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  2. Triskele

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Yeah, I might be operating in a state of denial at the moment. I have so much good momentum with lifting and am really seeing results with my physique, and I don't want to change course. So I'm trying to thread the needle and keep at it. I suppose one other alternative would be to just do leg day twice a week while skipping upper body for a while if I conclude that I have to give the elbow a rest.
  3. Just about all the major events in the books are foreshadowed early on. For example, the Red Wedding was foreshadowed by Dany's visions in the House of Undying and also by the Ghost of High Heart. Jon's heritage, fAegon getting crowned, the coming of Euron--all expected to be major events in the story--are foreshadowed in visions. But is there anything like this hinting KL might be burned to the ground as seen on TV? Bran sees a dragon flying over a city most likely KL, but no flames or anything to indicate a fiery calamity. Also, Dany in ASOS sees herself burning an ice-clad army over the Trident, and not KL. But maybe I have missed something? Anyone recall any KL or city burning hints from the books?
  4. Black Crow

    Jon being resurrected?

    Ambiguous. He said he couldn't pass but we never saw it demonstrated. In any case Jon was offed at Castle Black so his corpse might easily be taken outside. The crucial point is that assuming he's dead [otherwise this thread is pointless] how is his story arc to continue, as GRRM has hinted? His last recorded utterance was that cry to Ghost, so we can reasonably infer a transfer by warging into his four-legged lifeboat. There is then a problem in that according to the Varamyr prologue he's going to be stuck there, hence the suggestion that the Starks are far more powerful wargs, and he can in fact return to what will be a slightly damaged body per Coldhands. There are other implications too but you'll need to come over to the Heresy thread for that. One thing which also needs to be born in mind is that GRRM [and folklore in general] has always made it very clear that returning from the dead has consequences. Its not the guilt-free experience depicted by the Mummers
  5. Is it impossible for this game to have a round that finishes on time? This is a describe round it should not take you long.
  6. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Who is the great other?

    I know people who were at the dinner and have heard several accounts from them as to what was asked and what was said and how it all played out. I also think you are utterly wrong about Brynden Rivers not being the 3EC. His answer doesn't actually imply that the 3EC is not Brynden Rivers and the fact that you would take in book confirmed things and try to refute them to support ridiculous theories which have no evidence and make no sense tells me that GRRM could get T'shirts printed saying No this is not the case and you would still refute it. It's like the people who still deny R+L=J. I was just trying to help the person I was responding to out by letting them know that particular theory is dead. I don't want to waste my time discussing bonkers and impossible theories with you so please respectfully don't reply.
  7. Jova Snow

    Heresy 222 vindication

    @St Daga would love to be more down to earth but I just want TWOW so much! @JNR I agree there is no easy way to prove RLJ, through Bran? He is stuck in a Weirwood tree, through Howland? No one would believe a "frog eater", through Ashara/Wylla? Sigh not going to work too.
  8. I agree. Unless Winds progresses much faster than I think it will, like Dany will get to Westeros in the middle of the book not the end, I don't see how he can possibly wrap it up in 2 books, unless he does some kind of time jump, because I stick with my belief that Bran as an elected king will have to be 15 for it to be taken seriously. If there are only two novels that would also mean that we'd have Jon and Dany falling in love, if they do, AND Dany going off the deep end all in the same novel, which seems also too fast to me, even assuming it will be 500% better than the hack job the show did.
  9. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Who is the great other?

    I don't think we have enough information to really even speculate at this point. Mel mentions him as the antagonist to the fire god. He could be a part of the three gods that seem to be in opposition to the seven gods (not necessarily the Seven in Westeros). I think there are pretty big hints that the gods are real. He included Mel chapter to indicate that she actually does she visions in the fire. Also, the unexplained resurrections. The blue heart in the House of Undying and the pale thing that tries to trick Dany. Ned' death that mirror Lady's (direwolves being sacred animals). Also, there were the shadows that danced with Mirri Maz Durr during her cursing ritual. She later tells Dany that it was the Great Shepherd that granted her vengeance. I think GRRM is creating a universe where the gods are very real, but their intentions and actions are hard to comprehend for people. I think some gods, like the Pale One/Bakkalon (or something) appears in his thousands worlds universe. But except in the Lonely Song of Laren Dorr, they don't play a bigger role as far as I know. But GRRM has said ASOIAF is not in the 1000 world universe. So maybe he's just re-purposing characters he created and never put to good use in the older books. What makes you say there are hints of advanced tech in this world, instead of it just being magic? Particularly with relation to the seasons, GRRM has said it's magic.
  10. Cas Stark

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I initially believed that Aegon would beat Cersei, but, Cersei and Euron teaming up does seem sort of a natural alliance, so I wonder if she doesn't beat her opponents or at least stay alive beyond the end of Winds. I don't really think the Pope is much of a parallel to Bran since the people electing him have not also given up their hereditary rights and we're not talking about an religiously derived authority for Bran since most of Westeros is of a different religion than he is.
  11. Megorova

    Who is the great other?

