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  2. The Anti-Targ

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Whangarei is significantly better in 2 ways: cost of housing and traffic. Summer temperatures are largely the same. Whangarei is about a degree warmer in winter on average. Auckland winter average is about 2 deg warmer than Hobart. Also remember distance is much different in AU and NZ. Whangarei is only 2hrs drive north of Auckland. Not something you'd necessarily do for an evening out, but for any weekend big city fix it's eminently accessible. And if you only want to get to the North Shore of AKL it's even shorter. I might be wrong, but I think New Zealand medium cities (Whangarei pop ~75,000 = medium city for NZ) are as queer friendly as the big cities. But I'm not part of the queer community so I can't really comment from experience. I have queer family members, but that's not the same. A city the size of Whangarei has a very different cosmopolitan feel to a same sized city in Australia that isn't a close satellite to one of the big AU cities. Outside of the biggest cities, where AU and NZ are pretty much the same, IMO, NZ is a more socially liberal and accepting country. I would feel personally ashamed if you didn't feel welcome, comfortable and safe in any place in NZ that gets to be called a city; at least in terms of being queer, I can't offer the same assurance about your Aussieness IIRC you are afraid of earthquakes and anything much south of Auckland has an increased earthquake risk. But if you are willing to consider venturing further south Tauranga is also a great option. Very good climate almost double the population of Whangarei, less than 3hrs drive from Auckland. But also close to some of NZ's best features, like lake Taupo, Ruapehu ski fields, thermal hotsprings and spas. Housing costs in Tauranga are high, because people like living there. Ultimately, I'd suggest you come here and hang out in different places before settling on where you want to end up. I am biased, but Auckland is one of the last places I'd consider living in at least in the North Island. Half of the South Island is out for me because it's just too damned cold in winter, and most of the South Island is too damned white the rest of the year. As the saying goes, if you want to have a white Christmas in New Zealand, go to Christchurch; though it's probably much less true now than it was 30 years ago. Wellington is by far my most preferred city, but I am also happy in small towns, but it is a bit of a climate shock for most Aussies, though there are plenty of you lot who live here reasonably happily. It's also the most well educated and most liberal city. And in terms of "winners" from climate change I think Wellington potentially has the rosiest future. There are the earthquakes though. btw, if you want to make an earthquake assessment of places in NZ have a look at this: https://www.geonet.org.nz/earthquake/weak just note that the vast majority of quakes aren't felt by anyone.
  3. Corvinus

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Saw John Wick 3. I turned off my brain and enjoyed the action scenes. One of the trailers was the second trailer for Hobbs & Shaw, so I saw 2 action films in one sitting.
  4. No one was fit enough to rule. No one had the army left to impose their will on the rest of the realm. As others have noted it would have made far more sense for the seven kingdoms to have been broken especially with the capital in ruins
  5. breathe.teardrops


