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  2. I have a feeling that what irks people is her being a victim for far too long, and when she finally stops being a victim, she has a persistent 'told you so'-attitude. Her story just wasn't done well. Now it may well be that if her story was done well, there'd still be Sansa haters, but as it is I'm willing to cut them some slack. I love Sansa, and I was happy to see her become Queen.
  3. + King Bran I can sort of get along with. It's odd, but there are historical moments where you really don't know who should lead you, and the guy with magic powers isn't the worth choice. Some great cinematography as always. Tyrion among the rubble, Dany up high in front of the unsullied, the throne being burnt, all very nice. Ser Brienne Tarth, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. That plot has actually progressed very nicely, well deserved. Jon's story turned full circle nicely (if you don't pay too much attention to his "there's still a Nights Watch" being a very relevant question). - Come on, people like Yara and the Dornish were never just going to accept that outcome. Wasn't Yara promised to be backed as Queen of the Iron Islands if she backed Dany? I thought the whole thing would break up back to individual kingdoms. Maybe with Bran as some kind of mystical Holy Roman Emperor type figure threatening to use his powers on anyone who breaks the peace. The dothraki just left? Hmm, well that's convenient. Very similar to GRRM's famous criticism of the end of LotR, where Aragorn doesn't have to deal with orcs and that, he just "rules wisely" and we just assume the problems sorted themselves out. Sooo much fanservice for Bronn. A good death scene would have been a much better ending for his character. I don't give Tyrion's plans for future democracy and chosen leaders much chance. It's been tried, didn't work. I'll give it a seven, from where they were it wasn't bad, nicely shot, partly logical.
  4. I haven't read all the thread yet but wanted to say, from what I've seen of people criticising the petition, they're getting the wrong idea. For one, most people will have PAID for this - whether through HBO directly, Sky, Now TV, etcetera - it's not a cheap daytime drama on a freeview channel. People have a right to complain that they aren't getting value for money. For another, folk aren't complaining (generally) that they didn't get the outcome they wanted for they're favourite characters, they're angry that those outcomes didn't make any sense and were poorly executed. Fans aren't so stupid to just want happy endings. Contrast this shitshow with The Wire, regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time. As I watched it, I noted how brutal it was in it's disregard of the viewers' feelings (stairwell anyone?), and yet I didn't feel angry or unsatisfied; the story was well told (and I even enjoyed the final season ). I also hate this, "Could you do any better?" argument. If I'm a bad cook, does it invalidate my right to complain if a restaurant serves me hot garbage? I'm sorry the cast and crew worked so hard and wasted so much time and money on this. Maybe it gives them some idea of what their fans are feeling though. (I haven't actually signed it yet, as in my mind, there's a lot more than S8 needs remaking, but I may do so in a show of solidarity .)
  5. darmody

    Jon vs Ramsay

    Ramsay had a higher degree of difficulty, because Roose was a trained fighter and shrewd fellow. Jon is obviously immeasurably quicker, stronger, and more skilled than Dany in close-quarter knife combat. Also, Dany loved Jon more than Roose loved Ramsay. However, head-to-head Jon has already proved he's Top Bastard:
  6. I saw a meme which explained it as Detective Drogon going: Pointy thing in mother. Chair of pointy things. YOU SON OF A BITCH! (burns pointy chair)
  7. Nictarion

    Jon's Surrender

    Mr I can’t tell a lie definitely confessed. Could have easily said she flew off on Drogon.
  8. Daenerys and Jaime are two of my favorite characters, so if this is how things unfold in Martin’s version I would be highly disappointed. King Bran (what is he 10 in the books?) would also bother me.
  9. I think yes. GRRM loves the pattern of a fight after the main antagonist is beaten. He was heavily influenced by Tolkien, so you can see how Thorin, after defeatimg Smaug, went opsessed with the gold and started a war because he didn't want to share it. In real history, we've had several civil wars in old Rome, and in the end, Augustus and Antony, having split the world as they knew it in half, both wanted the whole world for themselves, resulting in another civil war. Like it or not, greed, and insanity which follows it, is in the human nature. Not that everyone has it in his nature. But I can see It being stronger than Dany in Martin's story as well.
  10. Actually, it might not be a super happy ending for Gilly. She's ended up a, ( in the eyes of the population), maesters whore. That's better than a parental rape slave I suppose.
  11. Hi, thanks. Spoilers. So after GoT finale, what happened to Sam's wilding squeeze and the Craster babe-brood? Did Sam have younger siblings who're capable of running the show there after dad and Dick-on got fire blasted by Drogon? Also, isn't going from an apprentice maester to Grand Maester kind of a jump up the chain (pun intended?) of command over there at the Citadel? I'm sure it helps that your bro(ken Bran) is now King of the Andals, et al, but still... Cheers.
  12. Jon's ending should have been happy. Overlooking the fact that the Night's Watch serves no purpose, he gets to hang out with his best friends (does he even like Sam anymore? I forget) for the rest of his life. That's his punishment. Buuuuuuuuuut, Jon is Jon, so he's moody. He will be forever a sourpuss, unless he finds another Ygritte.
  13. Nerevanin

