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  2. Tywin Tytosson

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I take it as everybody just wants peace. The election was forced on them with no notice, so they chose. The next election would be something completely different. One hopes that Bran (or Tyrion) sets things up to keep things under control. Bronn on council was great! He's not a criminal. He was a sellsword who became a knight. And had been Commander of KL's City Watch. He has his own code, which he follows rather consistently. By being Lord of Highgarden, Bronn is now in charge of and runs one of the wealthiest positions in the 6 Kingdoms. Remember - the Tyrells were 2nd only to the Lannisters in wealth. And the Lannister's gold mines have run dry. What is interesting is that the Small Council has 2 people on it who started life as commoners - Bronn and Davos. Why do you think Bronn was a criminal? Disclaimer - I like Bronn, and am happy that he finally got his castle.
  3. Nictarion

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Hmm...Sneaky Pete S3 was probably my least favorite tbh. The change of setting to California didn’t really work that well for me. John Wick 3 was amazing. Definitely better than 2. Not sure I’d put it over the original though. I really do love this franchise. Keanu Reeves is so easy to like too. Guy has had a lot of tragedy in his life, but he still seems like an amazing person. And he puts in so much work to make these movies feel authentic.
  4. Jon is a fucking idiot.
  5. Demetri

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    Re: Davos....Or would he? How many children did Scarlett O'Hara have? (sidenote: how did he not grow to hate saying that after time one.) I wasn't trying to suggest that the blog post was some guiding light to the promised land. But I think it was DEFINITELY different from other posts he's made. To me, that's why it warranted the consideration. There are three reasons why it differs substantively: 1) It was premeditated. That is pretty new in and of itself. The timing of the post was created due to the timing of the show, but the sentiment didn't come about over a few days or even a few weeks. Hell, some posters suggest that GRRM doesn't even watch the show. While I think the answer to that is mixed (some level of awareness but not slavish devotion to watching), I believe it is very safe to say that the timing of the post was meant to be after the finale, but the content of it is years old (and certainly older than days or weeks.) This is unusual for GRRM. He has several times mentioned that his "Not a Blog" is a somewhat refreshing way to engage in stream of consciousness writing. The only precedents I can think of have revolved around release dates or NFL dates. 2) It is also notable for the same reason it was premeditated: The ending of the show almost requires some acknowledgement by GRRM. That's why we got a post, but doesn't fully account for the contents. 3) The post included something that GRRM, to my knowledge, has never done. GRRM provided information (Jon's parentage) as a result of the show. It is no less of a book spoiler now than it was 2 months ago. I will, however, say that D&D basically already spoiled it every time they puffed their chests, adopted that ridiculous smirk and talked about the meeting with GRRM and the great gatekeeper question that was Jon's parentage. But even with that de facto spoiler, GRRM is very much a person of rigid principles on certain issues. Above all other issues that we can know without being friends with GRRM, spoilers and fanfiction are the two absolutely inviolable tenets in his professional opinion. I think that because we could always infer (through D&D, largely) that the show's handling of Jon's parentage would be the same as the book and thus this spoiler is a non-issue. But that logic doesn't fully cover it because we could say that reasonable inferences could be made about all manner of things and yet his policy of not speaking about unpublished material is a part of every one of the nearly innumerable appearances he's made. As mentioned earlier, he feels really strongly about it. But the forum here demonstrates that the previous reasonable inference of show=book (for Jon's parents) was not categorical. People, even recently and perhaps even after the show made their reveal, people have argued the point. To do so, they relied on another key principle to all things GRRM: The show and the books are two different tellings. He's said that well over a hundred times (I shudder to think how many it actually is because I know for a fact that if I ran into GRRM I couldn't not try to suss out some info so it probably happens in a private sphere constantly.) If D&D had thought about what they were saying when bragging about guessing Lyanna then they'd realize that they were providing a spoiler to the book. It is notable because it is so vastly different. Whether that is because GRRM made the same inferences listed above or because of a mindset shift, I'm not sure. I think it is likely a combination. But I also think that the reason the post was premeditated and written as it was is because the show ending had the functional effect of eliminating a rival to his books. Sure, they're different, but it is irrefutable that they're interconnected. Furthermore, GRRM had an active role (to some extent, at some point but at the very least in the form of him getting an executive producer credit still) in the show. The books and the show might indeed be so different that they cannot be reconciled or shouldn't be compared. But that's because the medium (or creative limitations..ahem ahem) required the material to change significantly. The books by themselves are static and not great conversationalists. GRRM was the link between the two. He had an active presence in each, creative influence in each, and considerable impact to the content of each. While the books could very easily exist in a different universe, the same cannot be said for GRRM. I'm not saying that we should go reread it until we discover the secret code that GRRM inevitably included. It isn't special like that. But Not a Blog gives us a pretty long history to compare against with his appearances providing even more material. In many ways, he broke a lot of his own rules because he felt the situation warranted it. I don't think that should be ignored. 3) It is also notable for the same reason it was premeditated: The ending of the show almost requires some acknowledgement by GRRM. That's why we got a post, but doesn't fully account for the contents.
  6. Lost Melnibonean

