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  2. Morgana Lannister

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    lol thank you but Bran and Arya are major characters as major goes lol I called them "side kicks" not minor. To me Aegon and his side-kicks are minor characters...
  3. Robin Of House Hill

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    Thanks. I'm still uncertain I like this idea, but, if it turns out to be the direction we are heading, I'll survive it.
  4. Morgana Lannister

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Oh, in my humble prediction he si guaranteed to survive (Sam) and be the top doctor in the reconstruction! $100 on that seriously!
  5. Jace, The Sugarcube

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Better to kill people than jobs.
  6. Frey Kings

    What did Eddard want to do with Rhaegar's children?

    You know Lyanna almost destroyed House Stark right? Lyanna probably said keep my son safe. Not to put him on the bloody throne.
  7. The car shopping analogy is inane and irrelevant. If you don't get the car deal you want, you get a taxi or bus home and go on with your life. You don't lost a large chunk of your income and your negotiating power on the world stage. All of the intentions are publicly out there already, we have a tight deadline which has already been agreed (four months from now) and we know the points of contention. We've made our pitches on those points and had them pretty much all rejected as unworkable by the other side, and we don't have any better ideas to come back with. It's possible some of those rejections were hasty (the Irish border problem is massively complicated but not as insurmountable as perhaps the EU are making out) and we can go back to talk about those, but for the most part the British negotiating position has been "we want all the good things from being in the EU but none of the responsibilities," which the EU clearly finds unacceptable (and baffling). There's no secret negotiations, no "gotcha!" proposal we can pull out which will magically make the whole thing just work. Britain's status as the world's fifth largest economy is down to our service sector, particularly international banking and finance. This sector stands to be weakened by Brexit if we are not to retain our passporting services (which we won't) and exemptions are not worked out for London in how it trades into the EU (which don't appear likely). The service sector is the engine of the rest of the economy, if that falters everything else starts creaking to a halt (which is why Britain was particularly vulnerable to the 2008 crash). Britain's position as the world's fifth largest economy is down in large part to our membership of the EU; no longer being in the EU will see that position drop. France is poised to overtake us anyway (and is already way ahead, along with many other EU countries, in productivity) and India and Brazil were going to leapfrog over us in a few years regardless of Brexit. Since Britain no longer manufactures very much of use - and the little we do, like planes and cars, are also Brexit-dependent - that doesn't really leave us much to go on after Brexit, apart from becoming an exploited tax haven. Things like tourism are not going to pick up the slack. We won't become a total irrelevancy after Brexit. Despite monstrous cuts, we still have one of the world's biggest-funded militaries, we still have nuclear weapons, we still do a lot better than many countries at things like international aid and peacekeeping, we have some innovation in the tech sector, but we do face a serious danger of dropping from being a global leading power (well, in the top ten at least) to a mid-ranking one. This sounds suspiciously like dick-waving. We have to appear strong and stable, tough and firm, we can't back down as we'd look silly. No, actually, when it comes to the lives, wellbeing and incomes of tens of millions of people in this country, I'd be perfectly happy with Britain backing down and having to eat humble pie over it for a few decades. The democratic ramifications of that would be huge, though. Like it or not, 52% of the lemmings did vote to jump off the cliff with no idea of what's underneath it and that needs to be appreciated. We should also consider the situation where dodgy far-right groups took control of countries like France and Germany and started moving the EU in a very disturbing direction which we needed to bail on ASAP, and on this example countries would find themselves almost trapped in the group with no easy way of leaving. But that's not the case right now, and Britain's position as a global power is enhanced by its membership of the EU (especially with the USA apparently abandoning its traditional responsibilities and leadership role). Our membership also enhances the EU as well, of course, but to nothing like the same degree.
  8. Teng Saudi Hui

    Comics XIII

    The events within Dark Nights: Metal have affected most of DC's books. Its comic book universe has changed drastically. With that in mind, how does DC expect readers to care about Doomsday Clock, the mini-series that finally explains the events that established its previous reboot, DC Rebirth?
  9. Wars have been fought over lesser lies. NO ONE was more beautiful then Rhaegar.
  10. Bastard of Boston

    Cloak & Dagger on (dramatic pause) Freeform

    ^ Curious about what you think now that the show is incorporating more and more of the setting. I know nothing about New Orleans, so it's hard to know whether I should be impressed with their efforts. That said, I just finished episode 4, and I'm still completely on board with this show. We finally get some meaty interactions between the two leads, and I like the chemistry. Also, first appearance of Cloak's cloak!
  11. Vin

    TTTNE 473: I hope Josh posts in this thread!

