    Those kids?

    From the Hardhome episode. A wildling leader.
  12. dbunting

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    Don't plot armor and invincibility go hand in hand, isn't that basically what the term means? You scoff at invincibility and then mention Jons name, the king of plot armor and invincibility! Understand, my post never said Jaime WOULD be the one, and I don't think he will., we were discussing COULD he be the one. IMO he has shown that he could kill the NK, I mean for all we know the NK could suck at fighting. The only thing we've seen him do is throw up a spear, perfectly of course, and throw up his hands to raise the dead. How does anyone know if he can handle himself in hand to hand, sword combat?
  13. Dragons 7th Eye

    Killing of the NK

    Realistically, the show is running out of time. They will need episodes for dealing with aftermath of the NK preparing for Cersei and battle for KL. We have one more remaining besides of those. Cheesy as it may be, the Army of the dead is no more in a week's time, one way or another. I bet it's the cheesy way.
  14. Yes, I'm reasonably sure "mesclun' is what was intended. But the alternative did seem amusing...
  15. SansaJonRule

    Killing of the NK

    Lightbringer is the sword wielded by Azor Ahai. Bran said that the NK has tried many times before, with many other Three Eyed Ravens.
  16. nymeria_2321

    Aim of the Nightking revealed

    I wasn't very happy with the explanation either. I got the impression that the only way to make new WW was from humans (eg Crastor's babies) so if night king wants to wipe out all of humankind does that mean he's happy with never having more of his kind made? No more humans == no more WW (only wigts). And I don't see the urgency to kill Bran, or to do it himself. Unless Bran was really saying that if he dies then all humans die (which is not how I understood it) then why does the night king have to kill bran himself (is Bran protected by some magic that no one else can kill him?) and why can't he just kill all other humans then quite easily come back for Bran. Something just isn't quite adding up for me, but alas I fear we are unlikely to get any more /any better explanation.
  17. dbunting

    Battlefield Commands/Assignments

    So basically he has no battlefield leadership experience. He was at the Siege of Pyke as I said and he took part in some skirmishes, but none of those were actual battlefield type situations like this.
  18. SansaJonRule

    Raising the dead

    Anyone who has not been burned. A lot of the wights are no more than skeletons. Remember when Bran & Co are approaching the 3ER cave? Wights come out of the ground and grab Jojen.
  19. KingintheNorth4

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Yesterday I had a Bacon Burger with a side of onion rings and a chocolate cake milkshake from Portillo's.
  20. Today
  21. Also can someone remind me what Mellisandre’s current status is in the Show? Did Jon send her away on pain of death or something like that, if I recall correctly? Or was she executed? Haven’t rewatched any episodes since they last aired and kind of forgot how her plot played out.
  22. SansaJonRule

    Tyrion talks

    Like when Sansa said "I used to think you were the cleverest man in the world". I used to think so too, but last season he just screwed up over and over. Something I've been wondering, does anyone think he believed Cersei because he wanted to believe her? Even with her supposedly being pregnant, it seems with their history, he should not have been so easily deceived. Being a drunken whore monger is no longer an option for Tyrion because he has grown. Remember, he & Jaime toasted "to the perils of self betterment?" Also, he has loved, truly loved. He has only visited a brothel once since he left KL (at least that we're shown).
  23. nymeria_2321


    I think in season 1 , maybe 2, they used real wolves but since they got to more dire wolf size I believe they've been entirely CGI. I hate that D&D cast them/him aside like his, he could and should be more important to Jon and the story. Someone was right above, he could have been handy north of the wall last season or even at hard home. My husband was worked for years for visual effects companies and so I do understand that real creatures (unlike mythical ones like dragons) and particularly real creatures with fur are very difficult to make, and even more difficult to make well. But the "too expensive" excuse I think is BS, if they can afford that much CGI for so much dragon time every season than an episode a season or few minutes of screen time with a wolf clearly isn't going to break the bank, particularly not for a show with a budget this size. They clearly knew people were bitching and I feel like they did it as a fan service, but also a slap in the face. Like many of us were like "don't even care if he's just in the background somewhere, we just want him to be included" so thats exactly what they did. A total afterthought ... though I'm still happy he's there and will clearly riot if he dies next week.
  24. MinscS2

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 802?

    @Frances Bean Corbray Amazing rundown. I didn't agree with everything but I very much enjoyed reading trough all of it. Have a thumbs up good sir. Quoted so your rundown ends up in a better spot:
  25. This is an adorable rationalization. It's like watching Rick Santorum on CNN and seeing how far he'll go to rationalize absolute bullshit. Is there a vein of truth there? Sure. But for the most part it's just either covering their ass, denial, or both.
  26. Black Arya

    Best lines of E02

    Tyrion: "Maybe after I’m dead, I’ll go on down to King’s landing and tear Cersei apart"
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