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  2. Ramsay B.

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    A little much. We haven’t forgotten who your second team is! The Twins are currently on pace for 324 homers. Obviously doubtful they keep it up, but impressive nonetheless.
  3. Deminelle

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    But in the show Missandei says Naath will welcome them?
  4. Errr ..... really? Inside the walls of Mereen, the only territory she controls? I don't want to go on nitpicking every point in your post, but as @SeanF said you have cited very selectively and IMO in a lot of places out of context. It's a very interesting post though, as it seems likely that this is the kind of propaganda that is pouring out of Yunkai, New Ghis, Qarth, Volantis and the other cities in the slaver alliance in the books and we will see POV characters like Arianne take it quite literally in TWOW and ADOS. Victarion's IronBorn are going to number among her allies as well, the same lot who have been pillaging the Reach. Maybe she even brings Daario along, or she will be destined to marry Euron, or has married Victarion (maybe even after Dracarysing Hizdar). Throw in Essosi sellswords in addition to the troops she had in the show, and torching Mereen because the sons of Harpies have taken over, and maybe torching Pentos as well - the deal Barristan struck with the Tattered Prince gone wrong. All this will make her appear crazy to most Westerosi Lords from the time she lands, with Targaryen loyalists having already declared for the more civilized-looking fAegon with his Septa and army of mostly Westerosi exiles. This is a totally different set-up compared to this disaster of a show who kept fan-servicing Dany until far too late, with 1-2 incidents per season, that some times were left grey, but were all then retconned later - see she crazy all along. Horrific writing.
  5. RYShh

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    When she wasn't actually a rich person and a ruler of a Khalasar or a city except for the period between Drogo's death and entering to Qarth?
  6. This is a very good breakdown of how Tyrion can be seen as having manipulated Jon in order to save his own life, starting at 2:10. Main points: - There are many things Tyrion does not say that would have made his case weaker. For example, he does not talk about how Varys tried to kill Daenerys, or how he himself committed treason by releasing his brother. Nor does he discuss whether her earlier conquests were justified. - As for burning the city, the video essayist claims that Tyrion would have done the same thing in her situation, and that now he is simply trying to save his own life. - Daenerys has not been a threat to Sansa earlier in this season. Her life is not in immediate danger; but Tyrion makes it seem that way because his life is. - The words that in the end seem to drive Jon over the edge is when Daenerys says: "They don't get to choose." In her mind she knows what is right. And yet, in the final Dragon Pit meeting, the lords express the very same attitude when they laugh at Sam's suggestion, and nobody stabs them...
  7. SeanF

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Dany is 23 at the time of her death. Seventy per cent of her life was an absolute nightmare of abuse.
  8. Daemos

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    Both Bran and Sansa used Jon to further their ends at the expense of his Jon's well being and happiness. They are both monsters for it. Arya is the only living member of that family that truly cares about Jon's feelings. Dany is the only person who actually loved him. Jon is a stupid fucking idiot, so he probably deserves his fate.
  9. RYShh

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I totally agree, I would say the only period that Dany actually suffered is until they find a shelter for her small Dothraki group and her baby dragons after Khal Drogo's death, and still she had a few Dothraki fighters and Ser Jorah at her side, and then Qarth accepted them into the city, she was always a rich and secured afterwards, and as you say whenever she was threatened or wanted something she used her magical dragons to get it. Even that small period between Drogo's death and acceptance to the Qarth isn't comparable to what Jon has suffered at Wall, at the beyond of the Wall, and then in the North.
  10. RhaenysBee

    Elimination Game #??: Who Comes Out of GOT S.8 the Best

    Hurt Tyrion more
  11. Kaapstad


    Jon can still marry and have a kid if he has gone with the free folk.
  12. Kaapstad

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    Books say no outsider can survive on Naath. Missandei forgets to tell Grey Worm that. Grey Worm is going to Naath so...
  13. Deminelle

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    How does it confirm that?
  14. Not always. At Astapor, she specifically ordered restraint. The only innocent we see being killed in the scene is a horse. Likewise, there was no sack at Meereen (unlike the books) even though she did crucify masters who she deemed guilty of murdering children. Then she tried very hard to conciliate the masters. If the show runners wanted her to be seen as Timur the Lame, then we really needed actual footage of her ordering soldiers to bring her back severed heads, massacring prisoners etc.
  15. Kaapstad

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I would say it took hell of a lot of trouble for Jon to become King of the North than it took Dany to become a prospective queen. Jon did not have 3 dragons. He had to suffer through betrayals, walk through enemy territory and save his enemies and become friends with him. He won the North through sheer hard work and he willingly gave it up with a smile. What did Dany do? Use her dragons whenever she was threatened or whenever she wanted something. The fact that he gave up his crown and she didn’t shows who is the better leader. Jorah had to go through hell to win back her mercy. He almost died thanks to her stupidity. She flies off the handle very quickly unlike Jon can comes to conclusions faster.
  16. Zaphodess