    Hmm , I see . Do you work Here ? On a more serious note , I get it , at least I think I do , I've been involved in some morally ambiguous projects/research and it did feel bad at times but the opportunities were too good to pass up . In the meantime try not burn out and keep on keeping on
  12. Bernie Mac

    House Darry

    Why would she need to raise a bastard up when there are two living nieces of her guardian Willem Darry, and both of those daughters are currently at Riverrun and Darry. Jeyne Darry even named her second son after Willem.
  13. Victarion is basically a slaver too. As are all other Iron Born that take thralls and salt wives. Just because they claim it isn't because they "paid the iron price" for them and stole them instead of buying them with gold really makes little difference. She did fall for the sellsword Daario even though she knows he's not a good person by any means. She knows he has no conscience and is a murderer. She even thinks how she'd give up her throne for him but thinks he wouldn't want her anymore if she wasn't Queen. So she knows Daario very much covets power. Not as much as Euron, but still lust for power all the same. She will see how Victarion treats his slaves(thralls) the same way or worse long before she meets Euron. The way he sacrifices them. Euron might be cunning enough to hide it or free them before he meets Daenerys, Victarion on the other hand isn't smart enough for that. He'd probably just grunt and say it's "the iron price" if she asked about thralls. Again if Euron is poison then Victarion is as well, just a much less attractive and stupid one. I mean his hand is literally poisoned, leaking and smoking blood all because of Moqorro and his dark magic. Under Moqorro's influence Victarion is becoming just as power hungry as Euron. That becomes apparent in his winds chapter. Speaking of poison though, Barristan believes she's already chosen poison once in loving Daario. Her love for Daario is poison. A slower poison than the locusts, but in the end as deadly-Barristan Euron claims she came to him willingly. So I guess we can only speculate for now. Also do we know the circumstance of how the situation became known? Did his salt wife tell Victarion that Euron raped her? I honestly don't remember if that was ever covered. Also do we know it was only one night? Victarion claims she had gotten pregnant with Euron's child. If she had been sleeping with Victarion and Euron grabbed her and slept with her for one night then how would Victarion know it was Euron's child and not possible his own? I would guess a salt wife's relationship with her husband must be very different then usual marriages as most of the time they are taken against their will. She may have hated Victarion for making her his salt wife in the first place. Maybe she tried to get back at Victarion buy sleeping with Euron or she thought if she slept with Euron she'd become his salt wife instead. Perhaps Euron promised her that's exactly what he'd do, like he did with Faila Flower. Speaking of her, she is the only other female relationship we are privy to with Euron and she seemed very willing and happy to become Euron's lover. I guess anything is possible. As of now though I believe it's more likely Victarion's salt wife just happen to choose the handsome silver tongued Euron over the brute Victarion. I'm sure Euron did his part in seducing her as well though. Just seems like a thing he'd do to his brothers.
  14. Wall Flower

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I was really shocked by this. I didn't even realise that there were countries that hadn't banned asbestos use completely, as the evidence of harm seems incontrovertible. It was banned completely in Australia in Dec 2003 (although still found in older homes, where it has to be carefully removed). Sadly, that was many years too late for my Dad, who died of mesothelioma in 1999. While my Dad's exposure was likely from military service, asbestos-related diseases disproportionately effect tradesmen and blue collar workers and would include many of the Trumpster's own base. Asbestos leaves a very long toxic legacy. Despite the ban, people continue to die every year in Australia as a result of earlier exposure and will for years to come.
  15. mankytoes

    UK Politics: Royal Weddings and Referendums

    Well, I'm a supporter of Brexit. You'd hope anyone following this at all would understand the Leave/Remain argument is very different to the left/Tory one, in both the issues and the people on either side. Agreed. As far as I can tell, the main motivation for the second vote is that people want to stop Brexit, or at least minimise it as much as possible, while understanding people won't accept being told simply "you got it wrong, we're going to ignore you and do what we think is right". Do you trust all of these remain MPs to go ahead and back Brexit if we get a good deal? I don't think they have any intention, at least a good amount of them. I really hope you are just winding me up, and you don't honestly think that's a fair reflection of what I said. You don't have to reveal all your intentions publicly. This is a big problem with trying to do negotiations while having an open democracy. To go back to the car shopping analogy, lets say I'm car shopping, and I absolutely have to buy a car in the next hour. The last thing I want to do is indicate this to the car salesman. I feel people are underplaying this country. Reading that, you wouldn't think that you were talking about the world's fifth largest economy, you would think you were talking about a tiny political irrelevancy who are begging cap in hand with the EU. People talk about Brits having an inflated sense of our global power, but I think they are stuck in the past, even amongst the right I don't get a sense that many people really believe we're on a level with the USA or China. I think it's more common for people to underestimate our global strength. One thing is very clear. If we set up a position where we say we will have a vote on the deal with the EU, with the option of remaining after all, we're massively weakening our own position. Honestly, I don't see if happening, and I'm not sure the likes of Chuka do either (I should note I quite like Chuka generally), I think they're politically manoeuvring.
  16. Well, we don't know but neither can out guys in Westeros. Did Maegor the Cruel meet Arthur Dayne to check his abilities? Or did Dunk and the Dragonknight ever meet each other? No. People can only judge the abilities of the people they knew - some men, like Selmy, have met and judge the abilities of a lot of warriors, so if he Arthur Dayne was better than Ser Duncan the Tall (in his later years) or Gregor Clegane would have been no match against Maelys the Monstrous then I would take his opinion on such matters seriously. Aside from that, every generation of knights would have 'the best knights of Westerosi history' and the best of those (or that with the largest fame) would then enter the pantheon of the greatest knights ever among who many Kingsguard, royal princes, great knights and lords, etc. find themselves. The latter are those we learn about, those who end up being mentioned alongside the legendary heroes in song and story.
  17. kissdbyfire

    Was it Cersei or Aerys?

