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  2. lol, I thought the same, he not even had some random old dudes like the others
  3. This goes too far. They do have the same arc in the sense that the first four seasons were great followed by four seasons of decline, but GoT has its positive moments still. Dexter is by far the worst ending ever, and there is nothing remotely positive about the final four seasons.
  4. That's so true. Dany needs a Raye Penber. A person who is 100% innocent, but she still has a logical reason from her POV to kill him anyway, just to show us her warped form of a justice and how it doesn't work with anyone who isn't a slaver or overly evil like many of the characters she killed in Essos. I hope GRRM gives to us.
  5. Dynas

    Loose ends

    What? No. D&D have a contract with Disney to do the next Star Wars Trilogy, 10-12. WHich I hope they retract after the shit writing of the last 2 seasons of GoT
  6. not being interested in your job and not having personnal ambitions are two different things. The show imply that Bran and Tyrion will rule because it's their duty, but not because of personnal greed for power. Robert never ruled at all, he had that greed for power, he liked the idea of being the one on top, but did not care about what to do with it.
  7. Yes, they should have shown her perspective during the slaughter as well as the perspective of the innocents she killed. Because she lost a struggle, and we needed to see it. They could have shown her face first horrified at having made that decision, then more and more determined. Or something else. But it needed to be there. Of course, in addition to the ground perspective. But I strongly disagree that most viewers were oblivious. It's not about that. It's about whether or not the story had done what it took to deserve that turn. And they hadn't. Like I said in a different post: Compare it with Oberyn. The story deserved to let him die because they showed how a character trait that seemed to be a strength, confidence, also became a weakness. They had not introduced a different character trait, alertness, to be an opposition to the first trait, and so, we did not ask "Why wasn't he more aware of the Mountain on the ground?" They have introduced the character trait "warm" in Dany, in opposition to "ruthless". Then they want to show ruthless turning into cruel. And that setup just doesn't work. Dany's change is not implausible, but in that moment it was improbable. But, like I've said before, they could have made it work.
  8. Dragonslack

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Lame ass ending. At least make him burn Jon. Or even him surviving the burning like she did and the NK did. Or better, have him ride Drogon into the sunset. Even better jump into Drogon and burn the Dothrakhi because if not they go loose on the land. Subvert? She is dead, he is the new rider and supreme ruler, heir, king, targeryan. Her army submits, retreats or is burned from inside and surrounded from the outside. Make him follow through for once. assume leadership and power, execute a strategy. As was it was very shoddy and irresponsible of him and Tyrion.
  9. The Marquis de Leech

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Good thing Robb didn't give any such order.
  10. KingMudd

    Arya the Explorer

    I spy with my little eye?
  11. This is literally more enjoyable than Season 8 to me and had a more satisfactory conclusion.
  12. THIS! I have been a Daenerys fan but I am convinced this is what GRRM intended. The TV series just should have devoted more time to develop her descent into madness. I truly believe now that this is the endgame. Her dragons were the equivalent of WMD and the closer she got to taking power then the more she seemed justified that she alone was right in her decisions. Power is corruptive and even the best of people can succumb to its corrosive influence given the right circumstances. Daenerys had that with the lost of her children, her closest advisors, and finally the man she loved shunning her. Sad and tragic but the intended result.
  13. Blaer Dayle

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    If you think that it's okay to ignore a direct order to not engage in battle, simply because the ends (capturing a mill) justify the means (though even then, they don't, since they directly hurt the war effort) then you don't understand war strategy, at all. Let alone the supreme unquestionable rule of absolute monarchy in medieval society. If a general tells a platoon to hold a ridge, and they instead decide that the nearby village is a better goal; then they take it, but the enemy catches the special ops team, that was undercover, behind enemy lines, as a result, that platoon is reprimanded, and dressed down. They don't get commendations for their actions. Strategy is on a need to know basis. And Edmure didn't need to know. Period.
  14. yes ok, I passed that point as you saw... what more to say? it had potential but never made a true statement about it. A positive or realistic one. Yes, this is a very good observation.
  15. Essan

    Are the starks finished?

