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  2. NonoNono

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    I imagine in the books countless houses would rally against Dany and her army. Tyrion will probably regret not backing Aegon. In the show his character seems to be heading in a similar direction. I forget if Connington knew who Tyrion was in the books? If so you’d think the son of Tywin wouldn’t be allowed near Aegon.
  3. ants

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    That’s the most fucked up proportional system I’ve ever heard of.
  4. of man and wolf

    Episode 2 preview

    Bran lost what was most important to him because of being pushed out of the window. He'll mention how it seems karma caught up to Jaime as he lost his sword hand, which was the most important thing in the world to him. Bran will call that even.
  5. House Cambodia

    Order of deaths to come.

    I'll be really pissed if they simply disappear. However, Shaggydog along with Rickon being reanimated in the crypt, a dogfight to the death between Shaggy and Ghost + Nymeria would be brilliant. I have a feeling that the endgame has to be a bit Tolkeinesque where dragons and direwolves depart the world.
  6. Kalbear

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    There might be others that have good resumes, but there's not a lot of other music out there that's instantly so recognizable as the GOT theme song. LotR might have been, but probably not any more. It's hard to say given how GoT has taken over so much other popular culture right now if it'll still be so lasting, but it's certainly up there.
  7. of man and wolf

    Order of deaths to come.

    The question is...does Ghost and Nymeria survive?
  8. DMC

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    I dunno. Djawadi is great, yeah, but there's a lot of guys with huge CVs right behind Williams. Not sure how to evaluate that, because it's not something I've ever put much thought into.
  9. Maybe to defend the weak?
  10. The Mother of The Others

    Which Castles are the Best at Defending Dragons?

    Shadowbinder Castle turns misty to absorb flames, reaches out dark tentacles to grab dragons, pulls them in, and when the walls of the castle solidify again they have a new life sized dragon sculpture permanently poking partway out of the stone in some awesome freize of dismay.
  11. Darth Richard II

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    Into the the Trap is the best music ever, ever, ever plus infinity.
  12. Gertrude

    Aren't Sansa & Tryion still legally married?

    I kind of recall that Petyr was acutely aware that Sansa is still married in the books. I think he perhaps hopes that Cersei is successful in finding and killing Tyrion, but I have no doubt Book Littlefinger has a plan to get Sansa out of it when the time is right. It just really hasn't come up yet as an urgent point of business. Tywin had the marriage of Tyrion and Tysha annulled by a septon in the books. (well, he said it was undone as if it had never been according to the septons. Whether he did or not, Tyrion believes him so it appears to be a thing) Show canon is different - they do whatever they want and don't give a shit.
  13. I would build my castle including a spell that turns any hostile dragon to aardvark.
  14. princess brittany

    dany and sansa

    i agree, but i am not sure how he will get her out of the picture. she has a huge army and two dragons.
  15. Kalbear

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    It is - to the point that most people know the theme and haven't seen the movie. So is Jurassic Park, and Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter (especially that last one) - for the one major theme. But Star Wars? You have the opening crawl theme, Luke's theme, Imperial March, Duel of the Fates, Leia's theme, Yoda's theme, hell, even the Ewok theme is pretty recognizable. And that's not taking into account some of the other little flourishes, like the Trap music or the Cantina band or... yeah.
  16. Today
  17. House Cambodia

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    Indeed, and I have a hunch that by the end of the story we're going to learn that Aerys had a character arc wherein he was a good man and a good king until he deteriorated into paranoia disastrously towards the end - i.e. the very same character arc that his daughter is going through.
  18. Nictarion

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    Jaws is pretty iconic.
  19. Only 89 selfies today

    Prediction: Jon will become a direwolf

    He already has. He had two things on his mind as he lay dying: Arya and Ghost. It's a one-way door though. He stays in Ghost until they both die.
  20. Only 89 selfies today

    the honeyed locusts...

    Belwas lived in Meereen for a time. He was a hero of the fighting pits. Are we to think this was his first taste of sweet locusts? That bowl was poisoned. Poison is a woman's weapon. The Green Grace set it all up.
  21. Kalbear

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    I think, much like Williams and Star Wars, Djawadi will be so legendary partially because his music is so absurdly iconic that a whole generation will hear it and know EXACTLY what it came from and where. A hot take is that Star Wars without Williams never becomes the hit that it was. I don't know that Williams has reached that with anything else - his scores for other movies are easily recognizable but not as iconic - but for Star Wars, it is special - to the point that a video game with the score becomes immediately better just from it alone.
  22. The Mother of The Others

    The Magicians Season 4+ [SHOW SPOILER - No Book Spoilers]

    So now at the very end after he's dead I learn that Jason Ralph has two first names. It was a season of odd dating of non-badboys, which signals the group is almost ready to marry and settle down. The graphics department keeps showing us lots of lil' donut worlds floating in space for some reason. Maybe no one has the heart to tell the CGI crew to stop making those irrelevant shots? Our Lady Underground and a butt ton of gods got death. Job openings? Shuddered when the cards froze in mid air. Praying for dragon plotlines. They're so much better when they're intelligent.
  23. StoneColdJorahMormont

    THAT Look that Bran Gives Tyrion...

    I don't take much from it is one of two things... There is still a little bit of Bran left in there and these looks he keeps giving certain people. seems to be moments where old bran is seeping through. Just think about all the people he has given that stare to in this episode, its people that have changed his life in someway or another Jaime - Paralyzed him/tried to kill Tyrion - gave him confidence when he was at his lowest/devised the horse riding system for him Jon/Arya/Sansa - don't really need to go into... I think its just whatever is left of Bran inside seeping through when he see's people he has the strongest connection to.
  24. Only 89 selfies today

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    Coldhands controlled the elk but he was not the 13th lord commander. He would have rotted away long ago. His was an old death but not that old. His uniform would never have lasted that long.
  25. Martell Spy

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    Yeah bi-partisan-seeming Republicans often turn out to be uber-partisan hacks. Which is why Senator Collins decided to personally remove the right to an abortion to every woman in America. It's also why the moderate, never-Trump Republican Comey decided to inflict a fascist President upon the country by writing his letter. It also why the Attorney General Barr is now Trump's personal defense attorney. Because Russians interfering in our system of elections aren't important. Tax cuts for the wealthy are important. Turning gays into second-c,lass citizens is what is important. . Mueller report ropes in Senate GOP Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr apparently supplied the White House counsel’s office with information about the Russia probe. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/18/burr-mueller-probe-white-house-1282098
  26. divica

    dany and sansa

    you are confused. The Wall is broken after boat sex. Which means that jon and danny could be as close as 1 day away from winterfell to several days. And the army needed food to get to winterfell. I don t think it is strange that they might have taken enough food with them to last them weeks before they start using the food from winterfell or that there are boats bringing food from essos to white arbor. When we are talking about events that should be happening extremely fast. I find it extremly weird to be talking about food shortage and people being in a panic because the dead are almost at winterfell.
  27. Mullocose

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    Yeah, he'll likely survive & be the Lord of Winterfell in the end..
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