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  2. Arch-MaesterPhilip

    MLB Postseason: Bat Fight!

    I am glad I was wrong about this.
  3. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Which economical behemoths and resource wealthy countries do all the time. It's all a matter of power and means to the point of unacountability in the end. No way am I on board with the RW. It was the height of betrayal and disgusting 'tactics', but Frey and Bolton felt safe enough in the backing of their powerful allies that consequences would be well worth their while.
  4. Nagini's Neville

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Thank you, I'll look into it and give you my feedback. Hah we have something in common, I also happen to think they might split up the kingdom again- just not so sure about J+S
  5. Nagini's Neville

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    yeah I know, but I feel like ppl interpret that as a timeline, even though it makes NO sense at all: 2. First I rape and kill her 2. Second: than I leave her dead on the bed for that dwarf But first I cry my eyes out about her beatings for a bit lol. And also what would Tyrion do with a corpse? That dwarf can do nothing with a dead Sansa. And I also just really trust Elio and Linda, who have written the A World of ASOIAF App. I've been watching their videos for years and I feel like they really care about the books so much and wouldn't just make anything up. Elio said, that he asked GRRM 100 of questions, while writing the app - so I kinda trust that, what ever wasn't explicitly written in the books and they put in the app, they asked George about. Elio works so much with George and he kind of knows the books even better (when it comes to the details), hence why George apparently asks Elio a lot, when it comes to details about minor characters. I understand, why other ppl wouldn't want to do that, but I just happen to trust them. App: "he forces her to sing him a song while trying to work up the courage to take her with him out of the city. Her fear of him- as well as her song- make him leave without her." I think a lot of ppl also forget about the practicality of it all. By that time he already knew, that she probably wouldn't come with him willing. So how would he have gotten her out of the city? he probably would have had to knock her out the way he did with Arya or threaten her so badly, that she would come with him. But I think after she sang him the song, he just couldn't do that anymore.
  6. Agreed. I feel the same way about running watches, where you're paying 2-5 times as much for the higher models that only seem to have a few extra features. For 90% of amateur runners, that feels like overkill, especially on things like battery life where the base models have a pretty good duration already. Perhaps I'm undervaluing features like smart pay though... I've struggled a bit with running this week, but I have been out for 3 short runs. Today I did 6k, most of which was really steady - but I did go for it on a local Strava segment and got my first "CR", which is nice. Also a 1K PB in the process - 3:42. My second best half mile time is apparently 2:59, so maybe I'm not as close as I thought to a sub-6 minute mile...but hey ho. Back out tomorrow for a long slow run so at least my mileage will be back up.
  7. All the reviews I've seen say it is good. A lot of them focus on how its different from the first 'books' etc., discussing the updating of the political and other crises from where / when the alternate universe kicked in with the figures that people know from the books. I don't pay any attention to that stuff. If I needed to know all that then I don't need to watch the Watchers. do I? The differences though, including the racial horrors, makes this iteration a whole lot more interesting for me than the previous, such as this means I'll start watching this where I wouldn't if it were the previous milieu.
  8. 867-5309

    What should Robert had done with Reach

    What should the Reach have done with Robert? Bumped his ass from the Targaryen throne.
  9. Platypus Rex

    What exactly is the point of Quentyn?

    That's not Quentyn. That's someone who Barristan thinks is Quentyn. It's the Pentoshi prince, not the Dornish prince. We have not seen the real Quentyn (that is, the real Aegon) since he started to scream. Archie and Gerris saw what happened, but they also clearly know more than they are saying to Barristan. The text says it's the Dornish prince, but the text reflects the POV of the chapter. Barristan's POV. Barristan believes it is the Dornish prince, so the text says that. Just as we were told that Jon was Ned's bastard, sired on campaign. Maybe it is not true. But it is what Catelyn believes.
  10. Elegant Woes

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    @Nagini's Neville This post goes in great length how Jon/Sansa has been foreshadowed from the beginning. The only thing I disagree with is them becoming King & Queen of Westeros. I happen to believe that the Seven realms will become kingdoms again and that Jon/Sansa will rule over the North. @Lyanna<3Rhaegar I understand your revulsion to the idea. I initially was like that too, but I eventually got over it because as a big Sansa fan I don't see anyone worthy of her but Jon. He's within her age range, he likes Sansa just the way she is, and he's the only character who comes remotely close to the knight/prince/king she always dreamed of. That is the more important to me than the pseudo incest. I have my priorities
  11. The Ned's Little Girl