    Hi, I'm not here for funny business. I'm just someone who understood a good thing to do and it was read books, write books and magazines, and use my talent for music just for myself because it meant that I'm not really selfish. It meant I was going to be unique in that I could use the internet to find a husband and I would love to date each and every one of you without it being creepy because I fell in love with two men at once one time, real love, and thought I was seducing them and never understood what I said. Then guess what happened now I'm in love with my former psychiatrists, a nextdoor neighbor whose kid screams at me, "Mom!", an older, married nextdoor neighbor, Matthew Bellamy, Elon Musk, and a weatherman on a local channel.
  6. says the guy who joined this forum 20 days ago with the hope of showing that everyone here is wrong…
  7. Certainly we the viewers no very little about Bran and his abilities, and virtually nothing about his thought processes.
  8. The best and longest lasting rulers did exactly that. Empires were never forged on fear of hurting foreign populations during military conflicts. Even todays society still runs on it even though it tries to mask the reality. The US military won't hesitate to drone a terrorist cell even if it's hidden among a civilian population.
  9. I LOVE this guy. His recaps are so spot on and totally hilarious! This is how he ended: "For those that checked in every week, hit me in the off-season, poked me with a stick on Monday mornings, and shared the recaps far and wide, I can’t thank y’all enough. The catalog will always be on this site for folks that want to revisit the series but disconnected their HBO at 11pm EST time on Sunday. I’ll catch y’all somewhere else in the realm. More than likely in Naath."
  10. Guess what? I was a Daenerys fan and read it. I believe the signs were there but was just hoping her better side would prevail. It didn’t and I accept it.
  11. I don't think anyone knows enough about Bran to comment on who or what he is at this point and certainly not make him a ruler.
  12. ...and multiple people warned Dany to apply mercy to the INNOCENT PEOPLE of King’s Landing if and when the bell rings. She even sits atop Drogon pondering it for a minute “Should I spare all these innocent lives and appear merciful [and thus weak in her eyes] or do I barbecue this city and make all of Westeros fear me?” Easy answer for Dany. It’s always been about FEAR! The only time it isn’t is when she conquers slave lands, bc they’re initially more concerned about being “free” than worrying about some narcissist on a dragon attempting to conquer their lands. There’s no need to inflict fear upon them, but if the need did arise, she most certainly would have.  Essentially everyone remained slaves to Dany though in their service of her desire to conquer. Little to no difference between a servant or slave soldier choosing to sacrifice their freedom for Dany’s personal quest than a slave desiring to sell himself back to the family he served, yet for some inexplicably hypocritical reason Dany is angrily intolerable to the latter and would only offer the compromise of 1 year rather than the lifetime that they wish for. Did she force those who serve her greed to return to Meereen or elsewhere after 1 year of servitude. Hypocrite. Wow, very well expressed points. Except I have to disagree with the last point. Dany did expressly state that after his 1 year contract was up, it could be renewed. And we were supposed to assume that Missandei and the Unsullied could leave her service anytime they chose. Missandei said as much in S7. Anyway, I first started to wonder about Dany when she watched her brother being scalded to death and remained absolutely emotionless. But I forgave her that because of how Viserys treated her. But then when she was at the gates of Quarth, and she told one of the leaders she needed ships to "take back" the iron throne, he replied, "so you used to hold the throne?" and she gets a little flustered but says, "it is mine and I will take it". She repeats this mantra over, and over, and over again, and every time she did, I thought she sounds just like her brother. Her brother, who would stop at nothing to achieve his goal. At her war council in S7 (the one with Yara, Lady Olenna and the Dorne bitch), Tyrion cautions her that the goal was to take down Cersei without destroying KL. Dany does not say, yes, we must avoid that at all costs. She just gives Tyrion a dirty look. So, people who say her descent happened over a few episodes had not been paying attention. The hints may have been subtle, but they were there.
  13. well, congratulation, you think like a medieval ruler... not a really good one, but hey!
  14. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule

    According to the other thread? Wtf, he saw that and deemed it acceptable? The myth of Horn of Brandon or whatever Mance was looking for became the Big Mouth of Bran. Without him opening his trap, no broken wall. But yeah, if you think someone coldblooded enough to orchestrate that mash up that was Dany going North, dragons and all, to end the NK, and to thin out her armies, create dissension and intrigue, all the way down to 'bitch, say no more, I'm here' is an ideal ruler? Machiavelli would shed a tear.
  15. yes i'm probably smarter than 1.5 million people... and i really think i am smarter than 1.5 million people who would sign a petition about this, but you know, that's still humble from me to say that, because there are still more than 7 billion people that may be smarter than me...
  16. The only successful leadership role Jon ever had was with some of the wildings and even that, IIRC, required the backing of Stannis The knights watch killed him in mutiny The battle of the bastards was a disaster except for the knights of the Vale He almost immediately gave up being king of the north Hiding the defenseless in the crypts from an enemy that raises the dead Attempting to stand off against an undead dragon Arya bailed out the entire lack of plan at winterfell He had to resort to killing his own men in Kings Landing
  17. While not nice, I don't consider her actions "mad" in an insane sense. And I find it odd anyone but Tyrion would care what happened to Kings Landing. A population which fueled Lannister wars and attack on the North. Did everyone deserve to die? No, but ultimately they as a population are collateral damage and elected to be so by not overthrowing their prior ruler.
  18. Jeyne Jeyne

