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  2. LadyBlackwater

    Who is Jon Snow?

    Now wouldn't that be a delicious plot twist!! The dragon has 3 heads, and 3 targs to rule them all! Although, I guess Aegon would be the one rightful ruler. Do you think Dany will marry him?
  3. Karmarni

    Why avoid a reunion between Sansa and Sandor?

    I don't understand the difference between Sansa on the show marrying Tyrion and actually starting to take her clothes off for him, and Sansa on the show and Sandor, who's character is similar age to Tyrion (books and show) and the actors who are similar age also. So we have for Sansa on the show: She wanted to marry a supreme asshole, incest-bred abuser. She wanted to marry a man who was gay. She married a dwarf, but didn't have sex with him. She agreed to a brothel owner's idea to marry a raised-up bastard psychopath. She said that same brothel owner loved her in his own way. (She doesn't have good love experience, obviously!) She has fans of her hooking up with her former half-brother, now cousin, who so obviously is in love with another woman. She has fans of her hooking up with a (in books prematurely aged, missing body parts) former ward of her family who is missing a penis. I vote for Sandor Clegane. And Sansa of the books seems to do so too. And I'm laughing that we got a Wham Bam Thank You hook up for Arya. But Sansa can't seem to have consensual sex!!
  4. I have a theory that Bran is lying about that, because he expects that the Night King is listening in (either because there is a spy in Winterfell or because the Night King can warg into somthing within Winterfell and spy directly). Bran wants the Night King to think that killing him will result in victory to trick the Night King into making mistakes. Sam is trying to support Bran's claim because he trusts Bran, not realizing that Bran is lying. As for the Night King's motive, I'm not sure, but it might be just to have a place for his people. Sure an endless night will probably kill everything, except the white walkers who don't need to eat and don't age. Plus the cold never bothered them anyway.
  5. @orderofthegreenhand
  6. RhaenysBee

    Elimination Game #??: Who Comes Out of GOT S.8 the Best

    Heal Rhaegal hurt missandei
  7. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    Elflein kicks to Guard. Wow. I thought I was a cold bitch. I guess I draw the line at children having their limbs broken by their assigned guardians and the mother being threatened to stay silent. Different life views.
  8. BigFatCoward

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    How fucking big are your beers? 500 calories each?
  9. Lady Anna

    Jon's resurrection

    Hello. How do you guys think Jon will come back to life - if you believe he even died - and what would be the repercussions? I'm starting this thread because, from what I've seen, most people believe Melisandre will bring him back like Thoros did with Beric, but recently I saw a post elsewhere with an interesting ideia that I haven't seen here before, I think: that while trying to burn Jon's body so he doesn't come back as a wight, Jon will go through something similar as Dany did at the end of AGOT and his body won't burn, and either that will trigger his resurrection, or Mel would see it and realize she should bring him back. As for myself, I believe that Jon will warg into Ghost for a while, and that Mel will definitely have some part to play. I also think, and based on what we've seen with other characters, that there's no way that Jon comes back the same. I think he will become a more single-minded person and much more of a knight templar-y person in pursuit of his heroic goals (possibly commiting some drastic actions in the process). As an aside, and as some have said here, I agree that Daenerys is possibly going to become a more ruthless individual (''Fire and Blood''), and maybe these two will have that parallel in common. And I think it will fit with the darker tone of the series that GRRM said will exist in Winds. What are you guys opinions?
  10. White Ravens


    "A wild rain lashed down upon his black brother as he tore at the flesh of an enormous goat, washing the blood from his side where the goat's long horn had raked him." I interpret that sentence as Shaggydog being injured when the goat raked him with one of its horns. You interpret it as the goat having one horn. Shall we agree to disagree?
  11. Shmedricko

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    D&D indicated that Stannis burning Shireen and Hold the Door came from GRRM, but that does not mean those are the only things from GRRM that they have used on the show. They referenced those two moments in particular because they were two out of three things GRRM told them that made them go, "holy shit." David Benioff teased that the third holy shit moment "is from the very end," so mentioning all that was a way to get people speculating about the finale. D&D don't want to do that with every single thing they include, though, especially now that it's the final season, because that would be directly spoiling the rest of Martin's stated plans for the books. The best anyone can do is to analyze all the relevant information — the content of both the books and the show, quotes from GRRM, D&D, and other people with inside knowledge, any other pertinent data — and then decide what they think is likely to be the same between the two mediums (should the rest of the books be published), and what they think is likely to be different. This process is no different than how people speculated about the books before the show existed: they collected relevant information — details from the books, potential clues, themes, statements GRRM made outside the series, etc. — and then made a judgement about what they thought was likely to happen in the story. The show, and statements made by people involved in the show, is just another body of information to analyze and interpret.
  12. RhaenysBee

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    Buckwheat, you are such an elitist! seriously, I can totally understand that it’s easier to work with students who are clever and well-behaved. Then again, there’s a challenge in achieving focus and actual learning with undisciplined students, and the less students know, the farther they can be developed. We had soooo many sociopolitical debates about this issue at uni. Those were the days. (No they weren’t, even in retrospect, I barely enjoyed uni. Time didn’t Improve the memories) anyway, I’m glad your teaching is going well, and have a great week off next week. We’ll only have 1st May off, but that’s something at least. Sister’s graduation is next Saturday. Exciting times. I wonder if she’ll take her final exams with success and gets accepted to uni. Meanwhile, my cousin was accepted to the most unlikely schools of all. I personally would never send a kid like my cousin to that particular school, but that’s hardly my call. Anyway, my mother is unduly upset about this. One would think that she is past the age-old whose kid is better (aka. higher performer) rivalry, given that her kids are, you know, both grown up, technically. Well I won’t go into this particular rant, and luckily I was level headed enough to not go into this discussion with my mother either. It would have upset me greatly to find out that maybe she’s jealous of my cousin’s “success” as she is disappointed in sister. Her disappointment is completely one sided, unfounded and sad and it has a very bad effect on sister. Moving on. I’m currently at a cafe because I mixed up the theatre schedule and the play I’m seeing starts an after later than I thought. This is the first time in... a long time that I’m just sitting somewhere casually, not working from my phone or thinking about work. Aww the joy. I don’t even mind the cigarette and traffic smoke all around. It’s also 32C. What a joke.
  13. T and A

    Who is Jon Snow?

