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  2. kissdbyfire

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Winter is here! They have little in the way of food, and especially roughage. No leafy greens or anything, that’s why everyone looks so constipated all the time!
  3. .H.

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    Yeah, honestly, building off what I think was some great inside by @Frances Bean Corbray in a different thread, I think there is a fair chance that this line foreshadows that the paradigm, the sot of dialetic of Life:Death, Tyranny:Liberty does not end. One does not kill Death itself, it brokers an "easy peace" of sorts. There is no "after" there is only something like the Hegelian "concrete, abstract, absolute" (that is thesis, antithesis, synthesis) of Being/Nonbeing->Becoming. Perhaps this is exactly the point of the White Walkers, in a sense, a check on human "arrogance" and "excess." You know, just like Death itself is, no matter how powerful (or moral, or just, of kind, or whatever) you are, you still die eventually. "Thanatos" (that is, the "death drive itself, embodied) rears it's head. Except here, it's personified, as if a character.
  4. Prince of the North

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Yeah, I brought it up there, too. I don't know...just a thought I had. But...maybe something interesting could be done with it or, at least, it really should be addressed (who am I kidding?)
  5. Ashes Of Westeros

    Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + the Machine

    I think the song in the show has a little to do with original "Jenny from Oldstones" whatever meaning GRRM put in it. Jenny's story is never mentioned as far as I recall. Probably they just picked one of the songs mentioned in books and gave it a new meaning. The key is "she never wanted to leave". The whole episode was mostly about characters getting what they sought in the past, clutching for these "ghosts" of things that aren't relevant anymore in the face of imminent death, but what they still hold dear and what could give them some comfort:
  6. King Jon Snow Stark

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    I said if he had children. Bittersweet for me is Jon on the throne because he doesn’t want it. A happy ending is Jon training little Starks (Arya or Sansa kids) in Winterfell like he was training Bran in the first episode.
  7. no_one_...

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Fyi, Brienne fought Stark soldiers, eg killed 3 one was slow. Tyrion in a sense fought Starks at his trial in the Vale, or at least taken prisoner by Cat.
  8. Lady Fevre Dream

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    It's no fair. I'm gonna need some of this to happen now!!
  9. Corvinus

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I think this was being discussed in another thread. Personally, no idea. We see wights which are just skeletons, but if the dead inside are just piles of bones, can the WW magic put them together, too? I'm afraid if that happens it's going to be Army of Darkness comical. Also, the show hasn't really touched on the idea of ghosts, so an alternate means of the vengeful dead taking out the living may not be available. Though in the end, it could simply turn out that the crypts are a death trap, one way in & out, and a couple of WW get in there, and start slaughtering people.
  10. Erkan12

    Who is Going to Die

    The question should be how the living will able to escape from the Night King and his dead army if they are going to lose? Last time they used 2 Dragons and they flew away. 2 Dragons aren't enough to carry thousands of men.
  11. How could that smallish white husky be considered as GHOST? Why can this show animate dragons, but cannot do a direwolf? WHY!!!!
  12. One-Eyed Raven

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Maybe they discussed all that on the long walk from the crypt to the battlement. That did seem a little off, right? The horn sounds (and now I'm skeptical whether the acoustics make any sense here, come to think of it), cutting off THE TALK between Jon and Dany, and then we're looking out at the approaching bad guys with Tyrion. Did Jon and Dany walk the whole way together with those same pained expressions, saying nothing?
  13. Ghostlydragon

    Best lines of E02

    Anything said by Edd obviously
  14. lakin1013

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 802?

