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    To add to this it was Robb Stark that saved him from sure death.
  3. darmody

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    Neither would be cool, and both would present their own gaping holes. They are how Chief Wiggum would dig his way out of a plothole. "No, no. Dig up, stupid."
  4. Back door hodor

    Targaryen fleet destroyed...

    I'd say yes, the fact that house Velayron is depicted as much more powerful and influential in the world book and FaB, than in the main series, in which they are barely mentioned, suggests such a recent setback is not only possible, but likely They go from a family that can challenge the free cities for supremacy in the narrow sea without official support of the IT, to simply one of Stannis' barely significant bannermen, a very big change.
  5. House Cambodia

    Is Climate Change Impacting Your Long Term Planning?

    I spent my entire youth - my 20s and 30s in England trying to raise awareness about what we're doing to our climate and environment. I felt like King Canute. Now I see an increasing minority of people - especially young people, getting genuinely well-informed and concerned - but too few and not enough. The adults - my generation have damned you to hell and there's little you can do about it. Even back in the '80s I was acutely aware that the actual problem was our whole capitalist premise - we want growth, development, more. We want our children to have a 'better life than us' in terms of material comfort. The planet could not sustain that then and since those days we've pumped 100% more carbon into the atmosphere. 'Light Green' "solutions" such as electric cars and recycling plastic bags are merely rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. We vote into power as the most powerful person on the planet an idiot who sees climate change as a hoax and appoints captains of the most polluting and corrupt businesses into the highest offices; in Europe attempts by leaders to reduce the carbon footprint are met by huge-scale violent demonstrations by the grassroots. In short, the people who care are vastly outnumbered by the short-term greedy, ignorant, selfish people who somehow 'love their children' whilst destroying their futures. We could still mitigate the worst of what is to come, but we won't. My pessimism is encapsulated in this very TV show. The whole damn theme is an allegory on climate change. Everybody enjoys the show, discusses it, here on this forum, yet there is a collective cognitive dissonance at work. We continue to play the game of thrones in real life while paying scant regard to the real-life Winter that is coming. Okay, people get bored with documentaries and gloomy news, so GRRM found a way to put the message right in our faces in a way that entertains us - and that's all it is - entertainment; ignore the message. That's human nature. We're fucked. I'm out. Sorry.
  6. darmody

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    Yuck. And why? Also yuck.
  7. darmody

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    It would mean Arya died the least dignified death of any Stark, and her five seasons of character development were for naught. (Granted, that may be the case anyway.) All so that we went to Bravo for a reason. Plus, we get more of a character no one likes and maybe Jon dead for no good reason. Yipee.
  8. Martell Spy

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    FBI Arrests Leader Of Right-Wing Anti-Immigrant Militia In New Mexico “This is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families,” New Mexico’s attorney general said after the arrest of Larry Mitchell Hopkins. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/larry-mitchell-hopkins-fbi-new-mexico-militia_n_5cbb93c4e4b06605e3ef5d81
  9. DireWolfSpirit

    Is Climate Change Impacting Your Long Term Planning?

    Altherion I didnt mean reliability regarding time dependent, I meant I will be curious to see how reliable the electric F-150 would be when we first start seeing them in showrooms in 2020 , hence the "in a year or two" reference. Anyways as to cold weather performance all I can say is seeing is believing and when I see other electric trucks able to be out on the road with me when its minus twenty then I will trust them as I do what delivers me to work rain or shine now.
  10. Error-504

    dany and sansa

    Maybe, maybe not. There are literally thousands of ways to interpret this vision here: Dany walks into a war torn KL. Note the Seven pointed start above the throne (not the current sygil of house lannister). Snow is on the throne and she turns away, never to sit on it. She thens go's to visit her child.........
  11. Yaya

    I made a visual timeline of events

    @alexwebb2 - thanks so much ! is there a chance that you might do the same sort of time line document for other series of events - such as parts of F&B or the Dunk stories? is there anything a interested ordinary person like me could do to help out on such a task?
  12. Error-504

    dany and sansa

    You got this twisted. Bran thought Jon was a sand, not Sam. Bran knew Jon was Rhaegar and Lyanna's son. what he didn't know was about the annulment and the legal wedding, this is the information Sam provided. Sam had no idea the two had a baby.
  13. Waste heat. It's more accurate to say batteries have an advantage over internal combustion in warm weather, since they don't have to convert stored energy into heat when it's not needed. When heat is wanted, the battery isn't using any more energy to create it than combustion does, and it can be directed to where it's needed more efficiently.
  14. James Arryn

