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  2. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Art 50 is certainly not fit, if the only reason the UK can crash out with no deal is because Art 50 basically establishes no-deal as the default, and that appears to be the case. Status quo, ie. remain, should be the default if a country can't figure its shit out. A country can always drop out without a deal if its govt / parliament actively chooses that form of exit. But it should not just happen because of incompetence and inaction. Exit clauses in treaties should always assume incompetence until proven otherwise. I don't see how a default of remain (revoking Art 50) and a cool down period gives the leaving country leverage. It actually removes leverage on the leaving country because the failsafe is that nothing changes. And a cooldown gives everyone a period of operational certainty. Service and supply contracts can be entered into with certainty that there will be no upheavals for a certain period of time. It's not the same situation as initially invoking Art 50. And I hope that in hindsight the EU recognizes that its role in pushing the UK to invoke art 50 ASAP was a mistake and would not be repeated if another country is mad enough to look at going down this road.
  3. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    What are you trying to say here? Teachers only deserve median levels of income? In theory teachers are professionals charged with caring for and educating what many people say (whether or not they mean it is another question) are our most precious members of society, the hope and promise of our futures. Perhaps a glorified babysitter might be worth average pay rates. But teachers should never be seen as merely that. Teachers should be among the highest paid professionals in society, not be languishing slightly above average.
  4. Peach King

    Gender relations in Westeros

    You keep citing "historical accuracy" but as I keep saying, women dying in childbirth in droves is not historically accurate. These women seemed perfectly healthy as well, and they have c- sections in Westeros. Why couldn't they die from diseases, or from falling down the stairs? Nope, it always has to be childbirth. And women weren't this maligned in our actual history. And I'm not talking about these women being recorded in history, I'm talking about them being remembered by the people in their lives. Of course the listing of women in family trees in Fire and Blood as "mother of x", "wife of x" makes sense as these were written by maesters, and therefore men. But we should at least have some idea about Catelyn's mother, Ned's mother, Brienne's mother, for Arianne to have some idea of what made The Princess of Dorne an effective ruler. Ok, so you don't want representation. But ASOIAF should not be upheld as a well researched portrayal of women in Middle Ages. And the rape is not accurate. The Right of First Night is not accurate. That a Lord could rape any peasant woman under their jurisdiction is not accurate. That men were not raped is not accurate.
  5. He was actually 3rd fiddle in Cincy. We had AJ and Marvin Jones when Sanu was here. He’s a solid WR though. Can throw it a bit, too.
  6. Darth Richard II

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    I try, but when people legit start screaming about how the new films are racist against white males, me hackles go up.
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  8. Finley McLeod

    An Evil Name

    Jon will come back with the same motivation for revenge that drives Lady Stoneheart. He might be called Lord Icehart instead of the Nightsking.
  9. dbunting

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Just have to ignore the hate. It's mostly just people looking to rile others up because they find it funny. Some of it real, people who are disappointed, but you can normally tell the difference.
  10. JEORDHl

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Hearts out, bro. None of them are taking this away from me and mine.
  11. Martini Sigil

    'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof on HBO {SPOILERS FROM PAGE 8}

    This was better than I'd thought it would be...
  12. Darth Richard II

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    That warms my heart man, it really does. The amount of hatred and bile and just plain meanness I’m witnessing on other sites really makes me think we’re fucked as a species but this makes me feel a bit better.
  13. The Winged Shadow

    Cricket 38: Ashes Openers Crash and Burns

    Saffers got rekt. They need some serious rebuilding to do. Hopefully there are some good prospects domestically. It's not often that South Africa gets rolled over so easily.
  14. Elegant Woes