    Cersei is not stupid. Well, she can be but she's not dumb nor blind. Aerys' descent into madness must have been pretty obvious by then. He is described as paranoid, fearful, etc. I think Cersei wouldn't have missed that. Come on, it's "court intrigue 101"... how hard would it have been to whisper something in the right ears? Not too hard imo. Of course, it's entirely possible that she had no part in it whatsoever or that she just overheard it as @Lord Lannister suggested a few posts up. But I think she played a more active part. I would very much like to get all the details at some point.
  18. Frey Kings

    House Darry

    Tullys were horrible liege lords of the Riverlands for the past 300 years. Geez what a mess. What was Aegon thinking?!!?!
  19. I don't think that Cersei's arc in Feast is that good. While her chapters there are fun to read, Cersei doesn't really have much of a character development in that book and their plot mostly consists of interchangeable council meetings, stupid decisions and random moments of Cersei being evil.
  20. I hope they beat the saints , NFC is stacked and the saints have a tough division so a loss to the yucks could throw them out of the play offs which I think will give my eagles an easier run in the playoffs but that's just speculation. Yeah , I never got the number 1 pick vibe from him , throws are a bit too inconsistent for me and I think he's getting bailed out by the godly reach of Mike Evans . I think mariota is gonna improve a lot this year ,in my eyes at least the issue in Tennessee was a bad coach running a scheme that doesn't fit his personnel ,especially in the running game , I know Henry is huge for a rb but he's not a straight up bruiser , he likes to build momentum and runs much better towards the edges than inside the tackles .so I think he'll do much better in a zone scheme not gap scheme (keep in mind he averaged 3.2 ypc up the middle and and 7.6 ypc to the edges ) remember he was so successful in Alabama who ran a zone scheme. I'm expecting the Titans to run something similar to the rams and think we'll see mariota running on bootlegs A LOT . And maybe some pistol formations .
  21. Lord Varys

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    She likely ate something. Silverwing might not necessarily be dependent on humans to provide her with food. Especially not in the North. The whole thing was a process of slow decline - the weaker the NW, the more endangered is the North. The Umbers and clansmen can't protect their smallfolk from raiders, either. A truly fertile land would quickly allow the people working it to spread through the North like men spread through the Reach. But that never happened. The North is weak because the people spread out and thus unable to defend themselves against savages with ridiculous weapons and armor. Either they are too stupid to build strong and fortified towns or keeps in the lands close to the Wall, or they lack the means - and some of those means would be resources in food and people to do the work. If the population of the Gifts lived, of the most part, in fortified market towns like Stoney Sept the wildlings would be no real threat to them (unless they came by the thousands). I guess you have to wait and see what winter does to the wildlings, no? And the North. We have yet to see that. Summer is a thing beyond the Wall, too. But long winters are likely routinely cutting the population up there in half, or reducing it even more. Fertile lands in Westeros wouldn't be lands where people can only live (barely) in summer. It would be those lands on which people can also thrive in winter. And those lands simply aren't in the North. Living in the northern reaches of Westeros means you basically play Russian Roulette with your own life, considering that every winter could be longer and crueler than the provisions you and your village can get from the land you live allow you to survive. And you know this. But down in the Reach surviving winter doesn't pose even remotely the same kind of problem.
  22. Dofs

    Was it Cersei or Aerys?

    Cersei probably told Aerys about this and Aerys went like "ooooohhhh".
  23. George might certainly make notes and stuff, writing down ideas (if that's how he works, he could also juggle things in his head and forget, misremember and change them without ever putting them to paper or screen), but it seems he really doesn't write the kind of things we would call proper outlines - which, by and far, are basically plans for an entire novel or even a series of novels, setting down the skeleton and a lot of flesh of the story that's supposed to be written. Authors working with such outlines also tweak things here and there while they write, but if they stick to the outline the story doesn't change all that much. George has gone on record that he doesn't like to know where his own stories go, he doesn't like wasting time and energy mapping out stuff in detail and having to go back and write all that out. For him that seems to be somewhat mechanical. He likes to work directly with the story he is writing, one word, page, chapter at a time. But if you work that way, you simply do not have a proper outline. I mean, we all can reasonably guess at what the story is about and where it is going in its very broad strokes. But we all have no clue what's going to happen to the main characters, and neither does George. Or rather: he doesn't know it with the same security as he would know it if he had already written and finished the series. Because he doesn't know how things do change on the way. I don't doubt that there are arcs and plot elements that will remain - more or less - the same as George originally imagined them. But, quite frankly, I don't think those are all that many. The very fact that there was no five-year-gap (and prior to that no considerable passage of time during the first three books) might have made that impossible. Not to mention the introduction of many additional characters.
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  25. The Dragon Demands

    Details on Prequel Pilot Revealed

    I have received behind the scenes prequel information and require private message contact with Elio or Linda.
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