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    Did you hear this bizarre news out of the Raiders? Gruden and Mayock have sent ALL their scouts home until after the draft because they don’t know who they can trust. Never heard of anything like this before.
  15. longest night

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    They should have shown the aftermath of that. Roslin Frey freeing Edmure as an example.
  16. Today
  17. alexwebb2

    I made a visual timeline of events

    I'd say the hardest part was the Lannister movements and engagements from the opening of the war up to the Blackwater. It was greatly complicated by a few factors: I'm limited to one dimension for geographic representation - the Y axis - so I wrestled with where to place the various regions. I ended up going in "NIVRWC" order: the North (N), the Iron Islands (I), the Vale (V), the Riverlands (R), the Westerlands (W), and the Crownlands (C), but that wasn't always the case - I tried out other ways of mapping it, like NVRWIC, NRIWVC, NIWRVC, etc. Everything had pros and cons, and this felt like the best overall, but it does mean that the Battle of the Fords doesn't make much sense in terms of how I'm displaying it. It is what it is. The wiki has a few instances of self-inconsistent troop levels for the Lannisters and Starks across this portion of the war, which tripped me up a bit. There's just a lot of action in a tight space on the screen, which meant a lot of manual position and linepath tweaks to keep things from overlapping. Darry! Ugh. I kept going "did I do Darry yet? yeah, Darry's done", and then realizing I was wrong and there was more. The damn thing changes hands FIVE times.
  18. longest night

    dany and sansa

    I don't think that is GRRM's intent. We know he wrote his story based loosely on War of the Roses and at the end of it was a more powerful centralized monarchy since so many great houses were destroyed during it.
  19. I don't think the performance and reliability should be time dependent, but gasoline engines have a fundamental advantage over batteries in cold weather: combustion intrinsically produces heat so keeping the car and occupants warm is basically free. Electric cars need to spend energy to keep the occupants warm and the battery itself also has optimal operating temperatures which are above freezing. Thus, the range of electric cars will always be reduced in cold weather in a way that doesn't happen for gasoline cars and there isn't a way around this: even if the battery and the rest of the car is somehow redesigned to operate far below freezing (this is hard), the people inside will still need to be warmed. On the bright side, I checked and the Model 3 can be configured with all-wheel drive as can the Model S (though of course this configuration costs extra). The Model X has it by default. I haven't been able to find detailed specs for most of Tesla's upcoming competitors, but I suspect they'll also have this option.
  20. divica

    dany and sansa

    A secret marriage is always legal. It may not be recognized, but it is legal. And with sam there are documents about the anulment and marriage… And then we have jon riding dragons… And all this doesn t include whatever else bran might have seen that can provide us more proof… Like howland reed or other people that witnessed the events.
  21. DMC

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    The curse of the Cheap Halbino.
  22. DMC

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    Sounds like Bryan may be done (again). Hard not to assume he has another head injury now that they're canceling dates for him. Oh well, at least he got a pretty good swan song - don't go to AEW and risk it man!
  23. darmody

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    To be fair, he also killed his own cousin to escape. I don't know what the customs are for Westetosi POWs of noble rank. Whether they're supposed to be on their honor or whether they have a duty to try and break free. But Jaime will be able to say he came through on the terms of his release. Which Brienne can back up. And I'm not certain there's anyone of note left who knows how Cat betrayed her son. Or that Robb put her under guard. Jaime will likely be judged more harshly for being a Lannister and profiting from their atrocities. The Red Wedding, blowing up the Sept, etc. Perhaps worst of all, diddling his sister and defrauding the realm into accepting his illegitimate sons as king.
  24. Tywin Tytosson

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    Not necessarily. Arya was there to assassinate Freys. Freeing Edmure was not part of that mission and could have jeopardized it. (That is assuming that she knew that he was there.) At that point, Arya was all about vengeance and not much else.
  25. Sorry, haven't a clue about your question, but you might try the "Objects of Ice and Fire" sub-forum. Some of the posters there might be able to help.
  26. princess brittany

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    yeah dany isthe only one thats not too bad. she just didnt always think things through.
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