    GRRM is a master of giving non-specific answers. We don't know, what exactly was asked, in what form was it asked, and whether it was the "correct" phrasing, and how exactly did GRRM answered. So, even if that person had interpreted GRRM's answer as a No, it doesn't mean, that ASOIAF actually isn't connected with GRRM's other books, that took place in that Universe of Thousands Worlds. Sometime ago, someone asked GRRM, whether Bloodraven is the Three-Eyed Crow. Though the question wasn't phrased like that. It wasn't exactly a question. More like something like, when GRRM was writing his books, did he planned all along, that the Three-Eyed Crow will be Brynden Rivers. And GRRM said, that he always knew, that the Three-Eyed Crow will be connected to Targaryens. He didn't said nothing about 3EC being Brynden Rivers. And he didn't corrected the person, that was asking that, that, no, the 3EC is not Bloodraven, your question is wrongly phrased. If someone is asking direct and "correct" questions, about something, that could be spoilers for further plot of ASOIAF, then GRRM is avoiding to give an answer, by saying something like, that we will read it in the further books. But if the question is "incorrect", then GRRM is answering in such a manner, that his answer is not a lie, but the truth of it, wouldn't be understood, by the one, who asked, instead, it will be incorrectly interpreted by that person.
  12. The Weirwoods Eyes

    New Zealand

    Didn't he hint that it might be this year previously too? I'm sure he said something about definitely having a book out in 2019; F&B, and hopefully two books - meaning TWOW too. And now here he is saying we will have TWOW before August 2020. So I'd say that those two statements sound pretty promising. It took 46 days from announcing it's completion on not a blog to release date for ADWD. So hopefully that means that once we get that magic blog post the wait will be almost over.
  13. I'm personally unable to see what having Bran become king at the end in the show honestly means for the books' deeper story because the entire "three-eyed raven" notion is a singular, show-only construction they've used as a substitute for everything there is to know in the books about greenseers (whether human or Children) and dream-sending and the second lives of skinchangers and the old gods' distributed collective consciousness residing in the undying weirwood network seeing all time as co-existent. Perhaps the showrunners did this because they have secret knowledge of the underlying "godgame", that somehow there really is just one merged intelligence wearing many bodies throughout the ages that is mostly alien and unknowable to humanity. But maybe it's just a way for them to avoid confusing a television audience with mystical complexities that wouldn't make for a smashing visual impact like they've been pouring so much money but so little dialogue into these past few seasons.
  14. A Horse Named Stranger

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Not really a surprise, thougth he signed that one a few months ago. Again, Tuchel has some confidence on the owners' side, and he gets along with Neymar and the rest of the team qutie well apparently. But he really has to show some improvement (result wise) in the CL next year, if he intends to stay, otherwise he is out extension or not.
  15. Raksha 2014

    How would you have ended it?

    I thought that GRRM called the LOTR ending 'bittersweet' not due to the Aragorn/Arwen marriage, but due to the occupation of the Shire, the hobbits taking back the Shire and rebuilding, and Frodo's having emotional and physical wounds that don't heal and his having saved the Shire but having to leave it (and Middle-earth) in order to live. Also, many of the Elves leave Middle-earth; the Fourth Age is the Age of Men.
  16. In the show Varys has no other motive than "for the Realm". This is the only answer, his character was cut off together with fAegon's arc. As in the books, it doesn't matter if Daenerys and Viserys had better claim since, it only matters if they receive support. But this may be a clue to hidding fAegon identity. With showing him as son of Rhaegar, they would make him rightful king with better claim than Viserys and Daenerys, although it is disputable since Aerys disinherited Aegon and Rhaenys in favour of Viserys shortly before his death. Yet with fAegon as son of Rhaegar, Varys and Iliro hope that they could get support of Dorne I suppose.
  17. Aldarion

    Jon being resurrected?

    But wasn't it shown that Coldhands himself cannot pass the Wall?
  18. Mikael

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Ive also hurt my elbows (they were fatigued i guess) alternating hot and cold felt really good, but it didnt really help. Hope yours work out better because mine took months of rest to get better.
  19. Black Crow

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Confused?... Moi? Seriously though, I think that this is good example of what I was talking about. The Mummers ask what happens to cute little Bran in the end. GRRM tells them, but they have no idea how on earth he gets there...
  20. Aldarion

    Varys motives to return a Targarian to the Throne

    That is the books. fAegon doesn't exist in the show. As for why masquerade, remember that Viserys and Daenerys were still alive, and both would have better claim to the throne than a Blackfyre.
  21. I think we've stumbled on the main driver of Trumps trade wars.He's just trying to stop the universe being over run by goldfish. What a hero!!
  22. Ser Scot A Ellison

    Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn/The Heart of what was Lost/The Last King of Osten Ard

    We are definitely beyond the “introduction” phase that can take a while in William’s books.
  23. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    Independent North

    My mind just went to the actual, matter of fact gutter. Brings a whole new dimension to Master of Whispers: Silent but deadly.
  24. Mikael

    European Parliament Elections 2019

    Voted green, had a hard time deciding because i wanted to vote further to the left. But the climate is our biggest challange so even though im very disappointed in them here in Sweden and dont support the "green tax reform" which basically means lowering taxes for the rich and spreading the cost on everyone, im hoping they will do better in the EU..
  25. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    Independent North

    Old gods, sux meanness, such brutality.
  26. Matthew.

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Yes, and I don't question that Dany ends as a villain (I don't even think its unlikely that she violently sacks King's Landing), I only wonder how her "madness," if it exists at all, is to be portrayed. For example, Rhaegar might not exhibit Aerys' emotional paranoia, but he abruptly decided he must become a warrior based on something he read in a scroll, and was speaking confidently to his wife about the idea that his son is the PtwP, and they need a third head--even in a world where magic and prophesy exist, this doesn't strike me as mentally healthy behavior. I'd always assumed Dany would be a 'villain' in the sense that she's going to become the Khal-of-Khals - a conqueror - but it may be that she was more profoundly impacted by her time in the Dothraki Sea, and the events that preceded it. Particularly, being burned again: Thereafter, as she wanders the Dothraki Sea, her behavior seems a little... off: Really, there's almost too much from that chapter to go over without just posting a wall of quotes, but taking all of the above, and especially the trend of her 'conversations' with Quaithe/Jorah/Viserys about embracing "Fire and Blood," she might already have begun to go mad in earnest.
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