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  2. Don't forget Arya who's sailed off to claim America.
  3. Does Bran need advisors if he sees everything?
  4. Shouldn't Daenerys have had, like, a Queensguard? But no. She just wanders the Red Keep with zero body guards. And after Jon had warned Tyrion not wander around in the Red Keep because "it's not safe" So stupid. Ah well probably the least of this episodes problems.
  5. I get that people can be bought and offered things to elevate them. But I think that when it comes to the council, they are already as high as they can go.. with the exception of one of them getting the job of the hand. So maybe when they sense foul play or that the King isn't looking out for the Realms best interests they would be the ones to step in and call for another to rule in their place. I mean this would require a contract and the King/Queens signature agreeing to it and that the Council can take control of the Kings Guard if they felt necessary to take the throne back and hold it until another is sworn in.
  6. Nakraal

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    I loved the whole thing. The intro, with the whole medieval nazis-in-power was imposing Loved Dany's moment with the throne. Drogon's whole sequence after Dany was killed, the whole sequence was breathtaking. The great council was the weakest sequence, but not awful at all The small council scene was sweet The montaz in the end was powerful and appropriate. I believe most of the rant these last weeks is the result of contaminating mass hysteria, sparked by the too easy offing of the NK and fueled by scores of youtube vultures who smelled clicks and views
  7. You're quite right. German and Varangian warriors generally took their oaths of loyalty to Emperors very seriously, as I expect the Unsullied would have done too. But this is just stupid. Either Jon told him, in which case he Grey Worm would have cut him down then and there, or he would have figured out very rapidly that she had been murdered. Queens don't just disappear.
  8. Rather conveniently, one has to say, considering THAT HIS FUCKING PARENTAGE WAS WHAT MADE DANY JEALOUS AND ANGRY IN THE FIRST PLACE! HOW IS THAT SUDDENLY JUST IRRELEVANT!? If nobody gives a damn - and Dany's armies would have never given a damn, anyway - then why was this so important. Why did Dany even want to rule with him in the end when she didn't want to do it last week? This is all so nonsensical.
  9. Considering how people are salty about her ending up as the QITN in the show I wonder how salty they'll be when she most likely ends up as QITN in the books....
  10. Right, this is when the show finally, finally, finally FINALLY lost me. Why wouldn't Unsullied and Dothraki kill him immediately, he just murdered their Queen and there's nothing anyone could have done about it. Absolutely nothing. And why do they think the same squabbling nobles choosing from among them who will rule will be better? It sounds worse to me. Much worse. Because nobility is still chosen by lineage or conquest (or threats, Bronn), even if the king supposedly won't be. There will be even more wars when people don't get their way as they have no reason to keep respecting the arrangement. I didn't watch that far, so the North is independent? Who decided, Bran? Truly impartial. Do the Iron Islands get to be independent? Dorne was already pretty independent, are they free now? So how does this choosing a king thing work if they're a bunch of independent kingdoms? Or is it just the North gets to be free after having done zip to earn it. Needing to be constantly rescued and freed by others. Hey, does the Vale get to be free? They did a lot of the heavy lifting.
  11. CrypticWeirwood

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    When their bodies fail them, greenseers go up into the undying weirwoods and become the old gods. They never die. But Bloodraven stuck around for a successor. He watched Ned's birth and Bran's birth. He may have also tried with Euron but failed. Euron turned to the dark side via Shade of the Evening, not the light side of the weirwood paste.
  12. Stark Queen in Da North Stark King In Da South Stark King Beyond Da Wall Why aren't we all happy?
  13. LearnToBeNoOne

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    I’m glad it’s over and will be watching nothing else related to GoT. Will also not be recommending it to anybody, maybe seasons 1-4 at best. I will just wait for the book(s) if they’re ever released and just enjoy them.
  14. Honestly, I would have preferred the death-meteor. I can just see Bran's first decision he has to make as king: Lord Blackwood: My Grace, Lord Bracken just burned my crops and set his knights on my peasant folk, raping and pillaging. King Bran: Yes, I watched, it was as it was meant to be. Lord Blackwood: Aren't you going to do something about this? King Bran: Perhaps the best punishment is for me to do nothing, or perhaps not. What will be will be. Lord Blackwood: Screw this, can we do a redo of this vote thing? I mean over half of the guys at the council were your family and friends, what the hell. How come the fat boy and the butch girl even got to vote?
  15. How is Bran not being viewed as a totally evil little dick. He instigated nearly all of that shit and they elect him king? Bran the Broken browser of medieval wheelchair designs, it's dreadful. Who would enjoy this ending other than Sophie Turner???
  16. Empress Sansa

    Unpopular Opinion: Support Daenerys

    Pretty much what i´ve been saying/thinking these days in a single post.
  17. Actually makes me wonder if R+L=J really is true. I would be really disappointed with GRRM is it is true and only used as a plot device to push Dany over the edge, as in the show. So either they just completely butchered his storyline, or it's a red herring.
  18. IT will be important to give him either some magical ability or political influence.
  19. Varysblackfyre321

    The Great thread-re-read of the Great coats

    It’s been a couple years since I theighned to read “The Greatcoat” series by Sebastian De Castell. So I’m finally going to look it over again.
  20. Rory Snow

    Jon & Drogon

    I thought that was going to be the next move as well!
  21. You know what happens to jon in the books? I don t even know what happens to jon in the show… like he is setenced to the NW but then is leaving with the wildlings? and keep in mind that the ods of the wildlings going north of the Wall in the books is really low.
  22. Sansa may have allies right now. Her brother is king, her uncle and a cousin are both great lords. But what happens a few generations later? What happens when the North don't get a say in the new King and the lords choose unwisely? I'm sorry but I see a very bloody future for the North. She has lost her family. Arya's not coming back, and neither is Jon, Bran is 3ER and king, as if he has time to catch up with her or her with him. Theres a difference between growing up and going seperate ways, and never seeing each other again. The pack is broken up and not getting back together. I still don't understand what there is to be happy about other than some of my faves got to live
  23. Book Jon may be capable of that. This version of Jon just isn't.
  24. They elevated Sansa’s character way too much. Highly overrated and top 3 worst characters for me. If they care about independence so much they should have fought their own war and don’t use the “it’s eveybody’s war” excuse please. In the end the NK wasn’t so hard to defeat anyway. The Stark’s annoy me so much.
  25. I came into the episode wanting to hate it. I guess that shows how important the expectations game is. I thought it was fine for what it was. They did the big moments pretty well. And I know I'll get a lot of resistance for this from book readers, but I suspect most of the endings are accurate. Jon killing Dany, specifically. But also Arya heading into the unkown, Bran being a council choice, Sansa as Queen of the North (and probably Vale). Only one I'm suspect about is Jon. Seems as if they're mimicking Bloodraven - the guy the new king had to exile for political reasons. But, that doesn't make much sense to me. Jon going back to the watch isn't a punishment, it's basically a reward for him. Whereas with Bloodraven that wasn't the case. Just so cheap. Plus - why the hell is there still a watch? Anyway I think in the books Jon probably dies too.
  26. BradDoty08

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    So the only point of Jon being the rightful heir was to kill Varys? Who was Varys writing all those letters to? Apparently no one.
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