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  2. John Suburbs

    Shaera in Aerys´ rule

    It would be perfectly logical for Pycelle to hide Aerys' true nature from the history books because it would have made is paragon, Tywin, look like one of the "flatterers and lickspittles" by befriending him. But I'm not saying that there were any incidences in Aerys' boyhood. Maybe there were, maybe there weren't. Later, however, it was clear that Aerys lacked the intestinal fortitude to cope with the pressures of ruling a kingdom and he delved into paranoia and cruelty. Obviously, these traits were not readily apparent in the youthful Aerys so they evolved over time. All I'm suggesting is that Aerys' mother may have had just as much influence over his character as Cersei had over Joffrey. This is supported by the many ways in which Aerys and Joffrey were similar: charming, good dancer but also vain and easily manipulated. Since we know virtually nothing about Shaera and she was with Aerys at least mid-way through his teens, and possibly later, there is no reason to summarily dismiss the idea that she was a bad mother and scheming biotch simply because it doesn't say so in the books. Consider her Schrodinger's Queen: she exists in two contradictory states, good and bad. We won't know the truth until the box is opened for us to find out.
  3. GrimTuesday

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Apparently we're leaving The UN Human Rights Council because Trump and Co don't like how they treat Israel. https://www.bbc.com/news/44537372 I don't really think this is a big deal in a vacuum, the UNHRC was flawed from the outset due to it having folks who regularly ignore human rights as elected members, but this is just another rejection of multinational cooperation. They are just using the Israel excuse to cover for the fact that they are trying to undermine the international order. The anti-globalist factions in the Trump White House probably has a lot of power, since they can frame anti-globalism as being pro Trump, since it encourages unilateral decisions made by the leaders of individual countries, the thought of which gives Trump a boner previously only achievable with a little blue pill..
  4. Corvo the Crow

    Size in miles, and population of the North

    From the headwaters of Fever to MC is 20 miles. The wall is a hundred league so gift will roughly have the same distance, east to west. Neck takes at least 12 days to cross for Robert's royal party. Wolfswood's edge to Wintertown is 2 miles. From Barrowlands to Castle Black it takes less than 2 months for Sam's party. Could be even less than a month, no clear information. Barrow Hall to Goldrass is less than a mile. Cerwyn's castle to Winterfell is less than a day's ride. Deepwood Motte to Winterfell is 300 miles as the Raven flies and a march of a hundred league. It is supposed to take fifteen days and they cover 46 miles in the first two days. A smaller party would be faster. Wolfswood starts three days ride of north from Winterfell. After another two days, mountains are seen to the west. Kingsroad runs for 100 leagues on Umber lands' westernmarches.
  5. Proposition Dirk

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Those movies are pretty good benchmarks and a search for a certain variety and for a good comparison. And the point is the 7/10 rating in comparison to those movies. There is no way Solo could be only 2 or 3 points off. (What is wrong with Inception? Without derailing the thread.)
  6. Werthead

    Formula One 2018

    A Newey-designed Renault would be tempting, especially if Sainz gets called back to Toro Rosso or Red Bull next year (which apparently is now likely, given they can't get Norris and have settled for Hartley for the rest of the season). It'd be the last roll of the dice and Alonso has to be debating the merits of that, McLaren coming good or IndyCar. Tough choices.
  7. Angel Eyes

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    Sansa and Patchface... is that because they’re both fools?
  8. DMBouazizi

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    The most interesting thing about reading Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem isn't the banality of evil, but rather reading about Eichmann pushing the half-baked plan to "resettle" all Jews in Madagascar.
  9. Nictarion

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Stopped reading when you put Inception in the same sentence as The Godfather and Heat. Holy fuck...
  10. John Suburbs

    Cersei's thoughts about Joffrey's betrothal to Sansa

    Nobody knows what Sansa is really like outside her own family. Nobody knows her character. The crown prince is accusing her of seduction and her own body is evidence. The only way Joffrey would be pinned as a forcible rapist is if Robert judges it so, and that is simply not going to happen. No way, no how, not ever, and Cersei knows it. She undoubtedly has ridden before, but as she states in the very same chapter: And later, when Cersei hears that Maegary has been taken and examined by the faith: So, once again, I am giving you actual quotes from the actual characters in the actual books to support my contentions. You've not given me anything. Not once.
  11. Darth Richard II