    Aegon VI

    I mostly agree with your prediction, but I think the reference in the blog was more a little teaser for show fans to hint at what they're missing.
  7. Definitely (you can look at my previous comments). Jon ends up as the weakest/most deranged/unjustifiable character in the show even if he was 'good', which speaks volumes about GRRM´s message. Azor Ahai my ass.
  8. Fragile Bird

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    Well, apparently a Nike running shoe that retails for $100 on average costs Nike $28.50. They sell the shoe to the retailer for $50.00 and the retailer sells it for $100. Factory fob cost is $25 + $1.00 sea freight and insurance + $2.50 in duty = $28.50.
  9. karaddin

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    I don't think its solely that Qld needs pandering so much as they need to stake out a sincere position and stick to it. Adani is emblematic as a big issue that they tried to play both sides on and as a result they didn't get the votes in Victoria for opposing it, or the votes in Qld for supporting it. They can oppose Adani if they have a clear plan and actually sell voters on why they're opposing it and how they're going to create jobs in relevant fields instead of Adani - which won't actually create jobs anyway. I saw a couple of decent threads covering this broad topic, one from Adam Bandt and one from a former logger from Tassie. It doesn't have to be PDA though, just women together, men together, people with queer aesthetics (which isn't even reliable on a case by case basis but contributes to the feeling of belonging). There are plenty of Australians that I consider loud too, but I'm not one of them.
  10. Lost Melnibonean

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    Just so.
  11. I too enjoyed those books. Does anyone else recall Carol O'Connell's Mallory series -- feral child grown up with stupendous skills? https://www.bookseriesinorder.com/carol-oconnell/ I liked the books very much, and appreciated that the author understood she'd done what could be done, and quit.
  12. I mentioned this in another post but will repost it here. Emilia in her interview with The New Yorker says that the showrunners told her early on that Daenerys arc was like that of Lawrence of Arabia. It is about power corrupting a person absolutely. I remember the boys—our writers and showrunners—telling me that Daenerys’s arc is that of Lawrence of Arabia. I watched “Lawrence of Arabia,” and I was, like, “Great, cool. He’s brilliant. He survived, and it’s wonderful.” But then you remember how that movie ended, with Lawrence’s disintegration. I didn’t quite put those two things together. Or maybe I didn’t want to see it coming because I care about Daenerys too much. Can you talk about that a little more, how Daenerys’s arc is like Lawrence of Arabia’s life? Well, fundamentally, he’s brought in as a savior. He goes in and fights for the people, but then, ultimately, it’s a story about how power corrupts absolutely. You see power turn this man wild and mad. He can’t see anymore through the haze, the giddy highs, of being in charge. And that’s what Daenerys experiences. And yet I care for her so much. She’s been a part of me for so long that, in reading this script, I did what any actor is told to do and would do. You have to agree with your character. If you don’t agree with your character, then you shouldn’t take the job. I really just had to sit there and wrestle with how I could make good on what they had written. Because that’s her. They are the writers. They have made this woman, and I’m going to take on what it is and try and interpret that to my best ability. Now, when I showed the first glimmer of coldness, in Season 1, when Khal Drogo kills my brother, Viserys Targaryen—Jason [Momoa] kills Harry Lloyd . . .
  13. First of all, like I said earlier, you're trying to apply sense and logical to something that inherently not logical. That's why I said "in her warped mind". .The northerners were supposed to be her people, but she didn't care about marching them to KL exhausted and wounded. Not necessarily. Everyone has their breaking point. Losing her baby and husband and losing her first dragon happened years apart. She lost Jorah and Rhaegon right before Missandei died, and it was after that that her "descent" seemed to begin, fueled by the other events I mentioned. Obviously she cared, as was evident in her conversation with Jon. You need to stay within the context of the show, not apply your own feelings about what the northerners did/didn't do. So? That does not negate the validity of his point, especially since he was not the one who coined the phrase "Every time a Targareyen is born, the gods flip a coin." And Varys made clear a long time ago his allegiance was to the people of Westeros, not to any one ruler. Says who? Mental instability does not manifest the same way in every one who is. Hers was obviously buried deeper. She had good in her as well as bad, whereas her father was just insanely evil.
  14. KuwabaraTheMan

