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  2. Raja

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    As I said, it's close enough that I can see it going either way. To me, it is not at all as black & white as you make it out to be.
  3. ants

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Harsh during open play? No. But for a goal? Hell yes. You can’t kick players. Full stop. It’s as black and white as Mane touching the ball. You can’t kick players. Doesn’t matter if Origi goes down or not. Should have been treated the same as the Mane goal.
  4. Ran

    The Deuce

    I really don't think so. Vinnie is going to be the guy that got away, the guy who thirty years later tells a couple of screenwriters about him and his twin brother working for the mob around Times Square in the 70s and 80s.
  5. iberiandirewolf

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    The first time I read ADwD, I had Bylar by Dead Can Dance playing during Jon's last chapter. I was so shocked and my hands were sweaty whilst reading it, the built up tension that led to the final scene... And somehow every time I hear this song it reminds me of that. I love it/makes me feel edgy at the same time.
  6. Rippounet

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    I started reading about the latest IPCC report... It's bad... It seems we're now heading for +7°C by 2100. And historically speaking the IPCC reports have been rather prudent, and more often than not the worst-case scenarios are the ones coming true, with even a few (melting of the ice poles, rising sea levels) being worse than all the predictions. For instance, some cautious predictions originally talked of +2,5m... We're now considering scenarios of +60m to +70m! And I keep wondering... When does "terrorism" against the corporate interests responsible for this become the sensible course of action?
  7. Hey you're preaching to the choir, I just think GRRM's incessantly talking about how bad men can still be good kings is cover for exactly this ending with Tyrion, that I agree is undeserved. I think GRRM is going to piss people off just like D&D have, albeit in a different way.
  8. Yes, I think it would be a pretty bleak ending, if Tyrion ended up being responsible for a string of appalling crimes, turned against Daenerys at the last moment, and finished up being made Hand of King Bran as a result.
  9. iberiandirewolf

    Gender relations in Westeros

    That is something I missed too. Women seem to be much more important within the Dorne royal family than in the other families of Westeros, so I'm positive we'll learn more about them, but I agree on the rest. We know nothing of the Tullys or other Stark women, save the infamous Lyanna.
  10. Yes, I'm still scratching my head why Tyrion and Varys went to the trouble of getting Daenerys to come to Westeros, and forging alliances with Olenna and Ellaria, yet seemed to think she could become Queen without waging war, You'd think they'd have some inkling that Cersei was not the kind of person to just step down from being Queen if you asked her nicely. In truth, it's just terrible writing.
  11. Jeor

    Cricket 38: Ashes Openers Crash and Burns

    It's interesting because on paper they have a few of the ingredients in the international team already. Elgar is a serviceable international opener, Markram reputedly has a lot of promise. Faf is still there and seems to have recovered some form in the past year, de Kock is one of the best wicketkeeper-batsmen going around, and in Rabada they have a bona fide strike bowler with some tidy backup options (Philander). The middle-order batsmen (Amla and de Villiers replacements) are really the only major gaps.
  12. Martini Sigil

    The Deuce

    I agree with your first point, but not your second.... My NYC Italian instincts tell me that Vincent is a goner....lol... Tommy will just find someone to replace him, and the show will end with a bullet to Vince's head. ... earner or not. he wacked a made guy's kid...
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  14. honeyed chicken

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Deadline morn and only four of eight entries received - but there's still time!
  15. Except Martin will need to have Tyrion do a massive heel turn. Tyrion is still on a path sliding into darkness, that journey isn't over yet. He's going to end up doing much worse. And considering what he has already done up to this point, I would hate it if Martin rewards him for it. Also you don't change on a dime and Tyrion is a massive misogynist, how he treats people depends on their class, thinks about raping his sister every day, sees everything as a slight against him even when it's not, he's a rapist and so on. He better get his comeuppance at some point because people in this story always do. Tyrion in the show is the cause for all the death that befell Westeros in the last two Seasons and he got rewarded for it by basically becoming King of the 6 Kingdoms.
  16. Rose of Red Lake

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Well so be it. I just think every man she meets, except for maybe Dontos and Garlan, is trash. Is that mothering or is it just reading a story about a vulnerable woman having to deal with sketchy trashy men and having alarm bells go off? Here is a transcript of my thoughts reading Sansa's chapters: "That guy mocks the feminine things you enjoy. He is trash." "That guy almost raped you. Trash." "That guy is stalking you. Trash." "That guy helped you by doing something he loves doing anyway (killing), but look he's back to being trash." "Willas sounds nice. But too bad Olenna and Margaery are being pretty trashy toward you." "I cant wait until Sansa realizes LF is trash in Winds" The first four are about Sandor.
  17. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Sansa & Sandor have actually had some interaction. Show me where it's stated Jon thinks Sansa is intelligent or would value her opinion or seek her advice.
  18. Daniel Newhouse