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I give it an 11
  12. el tío de Vale(ncia)

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Yep. The dirty secret about the Nazis marking passports of Jews with star symbols was that this wasn't done to keep German Jews from emigrating. It was done at the request of the Swiss government who wanted to be able to reject Jewish refugees at the border because "the boat was full". (Note, also, that that rhetoric was revived on the right both in Switzerland and Germany during the refugee crisis.)
  13. Jaimstoyevesky

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    Paging Egyptian people - President Putin demand immediate construction of new pyramid to serve as tomb for all Egyptian World Cup hopes and dreams.
  14. Because being a dick of a boyfriend isn't a reason to lose your career. He had like 5-6 shows he was on and several panels he was set to lead that have been pulled already; all of this without breaking a law. Where does it end? How do we determine what level of dick or witch is enough to have your life altered forever? If he in any way committed an assault on her or anyone else, hell yeah fire him and lock him up for a long ass time, if not, move on. If you want to tell other people what he is like, fine, keep other people away from his being a dick. But to have your career ruined for being a shitty boyfriend is just wrong. Half of all marriages and what 90% of all relationships end, and they don't end because everything was great and happy, so how do we judge who was the bad one and who should lose their jobs and do who knows what the rest of their lives to support themselves, their kids?
  15. John Suburbs

    Cersei's thoughts about Joffrey's betrothal to Sansa

    Not a big enough deal that the crown prince of the realm could be killed for his sword? I think not. Sorry, try again. The rest of the evidence is equally clear: never, at no time, do highborns or their children travel overland without guards. Even Bran had Robb, Theon and four guards just for a quick ride around Winterfell. Dany had bloodriders escorting her around Vaes Dothrak. The motivations that both Jaime and Tyrion come up with Joff's actions are wholly out of character. The matter of "Bran and the catspaw" has been resolved: Joffrey did it. What is still lacking is a plausible reason why. No, once Sansa has been shown to be wanton and lustful, any children she might bear in the future will be suspect. In this age, there must be not even the slightest hint that the heir is not of the king's body, or the realm will bleed and your kingdom becomes vulnerable to invasion or, in this case, counter-rebellion. Queens who committed adultery were not merely shamed and banished from court; they were executed as traitors. Ever hear of Anne Boleyn? Katherine Howard?There is simply too much at stake to trust to chance. Sansa would be sent packing, no question about it. Sorry, but you are applying your 21st Century mindset to a medieval culture. Innocent or not, a soiled Sansa cannot become queen. It would produce too much instability in the realm. It might help you when reading Martin to bone up on what life and attitudes were really like back in the middle ages rather then just assuming it was exactly like it is today. Rhaella and Visenya handled much of the day-to-day governance of the realm, because Aegon had raised them to be his counsellors. Same with Alysanne. Robert has done no such thing with Cersei. She has no role whatsoever in the governance of the realm. There is absolutely nothing of import to discuss with the "good councilors", and any trivial matters or court gossip would certainly not take precedence over face-time with the woman who will one day replace her as queen. When marrying Joffrey, no one is disputing Margaery's innocence. She claims the marriage to Renly was never consummated, and this is attested to by her family and accepted by the crown. So there was no accusation, no denial. Osney does make the accusation before the marriage to Tommen, and Margaery is immediately seized and examined. And what does Cersei think to herself when Septa Moelle reports this to the court? "I do hope the little queen and her cousins enjoyed those rides of theirs." When Sansa is accused by Joffrey, the exact same thing would happen, the exact same evidence would be found and Robert would pass final judgement. He is not going to name his son and heir a liar and a raper. No way, no how, not ever.
  16. zandru

    Sam in basic training

    This is the point that several have been making - what Thorne was doing to Sam in particular and to a lesser extent the other boys was not so much "training" as in trying to teach skills as it was making them hack furiously at each other while making vicious personal remarks that were not helpful to learning the sword. Thus, we can say in theory that "basic training" would have been good and maybe even required - but that, in practice, nobody really got any. NOBODY. Which moots the whole "Sam got off!" criticism, in my opinion. Good observation! Why should nobleborn Sam be discriminated against? Just because he's fat? Precisely. Lord Commander Mormont took Sam, and chose Sam because of his abilities with the maps, his reading and writing skills, and for tending the ravens. Mormont knew what he was getting and accepted the risk. He didn't stand around whinging that Sam "hadn't passed Basic Training".
  17. James Arryn