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    "before leaving her for the dwarf" is another part that people tend to leave out. Those six words are the point of the whole passage.
  12. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    I like your take on things. As to Jon & Sansa I think GRRM went to great lengths to show us the travesty of Jaime & Cersei for a reason. I can't see him putting Jon & Sansa together & meaning for it to be a good union. I think that is probably one of the reasons he changed Jon & Arya. I'm thankful he did because they are two of my favorite characters & it would have ruined them for me I know Jon & Sansa/Arya are cousins & that Jon & Dany would be incest as well but there is something to be said for growing up as siblings. Often times it makes them "more" related than if two people are actually blood siblings but didn't meet or know about each other until they grew up. Jon & Sansa/Arya - mostly Arya, already have a relationship; a sister/brother relationship & to change the whole dynamic of that relationship to make it a sexual one just doesn't feel right.
  13. Today
  14. HelenaExMachina

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    CLose but no cigar, its dropping on Tuesday
  15. Zorral

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    It shows she's stupid enough to be a Putin stooge, like bedbug and so many others. As for Clinton dislike, it's true certainly that she was constantly smeared and persecuted by the rethugs -- but what she did to Haiti, she did HERSELF, and they hate her, as do so many voters who have family in the Caribbean. Nor is Mayor Pete demonstrating a whole lot of intelligence this week ... like Gabbard, a signal of desperation? New poll, according to Reuters, indicates that Biden has achieved an expansion of support.
  16. Werthead

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Furious calculations in Labour HQ on this. Boris "getting Brexit done" in whatever mode will give him an electoral boost. So having a GE after a deal confirmation vote is won would seem to be handing the keys to #10 to Boris. Having an election before is therefore preferable, but Boris can also present himself as having come up with a deal and been thwarted by Parliament, or just delayed since Boris now looks more likely to win the vote (although it's still very tight). However, Boris will have broken his promise to leave by 31 October and we can see the Brexit Party is going to go hammer and tongue in the GE campaign. The last few polls seemed to put them on maybe 1 seat max, down from a few more earlier, but that was when it looked like we were going get a no-deal, which is in the Brexit Party's wheelhouse. Them and Boris going in different directions puts them back in play, at least in siphoning off maybe a couple of Tory seats. The LibDems could snap up a few more and the SNP is likely to demolish their presence in Scotland. So in a GE anything could still happen. The chances of the DUP effectively voting Corbyn into power, or helping do so, are negligible.
  17. lmanion

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    What is the point of var if that isn't a penalty for watford
  18. Elegant Woes

    Why couldn't Robb send a team to retrieve Sansa?

    @The Young Maester Though despite his flaws I still like Robb and his ending is, in my opinion, one of the most tragic ones in this series.
  19. The Young Maester

    Why couldn't Robb send a team to retrieve Sansa?

    War and Kingship can do that to you.
  20. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    I think a VONC could now be very tight as the DUP might vote for it. They are really angry. However, there are still enough Labour-Independents who don't want Corbyn as PM for it to pass, I think. Any other Labour leader might still be able to stop Johnson here but not Corbyn.
  21. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Shame, shame, shame... Er, well, I guess now HC has everything. "I was delayed", as said a famous wisard...
  22. Which Tyler

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    So, does a VONC go through the moment an extension request is made? The delay has been (ostensibly) to force the request, and the request wil be allowed if parliament is rebelling like that (but may not just to let us talk about it) The longer Pasty Cockwomble is left in #10, the worse his election chances, so does Corbyn hold off in the hopes of an extension anyway, gamble on a denial of this deal, and then file VONC?
  23. Maltaran

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Presumably she wants a no deal Brexit, or at least thinks it preferable to delay
  24. hiemal

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    Musing on the Cold War analogy for ASoIaF, which is just too delicious to spit out, i would likt to add one modification: I think that the entire history of Planetos can be seen as a series of Cold Wars and their escalations and aftermaths; gradually turning a "normal" world into the hot/cold mess that we know.
  25. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Oddly Kate Hoey voted against the Letwin motion, even though I thought she wasn't backing the deal out of loyalty to the DUP.
  26. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Yep, Brexit is happening good and hard I'm afraid. All you need to do to see this is find 8 mps who did vote for Letwin or abstained but do intend to vote for the deal. And it is depressingly easy to find at least six: Onn, Champion (from Labour) Boles, Clarke, Letwin, Sanbach (Con). If you give Boris Hammond (maybe not) Gauke and Lady Hermon it is over the line.
  27. hiemal

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melnibone series is always good, and on the plus side I am pretty sure it as fundamental to ASoIaF's thematic geneology as Lovecraft. Iain M. Banks' Culture novels are great, but not tied together by a single narrative thread, not sure if that counts? Roger Zelazny's Amber saga covers 10 novels. Steven Brust's Draegaran novels have I think surpassed 20 at this point, and I have to say the he handles it like friggin champ. Rounding out my short list, my all time favorite series, Gene Wolfe's Urth of the New Sun clocks in with four. There's a few I can think of off the top of my head, but it is possible.
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