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  2. Johan Wehtje

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    No Actions really do talk louder. Not only that but we literally see her discuss and accept that she shouldn't burn cities. As for the speeches at Quarth or later when she returns to Mereen you will notice that they are either when she is with her khalisaar or when she has spent time with the Dothraki. She imbibed a fair bit of Dothraki culture which is why she was accepted as Khlaeesi over all. Between the Targareyen propensity for Fire and Blood language and Dothraki talk about exulting in conquest bloodcurdling talk to your enemies is completely standard in the world she lives in without anyone thinking you are going mad. And you can't have 8 seasons of a character being measured, and listening to advisors, and being flexible and having uncommon concern for innocent life and then do a 180 on all those traits and then tell us it was all foreshadowed by a couple of speeches similar to ones that many other characters make. And of course - foreshadowing is not the same as character development.!
  3. MATCH I predicted before the start of the season 8 that "the Iron throne was created by dragon fire and will be destroyed by dragon fire". Perfect match. Not many people agreeing on this before the start. I predicted "All White walkers and wights should die in the moment the Night King dies. Loudest battle clamour, suddenly utter silence. The great war is over. But of course the South is still holding up... the next war to come.". Perfect match. I predicted no one will sit on the Iron throne. I predicted Jon will kill Daenerys, because she went Mad Queen. I predicted Arya goes West of Westeros. I predicted Sansa, Arya, Sam to survive. I predicted "the pack survives". I predicted Daenerys, Cersei, Varys, Melisandre to die. WRONG I predicted all three dragons die. -- Only two died, Drogon escapes unexpectedly. I predicted Jon to die, sacrificing himself for the realm. He does sacrifices himself somehow, but survives anyway. I expected Grey Worm to die. I am surprised he survived the whole series. see also
  4. This is all just pathetic, honestly. The story is over. Danny is dead.
  5. Yeah, what happened to them? Tarly and Jamie Lannister quietly committed genocide offscreen in S7 when they fought the Tyrells? Or they were all packed into Baelor's Sept when Cersei torched it?
  6. Nerevanin


    I'd prefer it to be a little different. He goes to Dany, kills GW on the way, confronts Dany, Dany does the little monologue, Jon kills her, Drogon kills Jon too and flies off with Dany's body. There is no way to tell if he leaves the NW or not but I eventually came to the conclusion that he leaves them and joins the wildlings. He is the only NW man to go with them, there is the closing gate and in the final scene Jon disappears deep in the forest, as a hint that he's lost for the realm south of the Wall, never to be seen again. Just my interpretation of course, there's no sure way to tell.
  7. HelenaExMachina

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Thats what i meant with unidentified spheres, yes. Oh, and also i guess we need to remember The Other Hemsworth being a host, which i almost forgot
  8. Jon was regamortis dead when he was revived and he had over a dozen stab wounds.
  9. T and A

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    From my read of ADWD? Regarding the conclusion? Right: Tyrion as hand of the King, Sam Wrong: basically everything else
  10. King Jon Snow Stark