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    And, actually, the Nazis tried very very hard to get the Jews out. There’s a reason the Final Solution was thusly named. The problem is that that phase has blood on almost everyone’s hands...even lovely old Canada...so we all mostly try to pretend it never happened.
  18. DMBouazizi

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Man didn't realize how much this was burying the lede. Laura Ingraham sucks, we've all known that for decades now, but Sessions' response: Gotcha, so the difference is in how Nazis treated Jews that weren't Germans. Wonder how that worked out.
  19. Proposition Dirk

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    I mean, how can someone give this sorry excuse of a movie 7/10 points if movies like the Godfather or Inception or Heat (both latter ones being heist movies of sorts) garner universally 9 or 10 points of 10. That would be only 2 or 3 points off - and that lets me ... uhm ... flabbergasted. The best SW movie, The Empire strikes back is on my book a 7, barely. And I like SW, I am a genuine fan, but realize that even if you lower the standards of Sci-fi or fantasy movies by 2, it would be a 9/10. This movie is the heart and soul of SW. But giving Solo the same points is just way too much. It is a 4, within Sci-Fi a 5 or 6 - maybe.
  20. James Arryn

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    If you consider Cousins’ most outstanding quality, Bobby Portis is the obvious NBA comp.
  21. Eusebio da Silva ljkeane

    Match Day 6: Colombia v Japan; Poland v Senegal; Russia v Egypt

    So, Egypt basically out of the World Cup and Russia, apparently, aren't terrible.
  22. Darth Richard II

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Ha, wait, what? Is that sarcasm, or, did I miss some news?
  23. Great list! Val's eyes go from pale grey to blue when she returns from fetching Tormund. I'm unsure as to how to interpret that. Harry's eyes are reported by LF as dark blue, but Sansa later describes them as pale blue. Davos has brown eyes, but when he is stranded on the island, his eyes are described as pale, no specific color distinguished. Some speculate that Davos actually died. If not, the passage indicates sickness. Barristan, Old Nan and Pycelle are distinguished as having pale eyes due to age, so it may indicate physical sickness in some characters. By extension, maybe psychological or emotional sickness in others? ACOK Prologue Davos was a slight man, his low birth written plain upon a common face. A well-worn green cloak, stained by salt and spray and faded from the sun, draped his thin shoulders, over brown doublet and breeches that matched brown eyes and hair. ASOS Davos I Davos watched the sail swell through pale red-rimmed eyes, and tried to hear the sound of the wind caught in the canvas. She is coming this way. Unless she changed course soon, she would pass within hailing distance of his meager refuge. It might mean life. If he wanted it. He was not sure he did. AFFC Alayne II "And another on the way by a different wench. Harry can be a beguiling one, no doubt. Soft sandy hair, deep blue eyes, and dimples when he smiles. And very gallant, I am told." He teased her with a smile. "Bastard-born or no, sweetling, when this match is announced you will be the envy of every highborn maiden in the Vale, and a few from the riverlands and the Reach as well." TWOW Alayne spoilers for Harry's description.
  24. Today
  25. aryagonnakill#2

    LF, Sansa and the Vale

    Since Pycelle was already dead it would have not revealed very much, I don't think his writing one non prologue chapter should have any effect on the next prologue. If it is an attack on Prestor the prologue will occur before the epilogue. Same way the Theon sample chapter occurs before Jons last chapter.
  26. Pebble

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    I don't care who scores the goal as long as its a goal for Russia. Ta more celebratory vodka please. edit. We can even score them ourselves.
  27. Pebble


    *cancels the order of Plutonium Tea* Egypt obviously got the half time Memo. Edit - careful there Egypt, you don't want to make it too obvious. btw 5 goals would be nice, but we can wait more than 3 mins for the next one. Edit - The Ref did not get the message. Do not worry bad things happen to traitors.
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