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    The way to interpret the line isn't that Varys is getting his knowledge of the passages from any sort of actual magical ability; it's just a little subtle hint at his possible heritage. Keep in mind that this line is from the same chapter where Varys makes his first appearance. Obviously he hasn't actually gotten his knowledge of the passages from any Targaryen/Blackfyre heritage, but putting that line just a few pages before Varys shows up is definitely not an accident.
  15. Tywin Tytosson

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    I would encourage you to check out Racefortheironthrone and towerofthehand for critiques of Renly and Stannis.
  16. Given he did the most dishonorable thing possible to a woman that risked everything to save him would seem to make him pretty flawed. The only heroic action he could have taken was to tell her how he felt and accepted what ever wrath was there, stabbing a girl who trusts you while you kiss her is pretty much bottom of the barrel by any standard but most certainly Neds.
  17. Feather Crystal

    Heresy 222 vindication

    I think Lyanna’s abduction is tied to winter’s return, and that her death coincided with spring. i also think that latest interview seemed promising. By golly we may get Winds by or before Aug 2020!
  18. Not like I'm Paul Krugman or anything, but I have been very surprised that the economy on the main indicators has stayed so solid given all of the trade bluster. But perhaps it's only just beginning to really come home to roost.
  19. Tywin Tytosson

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    Jon Arryn was quite the Hand. Most of the good things in Roberts reign should be laid at his feet.
  20. Yaya

    Aegon VI

    you suck AlaskanSandman. fuck off.
  21. Yes that's crazy, even if in this instance she ends up being right... if you jump into a pyre because a dream told you to do so, i will question your mental health, even if you end up unburnt and with 3 baby dragons.
  22. KuwabaraTheMan

    The "Val" Option, Jon´s alternative to the Iron Throne?

    ADWD was Jon's "Aragon with tax policy" moment. Same for Dany in Slaver's Bay. You don't have to sit the Iron Throne for that exploration to happen; it already did for Jon. We saw the hero thrust into leadership and having to consider different options, figure out how to make peace with different factions, and even dealing with stuff like taking loans from the bank and figuring out how much food to store. It doesn't mean that he's going to sit the throne ever; just that GRRM has always been interested in exploring these ideas and showing how the tools necessary to lead aren't the same as just being a hero in battle.
  23. When did she say this? The Khal kidnapped her and threatened to rape her. She burned them alive. Good!
  24. This too when she lost Barristan and she doesn't care if she burns innocent people alive in retaliation.
  25. someone needs to send to this to those fucking actors insulting the audience
  26. Disagree. Agree. She marries a guy to try bring peace to Meereen. Not necessarily to be a more fair ruler. She locks up the dragons because the person was a child and it triggers something in her re. her inability to have children. [the show doesn't portray this; it is from my recollection of the books] This is not correct. She expects that Jon bending the knee means that the North will bend the knee. She is not used to the Norths 'King in Parliament' kind of governance. Mmmm.. yes, she did. She burned those Dothraki Khals alive. And was quite ready burn 3 if not 4 of the cities that attacked Meereen in S6 to the ground.
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