    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    The writers of the show removed Sansa's Vale storyline because according to them she is only there in her very first chapters and then leaves. Sounds to me that something or someone will scare Sansa so much that it will make her believe she's no longer save in the Vale and therefore flees and seeks protection in Jon and the wall.
  15. First game tonight, so I guess I will toss out my season predictions. West Rockets, Clippers, Nuggets, Blazers, Jazz, Lakers, Warriors, Spurs East Sixers, Bucks, Celtics, Nets, Pacers, Raptors, Magic, Pistons WCF- Clippers over Nuggets ECT - Bucks over Celtics Clippers take it all (damn it). MVP - I take my hometown pick in Joker mostly because Paul George and Kawhi cannibalize each other's votes. On the West picks, I still think Hardin dominates the regular season and I assume George gets healthy. The Nuggets are really damn good and I see they are a trendy pick to win the West but I have to calm my own expectations. I am low on the Lakers in regular season because I don't see their depth but they will suck to face in the playoffs. I am fairly sure of my top 8 but maybe the Mavs take the Spurs out of one spot. In the East I only really care about the top 3 and I have serious doubts about Embiid staying healthy. I also need more than one 3 point shot in a pre season game to be sold on Simmons having any playoff value so I take Bucks and Celtics as the only real contenders. The Net are the only team I can see surprising me if Kyrie gets really going.
  16. JEORDHl

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    lol Mine are old enough now that if they have to go I make them tag team it-- but I stay and enjoy the movie.
  17. JEORDHl

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    I know I will. STAR WARS was such a big part of my imaginative youth, running the woods of the acreage, force pushing imagined troopers, lightstick fighting with my brother and friends despite rapped knuckles and bruises. That I've gotten to relive it through my daughters -who love it as much as I did- just compounds the feels, yo. Say what you will about the IP, I'm immensely grateful to share that with them.
  18. We don't know that article 50 is not fit. We just know that if the country invoking article 50 doesn't know what it actually wants it will be a mess. And the cool-down is a horrible idea from the point of view of the community. The whole point of pushing the UK to invoke article 50 quickly after the referendum was to end insecurity (hah!) and minimise leverage of the leaving country over the collective.
  19. Rhom

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Hard to deny it when the first two games of the season will be 1v2 and 3v4
  20. Rhom

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    You will think that right up to the moment you know Luke is about to be revealed and they tell you they can’t hold it anymore and you have to leave for the bathroom before the emotional climax of the movie!
  21. Tywin, where in the world where teacher's strikes are allowed do you think they have never occurred? There will always be disputes between management and labor in every part of the economy, and the idea that there should never have to be a "need" for teachers to strike sounds hopelessly utopian to me. Some examples of recent teachers strikes (or threatened strikes) in other countries: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/29/new-zealand-schools-hit-by-mega-strike-as-50000-teachers-walk-out https://www.bbc.com/news/education-43604858 https://www.thelocal.fr/20181112/why-are-teachers-across-france-on-strike https://www.politico.eu/article/teacher-strikes-causes-problems-for-polands-solidarity-labor-union/ https://newpol.org/mexican-teachers-strike-school-year-begins-despite-militarization-arrests-and-firings/?print=print https://peoplesdispatch.org/2019/06/18/chilean-teachers-strike-will-continue-for-the-third-week/ https://carnegieendowment.org/2019/04/08/teachers-strikes-in-morocco-pub-78805 ...and there are many other examples you can find if you spend a little time on search engines.
  22. Also, Shanahan is clearly a fan:
  23. Sanders has zero drops this season. That alone makes him a huge upgrade over everyone they got. While I've been critical of Jimmy G, it doesn't take advanced analytics to see that his receivers haven't done him any favors and have struggled mightily to get open. Like Arryn said, slotting Sanders in at #1 changes the entire complexion of that receiver corps, as Goodwin is much better at 2 and it takes pressure off the kids (Samuel and Pettis). As long as, of course, he stays healthy, I'd say it shores up their only glaring weakness (well that and Robbie Gould missing more kicks in 6 games than he had his entire career - but now he's got his long-snapper back!) But on the health thing - wonder what this portends for Taylor and Hurd.
  24. Martini Sigil

    The Deuce

    Oh no... I knew it was coming, but still
  25. Bronn Stone

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    One thing I noticed is that for some website glitch reason I don't understand, ME's games add up to one more than everyone elses. It's like he got to pick Georgia-South Carolina and thought he was getting free points. On topic, the measurement bars this week suggest that most games are going to have consensus picks over 75%.
  26. PFF has Sanders as elite on targeted passes this year, elite in RAC and 7th highest wr overall. They seem to think it’s been more of a Flaco/Denver issue. My biggest concern with him has always been waiting for his size/style combination to mean serious injury risks, and he’s now joining the injury cursed Niners plus getting older, but that aside I think he’s still damned effective.
  27. Tywin et al.

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    I'm amazed the EU hasn't told the UK to kick rocks at this point.....
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