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  2. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    Thank you for your advice! And for sharing your knowledge, too!
  3. T and A

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    No! GRRM made that prophecy ambiguous. There are tons of prophecies in the books, none of them clear to us what it means. But in the books, you can tell those prophecies, because reading a book is different than watching something on television. I try to explain it: GoT is a tv series, aimed to a way larger audience than book readers. And it is a different story telling format. When they write the episodes, book readers are not their main aim. And if Jamie or Tyrion kills Cersei it will be a much bigger shock for the audience, than if the viewer has already aniticipated that with a prophecy, even if it is not clear who the valonquar is. You would give away that a little brother would kill her. You would also give away that Cersei will die. Of course the mojority of the viewers already think that Cersei will die, but telling it straight away is different. Also there is one golden rule for television and movies: show, don't tell. Exposition should be kept at minimum. Because televison works with pictures and aims different parts of our brains. If you want someone to tell you a story, you read it, and you don't watch it. That is for example why people are not happy with the Bran flashbacks. They feel weird, because it takes the flow of the story away, and starts to tell the audience what happend. It is just narrrative, no story. And it feels as if someone is suddenly starting to read the manual. The audience want to explore themself what happend. Not an overall narrator who gives the story away. I could go on and explain a lot more. You should check out some proffessional books, how television and movies works and why scripts for television and movies are different than books. And why they must be different than books. Alas, a lot of people here in this particular forum don't understand that, and thus they make arguements, that are just wrong.
  4. Kajjo

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    Agreed. I hope know one believes that anyway. It is very unlikely that Daenerys will sit the Iron Throne anyway. (Just to the timeline: The years are pretty clear and there is no need to "opinions" here.)
  5. Kajjo


    We don't. Bipolar disorder is characterised by alternating euphoric and depressive periods. We used just the adjective "bipolar" to refer to two opposing traits of a character. This is a legitimate use of the adjective. It has nothing to do with the bipolar disorder. Sorry for any misunderstandings.
  6. Kajjo

    My Arya/Jon Endgame Theory

    Yes, I like the theory, because there are so many clues to Melisandre's burning heart, the fire in her, she is very old, she knows she has to die and so on.
  7. Kajjo

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    Well, we see TWO symbols repeating itself again and again: The circle divided in two (e.g. S1E1 opening scene) and the spirals. Both are associated with the White Walkers. Both symbols could be interpreted as related to the Golden Ratio (golden mean, divine proportion). The greek letter phi is the established symbol and Golden Spirals are a very common symbol or related pictures associated with the Golden Ratio. Maybe the symbols are just meant to refer back to the forces of Nature itself or to the Children of the Forest and old pacts drawn between whoever.
  8. Kajjo

    What are the odds . . .

    Hodor could be a wight, never a White Walker. White Walkers are created by another White Walker touching a living human. We see the Nightking turning Craster's living baby boys into WW. White Walker look icy-white-blue and are persons with knowledge, skills and emotions. Wights are raised from the dead. Wights look like "Walking Dead", rotten, dismembered. They are remote-controlled.
  9. Kajjo

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    Well, Tyrion once told "I never bet against my family", referring to Jamie, but phrasing it quite generally. Cersei and Tyrion are enemies, but Tyrion is still a Lannister. He certainly had mixed feeling when he saw Daenerys and Drogon destroying the Lannister army in S7. We still don't know what Cersei and Tyrion talked about and agreed upon in the private session after the dragon pit demonstration. So, yes, Tyrion might betray Daenerys or he might think he found the "extra-smart" splution and is simply betrayed by Cersei once again.
  10. Kajjo

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    Examples?! Arya's travelling is quite straight-forward, I believe. You are extremely negative here.
  11. bizzle

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    Like I wrote, I couldn't find what I thought to be an accurate timeline but debating the difference between two years vs. seven doesn't change the overall point: the last 1/3 of someone's life is not more profound than the first 2/3s of it regardless of how significant those events are. She was fully supportive of her brother's right to the throne even though she despised him. Her arc has been about convincing herself of her fitness and rightness to rule, but that developed in the absence of any other Targs as far as she knows. However they choose to slice ruling behind closed doors, in public they'll abide by the rules and legitimate claims to the throne or their status wouldn't be seen by anyone as valid. After it's revealed that Jon is the true successor to the throne whereas she is not, it won't be her throne anymore except in her lustful desire, it won't be her throne anymore in his eyes even if he doesn't care to wear the crown, and her rule wouldn't be understood as legitimate by anyone else. If she ignores all of that, her personal desires will abrade against tradition and law. There is no realistic scenario where Jon is revealed as having the stronger claim, they marry, he either abdicates the throne to her or she just usurps him, and then everyone agrees to that arrangement. Maybe the script will set that up, but it's a strange stretch unless they really do develop her into something she hasn't been so far. Unless we also conclude she thinks anyone can ride dragons, she now knows Jon's not a mere mortal (pardon the pun) on top of everything else.
  12. T and A

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    All of my friends, family and a lot of coworkers watch GoT. None of them have any idea what the valonquar prophecy is. The majority of the viewers don't spend time in discussing in forums or read theories about it on the internet, you know?
  13. Xemi

    Who is Jon Snow?