    Fine, for now. But there will never be another Stark. The name ends with the current generation. Interestingly, the Lannisters may well survive. Even if the sole surviving male did nothing of interest or note in recent years.
  16. Dynas

    Loose ends

    We did not actually. There is an interview with GRRM where he says that the return of dragons represents the return of magic to the world.
  17. I came to a realization in the last couple of years that I'm really into crime fiction, particularly mysteries, and it's not a new thing for me. I have memories of reading some poirot in my early teens and a series called the Three Investigators which I guess is like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew but not as well known(?). Rarely see anyone mention it. For the longest time I thought scifi and fantasy was the only thing I was into. I must have blotted those early books from memory for whatever reason. I've been correcting it recently but it doesn't help the TBR pile especially with so many mystery series being multiple books long. Of the series mentioned here I can wholeheartedly recommend the Gamache series by Louise Penny and the Falco series by Lindsey Davis. I'm multiple books into both series and they are up there with other favourite series in fiction like the Vorkosigan saga. Esteemed company. Gamache is fantastic. Really atmospheric and evocative with some fantastic characters. It's this mix of cosy atmosphere with obviously much darker undertones. I want to live in Three Pines and I want to be friends with Gamache and co. Likewise the Falco series does for ancient Rome what the Gamache series does for Montreal and its surrounding areas. Really good at transporting you to a different time and place. I have also read the first book in the Cadfael series and thought that was a strong opening book in the series. I intend to get back to it someday. A recurring problem following all these different series People were looking for something set in Australia and Peter Temple's books fit the bill. I have only read the first book in his Jack Irish series but that was enough to convince me to get the rest of them. He's an acclaimed writer but not as well known as some think he should be. Sadly passed away in 2018.
  18. Pacala

    Glad that’s over.

    When China make reviews.
  19. The threats made by Sansa and Arya where about stopping people from killing Jon not about who was going to be King. Tyrion nominated Bran and the others said yes. They all could have disagreed and the meeting would have went on.
  20. This was a great and fun read, thank you. I really enjoyed this article as well. This early portion of the article was one of my favs: ..........Most shows absolutely overstay their welcome—just look at the last nearly two decades of The Simpsons. But Game of Thrones was different. It had to be long. It needed to be slow, and thoughtful, and most importantly take its time. So to think that Benioff and Weiss wanted to do this in the 13 episodes that comprised Seasons Seven and Eight is ludicrous. And as any fan of this series could have predicted at the time, it didn't work That's why Seasons Seven and Eight felt so ridiculously rushed. That's why people started teleporting, why once complex characters suddenly became flat, vanished altogether, or morphed into nothing but convenient Deus Ex Machina, or why producers literally left coffee cups and water bottles in shots. Those prop errors are the perfect metaphor for these last two seasons, where no one slowed down to think about the product they were putting out. No one stopped to consider these beloved character arcs or the sheer logic of the narrative. Instead Benioff and Weiss wanted bigger battles! They wanted spectacle not story.
  21. So he goes back, becames Maester, ArchMaester and Gran Maester after running away and stealing, all in the time it takes to make the first reunion of the small council. All that after voting for the new king as what then, not even a Lord?
  22. Ser Loras The Gay

    Loose ends

    Disney bought it? When? Wtf
  23. Erkan12

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    No matter how much you like Edmure or make threads for him it will not change the fact that he is an idiot, and he ALREADY ADMITTED HIS FAULT. Of course, again, according to your delusional view, he only admitted his fault because Blackfish pushed him or something, you made Blackfish a liar as well for defending Edmure.
  24. Even in the show, it doesn't work. Robert was a prime example of a King who was terrible for the realm because he had no interest in the role. I believe they even had Varys explicitly say this at one point. I think people can see what they want in the show, but let's not pretend the showrunners weren't more interested in shock value than themes. They even infamously said "themes are for 8th grade book reports".
  25. David Selig

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Quote that direct order Edmure "defied". Also, the lives Edmure risked were Riverland lords and knights who were begging him for permission to defend their lands. And he smartly used the rvier to negate the Lannister numbers advantage,
  26. Well, what the show did simply has no relevance to the books. Monarchy is the only way Westeros has ever been run for thousands of years. Westeros moved from petty kings to more important ones like the Storm Kimg to Aegon overseeing seven kingdoms... but there were always kings. If civilization in Westeros survives, there will be a king of some sort. It's not going to become a democratic republic.
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