    The Iron Bank of Braavos

    Eventually they'll want it back but I doubt they're going to be unreasonable about it. Their best chance to get it is peace and prosperity in Westeros. And a central government, because they can't claim the Crown's debt from independent Kingdoms and some adventurous foreign invader would be a huge gamble. That's why they backed Cersei in the first place - she was motivated to honour the debt. And so will a government that wants to get back in business. The current government of Westeros are actually in a good position to get a deal for a cut of some of the loan or a longer postponement on good terms. They are the ones who keep the remaining Dothraki in check atm. The IB did business with the slavers, but the Bravoosi prefer a slavery free economy. It was Cersei's interpretation that the IB was just a bunch of hypocrites and they probably are to a certain extent. But there's no reason to assume they're not serious about a long-term prospect to abolish slavery everywhere. All those people who'd suddenly be able to start their own businesses ... The Dothraki are an obstacle to this goal because their economy is based on selling their captives as slaves. They were probably a huge factor in ensuring that slave labour was cheap - cheaper than just paying people for their work.
  17. Today
  18. The Lord of the Crossing

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    Life is bleak. The author is not hopeful nor optimistic about the future. However, I don't know what that is supposed to teach the reader. Maybe nothing and it's all a diversion from the book buyer's regular life.
  19. No, you do have to provide the pieces to the puzzle, even if you want to create a surprise. It's like the big reveal in Season 7 that actually Arya and Sansa have figured out that LF is trying to play them off against each other. There's a missing piece to that puzzle, since right up that point, it's seemed that Arya is going to kill Sansa. Or Shae, suddenly turning on Tyrion in Season 4. Why? Reasons. Or Doreah, whose relationship with Daenerys is almost a romantic one, turning against her in Season 2. Why? Dunno. Or Ellaria Sand avenging the death of her husband by .......murdering his brother and son. Again, reasons. There's a constant pattern of springing shocks on the viewers, at the expense of character development. As @Linda put it, this is the Season where the Titanic finally hit the iceberg.
  20. BalerionTheCat

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Maybe LF is doing it. But is seems difficult to keep someone consistently on the doorstep of death from the birth to the age of 8, with poison Which one would do that? Every poison used in ASoIaF has been described some way before Besides Lysa had 5 miscarriages and 2 stillborn before Robin. No wonder the boy is sick.
  21. Yes, and what was my first post? The majority, I didn't say all of them, the majority is different in the North. In the south, the majority is andal, and they believe in the new gods, In the north, the majority is first men, and they believe in the old gods, You're acting like I said all of them, no, I said only majority of the north.
  22. The Lord of the Crossing

    Mel wrote the Pink Letter to stop Jon from going to Hardhome

    Mellissandre is not adept with bird messengers. How could she accomplish this trick without the aid of the maester. I don't think anybody would cooperate. She might even be glad to get rid of Tormund and the wildlings. That is less people to have to share the supplies with.
  23. The Lord of the Crossing

    Who is the great other?

    Mellissandre had to personify the evil side of ice. She doesn't have the scientific knowledge to understand weather patterns and how the absence of the sun allows the White Walkers to move southwards. I do not think there is a god of ice. This is Mellissandre's belief and we know she can be wrong.
  24. RYShh

    Independent North

    In here Grrm says; ''Q: The books have a strong sense of place. How did that translate to the screen? A: King’s Landing, that’s the capital, is not quite so tropical — in the books it’s more like medieval Paris or London and the north is more like Scotland. You don’t get the real tropical stuff til you get down south to Dorne.'' https://www.denverpost.com/2012/05/31/game-of-thrones-author-george-r-r-martin-on-sex-violence-and-t-v/
  25. I think we can all agree that the man in the cave, that Bran and the rest meet, is Bloodraven... he’s called Brynden, the birthmark, being a brother of the Watch, thousand eyes and one etc. The ADwD appendix describes him thus... So, Bloodraven is the Brynden in the cave, and the Brynden in the cave is the Three-eyed Crow.
  26. Rushed, slap-dash, poorly written, untalented - NONE of these accusations can be leveled at the OST. Ramin Djawadi has excelled himself here - this is up there with the best of the series OSTs. The Battle of Winterfell tracks get more and more epic culminating in The Night King, which is the first track to use piano since The Light of the Seven. The 'Dany' tracks actually trace her descent into murderous megalomania smoothly and gradually unlike the visuals. Jenny of Oldstones is an instrumental, not the Florence and the Machine one with lyrics, unfortunately. There is a fantastic version of Rains of Castamere with an incredible voice. It wasn't used in the show IIRC. My only gripe here is that it comes in as track #2 - my feeling is that on the OST and in the show it should have opened episode 6 with Tyrion walking through the ruins of KL before he finds his siblings. We know they're dead so the music wouldn't give away any spoilers, but it would have, with delicious irony, associated the song with the Lannisters. The end credits of episode 5 as C&J die do in fact call back to both The Rains and Light of the Seven. Anyway, for the OST of Season 8, 10/10
  27. The World of Ice and Fire offers a lot of information about the origins of the noble families of Westeros: About half of them are of First Men origin... Blackwoods, Hightowers, Lannisters, Cranes, Yronwoods, Dayne... etc. As for the Andal conquerors, almost all of them took FM wives. The Florents and Tyrells among others were born from the marriage between an Andal noble and a Gardener (FM) wife... As for the FM commoners, they weren't killed or expelled, they were forced to convert to the Seven, while the Andal conquerors became nobility. Yes, the northeners kept the old religion, but in never looked like a problem... there are Seven worshippers in the North (Manderly, Jeor and Jorah Mormont...) and Old Gods worshippers in the South (the Blackwoods).
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