    His genetic identity is still important since it's needed for him to ride a dragon. Also, I hope if he has a Targ name at all in the books, it's Aemon, though I doubt Jon will use his Targ name anyways.
  14. Xemi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I think you have to fix your sarcasm detector. "Aegon" ain't happening.
  15. MinscS2

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    Yeah, seems all the wine and alcohol finally started affecting his brain. I love(d) Tyrion, but he's been remarkably stupid for the last 2 seasons. Unless there really is a plot where he plans on betraying Daenerys in favor of Cersei, which would be so out of character for him that they'd ruin the character completely.
  16. MinscS2

    dany and sansa

    What happens in the books is irrelevant, the show became it's own thing a long time ago. For all we (and Jon) knows, the War for the Dawn (and winter) ends when the NK dies, which could theoretically happen within 2 weeks. I saw some try to make a case about how defeating the NK and the AotD means nothing if they all starve afterwards, which seems a bit strange to me. Yeah ultimately everyone in the north would die in either case, but in one of the cases evil is vanquished, but everyone south of the neck lives on, and in the other case, evil lives on and everyone in Westeros dies, not just the northerners. Seems like a pretty big difference to me. But then again, S7 made it clear that WF has enough food to supply everyone there for the time being. Worrying about "maybes" at this stage seems a bit trite.
  17. Kajjo

    Order of deaths to come.

    I don't expect Robin to show up. I hope we are done with him.
  18. Kajjo

    The white walkers want Jon Snow alive???

    We will see. Very difficult to predict, because of very unclear clues.
  19. Kajjo

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    My guess is that all forces of Winterfell will unite for the Great War. Bran will let Jamie off the hook. Jamie is not personally responsible for the Red Wedding. The mastermind behind the Red Wedding was Tywin Lannister. Blowing up the Sept is no issue for the Northern people anyway, and it was Cersei, not Jamie. The illegitimate children is more an issue between Robert and Cersei than of Jamie. Jamie will be challenged for pushing Bran -- if this is known. Jamie confessed to Catelyn, so it might be known after all. Jamie will have to tell them that Cersei betrayed the North and no Lannister armies will come. This will be a turning point for Tyrion, too, who had not given a single good advice to Daenerys so far. He's the worst Hand ever.
  20. Seli

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    Apparently in the Netherlands we only use d'Hondt for larger elections (19 seats and up) due to these issues. For smaller ones we apparently (wikipedia) use a largest-remainder method. Instant run-off systems haven't been introduced here yet. Likely partly because we are in a weird mix between voting for parties as well as for individuals.
  21. LynnS

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    Yes, I like this idea. Stannis says they are made of snow and ice and cold. This:
  22. The Coconut God

    [Potential Spoilers] The Exodus Theory and the Show

    True, we will find out soon enough. Since you're such a fan of the show, I can only hope the idea will grow on you if the show does do it.
  23. MinscS2

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Yeah the cases are very similar, but the fans reactions are remarkably different. Jon executing 3 men and a boy who broke their vows and killed someone they had sworn allegiance too? No one bats an eye. Daenerys executing 2 men who broke their vows and killed someone they had sworn allegiance too? "Daenerys is evil and crazy omfg!" And everyone loved Randyll?
  24. Risto

    dany and sansa

    And this is only valid point because the War for Dawn seems to be only ONE BATTLE. In books, War for Dawn lasted for a generation but it is much condensed in the series.
  25. Kajjo

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    Extremely unlikely. All important people in Winterfell are aware of the threat of the Army of the Death. They all are in there together. Even the Lyanna Mormont didn't question the efforts together, she was just disappointed of Jon Snow. Sansa and Daenerys will have conflicts, but the Army of the Death is the priority at the moment. It makes no sense whatever to believe differently. Really? How do you come to that guess? Has Dany ever left the command to someone else? Why should she want to flee? She was always a fighter. That's wrong. Roughly one year per seasons, we are now in year 304-305 AC. For example, Baelish dies in 304 AC, end of season 7.
  26. Bittersweet Distractor

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    Florence is lovely!, I think I actually prefer it to Venice, but I like Rome best. Have you ever crossed the Atlantic Buck?, if you liked London I think you’d like New York too.
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