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    Obviously it is a bit sad that it is over (but hey, the books aren't!) but I'm quite glad that it is over. But I wouldn't mind if we knew what is the future of some of the characters. While some stories seem kinda closed (Sam, Jon, kinda Arya and kinda Bran), I'm curious about if Brienne ever falls in love with someone again, if Tyrion marries someone (he's the only remaining Lannister), if Sansa marries someone and so on. But no, this is not me asking for a sequel with zombie Dany as the archvillian.
  14. DanaKz

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    Ah. Thanks. I've heard about this theory but never took it seriously, probably that's why I didn't recognize it.
  15. I like how Dany, much like Hotah, is slayed by a single stab wound, relatively quickly. But Arya gets multiple stomach wounds, falls into a dirty river, and is healed on the morrow. Heck, this is after Dany herself has fallen off Drogon, onto hard winter ground, without a bruise.
  16. teej6

    Jon's Surrender

    And the hell did Greyworm figure that Jon killed Dany. There was no body. Did Jon just go and turn himself in to the unsullied? D&D should be tarred and feathered for this rot.
  17. martianmister

    Jon vs Ramsay

    I believe Jon did it better.
  18. What happened to the prince and the babies? I consider it a terrible waste that we didn't see at least one Stark baby. I'd like to know the line lives on.
  19. If this is the end in the books all the learning to rule arc for Dany and Jon is just moot.
  20. Nictarion

    Jon's Surrender

    Having none of the Unsullied or Dothraki immediately kill Jon was completely nonsensical. Grey Worm would really be appeased with a trial held by all of Jon’s relatives? Silly stuff.
  21. It's hard to imagine TWOW and ADOS being anything like this. I can honestly say, there's nothing good about this. It feels like B&W developled real contempt for the material somewhere along the line.
  22. At least if Tyrion is wrong it's only one dead murderer. A beautiful woman with unique abilities, but if she's wrong and she lives we could be talking millions.
  23. I love how the council managed, listening to the advice of a condemned kinslayer imprisoned for trahison, to make the 7k probably far worse in the long run. Before there were war of succession when a king became mad, or when there were several claimants in one family, now there will likely be one after each as everyone can claim (+ there will be regular wars with the now independant northern kingdom). And with people like Bronn in the council it's already as corrupt as the old monarchy could be. But D&D can present it as a victory for the good people as the brothels will be rebuilt. Out of that was strikes me is the non-evolution of almost every character who either fulfill their expectations or are just back to their season 1-2 life : - Sansa starts dreaming to become a queen, finishes queen - Arya starts dreaming of adventures, ends an explorer (preparation for a future spin off ?) - Jon is a poor bastard unjustly sent to the NW, and who has a sad tendancy to have to fight the women he loves ; is sent to the NW again after killing a woman he loves again - Brienne dreams of becoming King's Guard and becomes KG - Jaime starts and ends as Cersei's lover with all his redemption arc having as only consequence fucking Brienne - Sam is a scholar, he finish grand master (only vague evolution, he wasn't wanting to become maester ; but I don't remember if it was mentionned in the show), his choice to prefer having a wife and child is forgotten or made somehow compatible - Greyworm looks set to continue his endless life of warfare against slavers with the unsullied - Tyrion starts as a witty dwarf making heavy jokes, will spend his life doing the same in Westeros bro council - Bronn was and remain about brothels and being the only one to laugh to Tyrion's jokes - Edmure Tully was and remain some comic relief stupid guy here to be humiliated by his own family etc... Finally in the whole serie the only character not fulfilling an early wish or some kind of curse is Bran (and even... becoming king instead of knighs is a lot closer to his early dreams than becoming a telepathic half-tree in a cave), it's perhaps why he is the chosen one in the end. Everyone else just followed a path to more of the same.
  24. Sheiraseastar23

    The Six Kingdoms

    This. It makes no fucking sense that the other kingdoms, especially Dorne and the Iron Islands don't declare independence after Sansa gets her way with an independent North. That election scene is the most stupid scene in the entire show. Lords of Westeros just sitting there calmly watching an Unsullied commander from Essos carrying out justice after the threat of Dany plus dragon doesn't exist anymore is beyond dumb, Jon having to take up the black because Grey Worm said so, only for him and the Unsullied plus Dothraki to leave Westeros after that to never return....I just can't..
  25. alienarea

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    To join Gandalf and Frodo. Or kill them. For years I shortened Winterfell to WTF. Premonition, I guess.
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