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    You were right on both counts. Dany had a short reign.
  11. I think with PD though it was handled well because it was ultimately Vanessa’s choice and self-sacrifice, it wasnt some man coming along to rescue the world from some mad woman. She knew that so long as she lived, she would be pursued by Lucifer and Dracula, that her very existence was a threat to the world. So she allowed herself to be sacrificed for the good of others. She essentially begged Ethan to mercy kill her, mirroring the season one possession episode (the two scenes are deliberately parallels of one another - same music, Ethan reciting the Lord’s prayer/chanting in Latin, Vanessa’s heartfelt plea). I also don’t think Vanessa’s “fall” is portrayed as madness. Rather, its a very natural response to the desperation and isolation she is feeling. Finally this man, who she had fallen for before realising his true nature, tells her he accepts her for who she is, loves her uncomditionally. This occurs at a time when Vanessa has been left alone and without her companions (although, i always found it weird that she and Victor never interacted in S3...). It was important for the plot that she be alone this season for that decision to work. separate comment, i don’t know if you are aware @DMC but the story continued in a comic series by Chris King. I never read them and having read about the plot i’m kind of glad i didn’t
  12. Yes, probably. But it was completly lame to make Sam come up with this enlightened idea (intended by D&D as a cool wink at the 21th century viewer) and the acting was so predictable and off.
  13. So is, really, the the idea of discrete "state types" (eg, most absolutist monarchies retained some parts of feudalism). Or, rather, they are models. However, a progression that isn't bullshit is the move towards (1) well-defined territorial states with an (2) abstract, rather than personal ruler and (3) supreme access to resources. This makes the comparison between Westeros and Europe quite difficult. Despite obvious feudalism, Westeros has a lot of early modern traits (which is, at times, a bit difficult to explain). The series finale was, of course, a bit silly and a bit naïve, but I think idea of an elected king was a good move. There will, of course, still be a game of thrones, but since there is bound to be an election ever so often, I believe the reasons for a total, destructive war will be less. You cannot rule out the power play, maybe not even wars, but you can make the conflict less destructive, build institutions that will survive it etc. (I don't understand why the council accepted to elect someone from another kingdom as king, though, or why the Starks were given three seats in the Great Council).
  14. Dynas

    Jon & Drogon

    Because people knew Jon was a Targaryean. If he stayed around there would people who still believed he had the best claim. By sending him to the "Nights Watch" Bran effectively banished him to be a wildling knowing full well what awaited him up north. Drogon had no real allegiance to Jon. yes he recognized the Targaryean blood in him, but Dany was his mother and the real hero by destroying the MacGuffin (iron Throne) and breaking the wheel.
  15. tallTale

    the purpose of Dany's arc

    Both are measures of self control. She proved her ability to control her anger.
  16. DMC

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Thanks, pretty sure I'm thinking of that unidentied host. Which I guess makes sense. If memory serves, didn't we see Dolores-Tessa abscond with a bunch of robot brains?
  17. Agreed. Now, waiting for the last 2 books to be finished and then remaking the whole thing from the start (with someone who understands and loves the source material at the helm)? That I could get behind.
  18. Mark Antony

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Wasn’t even sure if I would watch s3. I think s2 was a convoluted mess and wouldn’t bring myself to ever watch it again but that trailer has renewed my interest and I will definitely give it a shot
  19. Yeah, whatever happened to her?
  20. SuperMario

    The cast's reaction to the script

    Yep. You could tell he didn't want to be the 2-bit Jack Sparrow wannabe and wanted actually some of the darker, more interesting elements of Euron.
  21. There're two ways we could do it: 1. ASAP! E.g.: Friday 24th May. 2. Wait until there are a number of people interested and pick a good date. E.g.: Saturday 1st June. Anyone else interested?
  22. Kafka's Coat

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Fantasy writers: how to you begin your world building? Do you plan everything out thoroughly, rough plan, or just 'wing it' and see where it takes you?
  23. Imp Beyond the Wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Let's see what the impact this reveal has on future book series and the spin-offs to come. He may wish he ha kept it secret and sold his books first.
  24. ummester

    Daenerys’s death should have been the end

    After I saw the throne melt I thought that is great - it can end there and I will be happy. Buuuut, I enjoyed all the resolutions. Brienne filling in Jamies pages welled me up big time - I loved his posthumous redemption and her acceptance of his admiration over true desire for her. That was really beautiful and touching. Sansa, yea, she is a bit of a cow - but she earned her crown. Little Arya - I hate her character after season 5 - but I stilled warmed to her hopping in her boat and heading off. Jon patting ghost, come on, it was like Old yella in reverse - that was so nice. I might watch it again, actually...
  25. I made a thread about a similar thing: The problem with Bran is that he is truly messed up. His powers were never explained. We don't know what he can and cannot do. We don't know if he knew that he would / might become the king and so he gently manipulated everyone to be elected, or if he didn't know at all. We don't know what his character and personality is like because he became a tree, so we don't know if he is capable of such a manipulation. It's all just speculation. It's even worse than the Winterfell plot (Sansa, Arya, Littlefinger) in S7.
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