    Aegon: I don't want to. He is not even my real brother. He is adopted. Stupid blue hair.
  14. Not to have done what he did in the first place, because what he did was wrong, and spoiled her life.v He refuses to accept he spoiled her life in many ways. That he didn't completely spoil it is due to her great courage and character alone -- the kind of courage and character that Biden lacks. As for urinal touchy feely, while working out deals that good for big credit card companies and banks, being no big deal -- just -- disgusting. Do not want somebody like that in the oval representing me.
  15. Dragon Glass

    Theory: Bran Told Tyrion About Jon

    Tyrion was pretty negative about the fate of Winterfell and all it's occupants. He then had the chat with Bran and later on while drinking by the fireplace he blurted out, "I think we will live!" which everyone scoffed at and he stood his ground. Bran is being selective with the information he lets out and to whom he tells it too. I think he may have given some information that gave Tyrion hope. I'm not sure what that information is though.
  16. Corvinus

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    So Peter and friends have a school trip soon after returning to school, to relax and stuff. I suppose the scene where Peter goes back to school could be months after the battle. The administrative side of all this even just for the school system would be a nightmare.
  17. Tywin et al.

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Two Stellas is 300 calories, give or take. The sours that I like are around 400-450 cals for two beers. I can live with that plus a night cap of quality scotch.
  18. paulh_85

    Outcome of the Great War

    i'd be less inclined to agree with your first option, only on the basis that "game of thrones" is only the name of book one, The fact the series is named ASOIAF which is a direct link to the PtwP prophecy means i think (hope) its about more than the iron throne.
  19. Two interesting pieces in the NYer. One about the Mueller Report and impeachment, and the other wondering why, when the other candidates have chosen to go for what they are for, he's going for wart bashing. https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/another-look-at-impeachment-after-the-mueller-report and https://www.newyorker.com/news/letter-from-trumps-washington/why-is-joe-biden-the-only-democrat-who-wants-to-talk-about-donald-trump The conclusion of the first piece linked above:
  20. Bran the Shipper

    Cersei Jr

    I think she is likely pregnant, but remember the prophecy, she only has three children. Cersei knows this and so has likely come to the conclusion that she will either have a miscarriage or die before she gives birth. So for her this knowledge will just make her more ruthless and less likely to care about self preservation. I think she has gotten to the point where she assumes she is going to die soon and so she just wants to be the last one left alive. That's why she doesn't care about the threat of the white walkers, she is going to die regardless.
  21. Wik

    Who is Jon Snow?

    Christ almighty lol my bad.....I was thinking so hard into the actual progression of the kings that I was just assuming each one becoming a king in turn....lol my bad
  22. Lady Anna

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Could the maesters have had their own agenda to overthrow King Aerys? Lady Dustin says that Lord Rickard's maester was behind the fact he bethrothed his children to southerners. She also believes that the maesters manipulate events to their choosing, so could the Citadel have wanted for all the great houses to develop familial bonds so then they could move together to take down Aerys?
  23. Tywin et al.

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    I kind of think she’ll never forgive him, which is her right because she was so thoroughly wronged, but Biden has gone out of his way on several occasions to apologize and say he was in the wrong. What more can he do? Oh come on. People are making way too much out of this. Biden is just a touchy guy in general, and that goes for men too. He’s basically the drunk guy next to you at the urinal in a dive bar who puts his arm around your shoulder and starts talking to you as you’re both taking a leak. It’s a little creepy, but ultimately harmless. Calling it assault is way over the top.
  24. Trinket2

    Survival Chances for ep3

    Ded: Davos (saving the little girl) Jorah Tormund Beric Grey Worm OR Missandei (basically got a sign with "please kill me" after last episode) Theon (with a sad goodbye scene with Sansa) Probably ded: Sam (with a sad goodbye scene with Gilly) Jon/Dany (I think ONE of them may die. Not sure which one though) Brienne (with a sad goodbye scene with Jaime) Varys Melisandre Gendry OR Arya (with a sad goodbye scene from the other) Pod Alive: Cersei Euron Sansa The hound (will finish Gregor arc first) Bran Jaime (will see Cersei again) Yara Gilly+little sam Tyrion Bronn
  25. Le Cygne

    Why avoid a reunion between Sansa and Sandor?

    Yeah, it's 15 years gap books, about 20 on the show. Sandor started out 35 per the pilot script. She's 19, he's 41. About 20 years gap in characters. Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Little Women all had 20+ year gaps, and other period dramas. Once Upon a Time Beauty and the Beast was well-loved, and that was a 20 year gap. No big whoop. As for the separation period, that's part of the story too. (It's part of Arya and Gendry's story, too. They were separated nearly as long.) GRRM wrote this Beauty and the Beast scene for them on the show. And has a pic of them as Beauty and the Beast he asked for on his wall. He said there's something there on the show, too. Lots of show viewers want to see the story. I don't know if we will or not, maybe not, but they set it up well enough, and well, if anyone is shipping SanSan, it's Sansa: "As the boy's lips touched her own she found herself thinking of another kiss. She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak."
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