    Gendry King's Landing King

    Everything you pointed out is very true. My "theory" is more like a Disney ending. But there's still two books left! He might accomplish something. He's currently in an outlaw group that protects the common people and he also helped out Brienne that time with Biter. Also just throwing in that Gendry is a nickname for someone who has inherited his family estates from his father-in-law.
  19. breathe.teardrops

    What are you listening to Ventiquattro - Dont let Life pass you by.

    Like A Stone -- Audioslave.
  20. Jabar of House Titan

    The Names of the Direwolves

    This isn't accurate. Lady died tragically, a victim of a spiteful queen, a weak negligent king and a girl who had to tell a lie in an attempt to save face and keep peace. It's also worth mentioning that Lady died for something another direwolf (Nymeria) did even though that other direwolf did nothing wrong to begin with. According to your logic though, Sansa would have needed to not only contribute to her own death but be victimized by a mean queen and a weak king for something she had nothing to do with. Yet, she survives trauma and gets a happy ending And Summer is also inaccurate. Summer sacrificed himself in the Cave of the Three Eyed Raven fighting against the White Walkers in order to allow the humans a chance to escape and therefore fight another day. Bran had an happy ending where not only made no personal sacrifices but his happy ending didn't make sense with his story. Nymeria is close but it's still not quite there. Nymeria didn't leave of her own volition because she wanted to see the world. She leaves because she was forced to leave because she did something right. And even so, Nymeria doesn't really leave. She roams the countryside and becomes the alpha of a rather large pack of wolves. And then Nymeria turns up every now and then. Rickon's ending was hardly meaningless though. Saving Rickon and taking back Winterfell was the entire point of the Sansa/Jon plotlines in season 6. Besides, the deaths or the prolonged separation between the Stark kids and their direwolves is shown to weaken them. Sansa is weakened the most because her direwolf dies before maturation.
  21. ???? Obviously you don't know what you're talking about… You're certainly much smarter than the 1.5 million people who signed a petition… Even the most complacent people like Jimmy Fallon say it's crap. Please have a look at this:
  22. There’s likely no Daenerys supporter alive who will bother to read that incriminating article unfortunately.
  23. Kylan

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Yeah, I wasn't answering you specifically in my message, more like people saying that dragons are dumb without going in more details about why they would be dumb. Regarding the importance of words, I agree with you that it's not really important regarding the burning of the Iron Throne. It can all be done without words, and even without a fantastic intelligence, as I mentioned in my previous post.
  24. Ask and you shall receive, ez. The bitch bitched about the troops not being ready to march, so she went alone by sea and got ambushed and lost a dragon and a handmaiden. Obviously she did not see urine because she was tilted because of Sansa passive aggressiveness. Honestly, seriously there is no plot, stop arguing needlessly about angel´s junk. "Killed half million" pleze if there was another episode 9/10 of that would still be alive. Rhaegal was very injured (Dany wasn't sure he could fly and when he did it was awkward) and Dany flew him into danger and war because she was impatient. Jon doesn't ride Rhaegal south because he's too injured. If Dany is so weak that she could get distracted by Sansa from a fleet of ships then she's not even remotely qualified to be queen. Reminds me of someone...
  25. tallTale

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    I'm in the camp Drogon had no clue what that metal thingy was. I believe Drogon was really pissed, but because he couldn't kill Jon Snow for whatever reason, Drogon released his anger on the next closest item next to them. It just so happens it was the Iron Throne.
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