    Did the episode move the story forward, give us new details> 0 Did the episode give us Jaime knighting Brienne? +6 Did the episode give us more time with GreyWorm and Missendei? -4 Did the episode give us Jon telling Dany, and in his own words, as if he had already incorporated this new knowledge into himself? +6 Did the episode give us thoughtful discussions among various character pairings, again? +1 Did the ep try to pass off some white husky as the incredible Ghost? -3 Did we have Pod singing as our heroes thought about the war +2 8
  15. closing scene opens on the iron throne, now empy, pans back with half the throne room destoryed, covered in snow, no one in site. Then sir Pounce walks in, jumps up on the throne, sits back and beings licking his butt all Puss in Boots style . Roll credits..
  16. Cas Stark

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    True, I don't have a problem with Arya and Gendry hooking up, but none of their scenes were very well done, and so it felt unrealistic. I agree, Dany is already pregnant. I also agree that the show which was once known for subverting expectations and cliches, has ultimately, without GRRM guidance, devolved into the same old tired cliches and stereotypes.
  17. Denam_Pavel

    Names for new Targaryens

    Jon might name his first son Aemon after Maester Aemon. Aegon might go with Daemon for his heir once he learns and embraces who he really is. Maybe even Aegor.
  18. 14ccKemistk

    Who is Going to Die

    I'd rather ask - who'll live? The only relatively likely survivors I can think of are Sansa, Dany, Jaime, Bran.
  19. Lot Seven

    Arya Losin' It

    The one thing I actually liked about those scenes is that they were not tender or sweet. That would have been really weird, given her character. She has never shown any real interest in romance. Thinking backward, I also do not find the comments about Melisandre weird, as she was/is on Arya's list... The idea of sleeping with the same man as Mel must be repulsive for her, so she’s checking what that was about. Oh and thankfully a baby is not a very realistic scenario at this stage of the show, that would be awful... I want to see Arya cut up some WW and people on her list, not walking around with a pregnant belly and thinking about how to name her kid…
  20. Pretty good, but I don't think he is close to legendary levels; Barristan, Brienne or Arthur Dayne. I think he can compete with the likes of Loras Tyrell, or Jaime (two handed), Definitely loses to Bronn, and to Hound but gives a good fight. Not sure about Red Viper. Definitely beats the likes of Beric Dondarrion, Ser Rodrik, or Jorah.
  21. no_one_...

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    Bran has had visions of the future in the form of imagery since season 1, eg the sea flooding Winterfell. Going with episode 1 mirroring s1e1 theory , then everyone Jon touched will die,ie Bran and Sansa will die. I'm guessing Jamie will die, but not before killing the mad queen. OT, why haven't Bran and Sam worked to figure out how the NK was defeated the 1st time around,and told everyone. Seems they should have far more intel.
  22. Typical end of season drop of for Bielsa has cost Leeds promotion. Two losses for them over Easter, especially against 10 man Wigan, have all but sealed the deal for Norwich and Sheffield United. Some nice playoffs as it stands - a Birmingham-ish derby between Villa and West Brom and a Spygate rematch between Leeds and Derby.
  23. Greenmonsterff

    Killing of the NK

    It would be like in Attack of the Clones when all the droids die all at once during battle. I think there was a similar ending in one of the Marvel movies.
  24. SixFeetUnder

    [Spoilers] E802 Discussion

    Not sure if it’s the show or the books, but it was mentioned that some of the swords in the tombs have actually rusted away....
  25. Simon Steele

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    Yeah, this is an issue that should have been dealt with a long time ago. I don't know how this could work retroactively, but I think one way to parse it is that you were able to pay them back. After my education, my current career as a teacher and a single dad, I have no method to pay them back. I have nothing saved for even a minor emergency let alone the massive debt I collected back when I thought I was making my future better. I wasn't. But now I'm in it. I am on a loan repayment program, but the only chance I have at payoff if Warren doesn't come through, is to wait out the ten years of repayment (I'll be close to 50 when that's done), then get hit with a heavy tax burden. As long as these loans are on my record, I'll likely never be able to buy a home, but that's fine, I've let that notion go. And then I think, there are people in worse situations than this. I say let it help who it can. The financial instability many of us feel I would not wish on anyone. I was diagnosed with a chronic auto immune disease recently. My quality of life will continue to degrade over the years. If I don't get married, what will happen to me if I can't work--or have to retire? I won't have anywhere to go. The best I can hope for is getting to a nursing home long before I'm due any Medicare. I'll be honest, as I go through this, I have to say, things are grim.
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