    I remain somewhat puzzled over exactly what the nature of the dispute is in northern Syria. Is it 3 superpowers coming to a compromise over how big a chunk of Syria they are going to control? Looking at the map, the US still controls quite a bit.
  19. He gave them their payment, because he owed them a debt. He's not controlling what they do after that, and some didn't even go back to the Vale. Timett isnt working for him anymore or killing peasants on his orders. I think the author is putting him through the ringer, then having him mature/grow up in the last novel. D&D just wrote him that way throughout as if he was already wise and good. And then Dany will take that to an extreme level that he is not comfortable with at some point because Joffrey wanted to be feared and also showed no mercy at the WRONG times. Dany and Tyrion will be quite dysfunctional I'm sure.
  20. Jeor

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    That's what will make this semifinal against Wales intriguing, if not all that exciting, to watch. Wales will be relatively happy with an attritional/territory/kicking game as well, so we might see the ball fly back and forth quite a bit. What will be interesting is if they decide to try and break out of it, knowing that the South Africans are probably gearing up for that sort of game.
  21. Elegant Woes

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Interesting that you ask a question about this because no one asks the same one about Sandor and Tyrion when it comes to Sansa. No one questions whether they are compatible with her or what they will talk about. Can we please hold them all to the same standard? As to what their dynamic will be? Who knows. There are so many ways their relationship can be written as and I have no confidence to answer just how exactly they will interact. We need to wait for TWOW. What I do know is that unlike Sandor and Tyrion Jon actually believes Sansa is intelligent. He would value her opinion and seek her advice, and he would need it because while he learned a lot at the Night's watch Jon lacks the knowledge on political theatre and presentation and this is something that Sansa knows a lot about. What both Jon and Sansa have learned from AGOT to ADWD blends perfectly together and I don't think this is a coincidence but rather authorial intent on GRRM's part. At the very least they would be successful working duo. Which is something no other guy could ever have with Sansa.
  22. Just checked his career stats, and the guy averaged 11.7 rebounds in regular season and 12.9 rebounds in the playoff. He may not have had the athletic ability of Zion but there was plenty of jumping and landing with all that weight over the course of his career.
  23. Feologild

    Why didn’t Cersei do much in Season 8?

    Because the writers of the show did not give her much to do.
  24. mormont

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    A horrifying and sad story: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50150070 39 people.
  25. karaddin

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    I think the thing that gets under my skin the most is the people who legitimately didn't enjoy TLJ act like we're being ridiculous and trying to unfairly taint everyone that doesn't like it when we spear of/get sick of those who just hated it because they're bigots. Yes - it just didn't work for some people, and that's OK but it doesn't in any way subtract from the fucking army of trolls over to the side with a megaphone brigading everything even remotely positive about it. So just let me rant about them - chances are if you give a fuck about my opinion of you, you're not remotely in the group I'm ranting about. As to the trailer - I think the most gorgeous shot is the island of ice reflected in perfectly still water. I can understand, especially for those that have been disappointed by the new trilogy, if you weren't emotionally moved by this trailer. I rolled my eyes at the start of it seeming to be on the forest moon of Endor, or that style environment. But if the OT held any kind of place in your heart I can't imagine how you could not have at least a twinge at Luke's "The Force will be with you." at the end. And a lot more than a twinge at Leia's "Always." finishing it off.
  26. Ran

    The Deuce

    I don't think it was willfull at all. The conversation between them made it clear that Lori's experience of "the life" was utterly different than Candy's, and Candy simply couldn't connect to it or make out from it that Lori was suicidal. On the mob front, does seem to have been right that Tommy used Rudy's taking the blame as a way to get rid of him in the free and clear, but my apprehension that he might go after Vincent wasn't quite right. Makes more sense this way, that he didn't want to get rid of a good earner if he could help it.
  27. Arthur Peres

    Why did the Freys torture Cat before her death, but not Robb?

    Robb lost his faith in the direwolfs, after "Bran and Rickon's death". Your father’s gods, the old gods of the north. Five wolf pups, Robb, five for five Stark children.” “ Six,” said Robb. “There was a wolf for Jon as well. I found them, remember? I know how many there were and where they came from. I used to think the same as you, that the wolves were our guardians, our protectors, until . . . ” “Until?” she prompted. Robb’s mouth tightened. “ . . . Until they told me that Theon had murdered Bran and Rickon.
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