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  2. lakin1013

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Because the people you named were guilty of trying to murder someone. Hanging the child is hard to take but in that society, there was nothing to do with a murderous child - no therapy, no juvenile courts, and no pediatric psychiatrists. That is quite a bit different from having people burned alive because they would not kneel. Dany jumps to the most extreme decision without considering any moderate steps. You are misleading on Mance's death. John extended mercy to Mance, and ended his suffering. Actually, Mance was also being burned alive so now we have a clear picture what Jon would do and what Dany would do.
  3. Nymeria Stone


    You could say that about book Dany (even though I disagree), but you can't say this about show Dany. D&D didn't build her character like that and it's a little too late to change that now. While book Dany refuses to admit her father's crimes, remains stuck to the "Usurper" fairy tale and has shown to be quite arrogant and ruthless, show Dany isn't like that. If anything, she was massively criticized for being 'white-washed' by the show writers. She acknowledged her father's crimes, refused to take King's Landing by force and instead decided to gain the westerosi's trust and siege the city. She abandoned her fight for the throne to help fight against white walkers, dropped everything to save Jon and lost a dragon in doing so. No, she doesn't oppose execution and doesn't have the (in)famous Stark sense of honor, but nothing she has done so far gives any indication of her being mad. You could argue she has acted cruel, but cruelty isn't madness. Tywin was cruel and cold, but no one called him mad. Let's not make light of bipolar disorders, yes?
  4. Tywin is the worst.
  5. You don't think people deserve even 19 hours off from posting about US Politics?
  6. princess brittany

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    she just wants to kill everyone that has done bad things to her family. if i remember right she had visery killed for threatening her unborn son. do jon, sansa and arya know that jamie push bran?
  7. Spockydog

    Pod-Emperor Acknowledged At Last

    If George doesn't finish them, hopefully someone will after he's gone (and hopefully that someone will be more Daniel Abraham than Brandon Sanderson). Thinking about it, I'd be amazed if there wasn't some kind of contingency already in place.
  8. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Jon executed a child. What is so different about that? Why was it honorable to do it? I don't understand the outrage the Tarlys' execution causes in some people. They refused to bend the knee, refused to take the black, refused to submit to her. If anyone had questioned Jon that way, would he have acted so differently? Oh, wait. He didn't act differently. In the books, he beheaded Janos Slynt, in the show, he did it to Olly and Alliser Throne. He also took a part in the execution of Mance Raider, let's not forget that.
  9. willowbark

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    I don't think Dany would leave after learning about Jon. I do think she might leave once she learns about Cersei's betrayal...We see the unsullied getting ready for the AoD, and Grey Worm leading them. (so either she doesn't leave, or if she does, unsullied choose to stay and fight for the living). Did we see any dothraki preparing for this battle? Maybe they follow her to go to Kings Landing? If Dany does leave early, I think it would only be for Cersei, and that might be why the show did such an oddly time Rhaegal ride - so he would stay with Jon to burn wights.
  10. princess brittany

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    i want to jamie to survive too.
  11. willowbark

    dany and sansa

    I really agree with this. Given that the Alayne gift-chapter GRRM gave out has her learning about grain, and specifically grain in Winter/wartime and trading/selling of it, and that she was de facto lady of the house for Sweet Robin and LF after he killed Lysa, then her worrying about grain now would make more sense. Sansa herself was attacked in the bread riots of KL as well as witnessing how the city responded to Margaery, based on the tyrell food wagons. She knows how important food is to the masses. Unfortunately, the show opted to change her storyline, to make her more badass and "interesting", but now that we are on what I consider to be her eventual book path, then it seems disjointed for the viewers. I also think that the show runners were hyping Sansa as a potential betrayer for so long, to keep fake tension in s 6 and s7, that it's hard for them to come back from it, and for viewers to accept that Sansa is worried about the food for the people. IT's not just about feeding armies - winter is coming, the longest winter in a long time (and seasons last years in Westeros), so all of the WF stockpile used on armies increases the liklihoods of other smallfolk, children and babies, starving before the long winter is over. It's a long time to manage food stores for the entire north. It's not just about the time for the battle.
  12. Euron III Greyjoy

    The lost POV of House Tyrell

    Yeah I really enjoy this guys videos. His latest one is amazing, he put so much work into it.
  13. DaveSumm

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    Ah, I see what you’re saying. Sorry. But I think they first showed up toward the end of season 3, or whenever Civil War was released. Then had more of an arc around it in season 4.
  14. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    Good grief, did I break the thread?
  15. Tough choice. But given what we know of both, I pick Tywin.
  16. Today
  17. Mullocose

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    Interesting, I think that there is definitely something special & thus far hidden to the reader about Val & Tormund (Speaker to Gods)... I think that Val's role in the story will be a re-hashing of the Night's Queen Myth... With a corrupted & morally compromised Jon Snow (likely in Hodor's body) filling the role of the Night's King... Jon will probably use his soon-to-be expanded warging skills to bind the Night's Watch & Free Folk top his will... Varamyr's Prologue hinted at the hive-minded nature of a powerful skin changer with multiple subjects... Jon's subjects will number in the thousands, they will be people (not animals), & Jon will have little or no regard for their well being...
  18. OldGimletEye

    dany and sansa

    The point was she had the potential, not that she had all the experience. Social skills aren't the same as ruling. But, then neither is managing money or leading armies (and there have been some generals that haven't turned out to be good political leaders in the real world by the way. Grant was effective as a general but largely a disaster as president) and so forth. Social skills are just one skill set among many a leader might have. Certainly, knowing when and how to broach a topic, rather than snarking publicly about it would be helpful, I should think.
  19. Bran Snow

    dany and sansa

    One of the things I like about book Jon was that he thought logistics and the future. He got a meeting with the Iron Bank to get a loan in order to buy food and supplies for the Night's Watch so they could get threw the winter.
  20. rustythesmith

    Three Trials of Jon and Daenerys: Justice or Revenge?

    Thank you, I'm happy you liked it. Dany's treatment of Mirri seems vengeful to me. Dany is explicit that she wants to make Mirri scream in agony when she dies. So rather than minimizing pain Dany is trying to maximize it. While Dany certainly has plenty of reasons to want revenge against Mirri, the fact that her situation is sympathetic doesn't protect her from the dangers of succumbing to the temptations of compassion or revenge. Nor, I think, from the responsibility to deliver prosaic justice. There's something especially distasteful about burning her husband and Mirri together. On one hand, a funeral is a mournful and celebratory affair. It's mournful because it marks the end of a loved one's life, and it's celebratory perhaps because we're stopping to remember someone who once lived. Mirri's burning is mournful and celebratory for the same reasons inverted. We're stopping to remember and stew in the pain that someone has caused us, and we're celebrating the pain and death of someone we hate. The simultaneous burnings seem to profane one another. I'm reminded of a quote from Jojen I think, about "love and hate can mate." I think the pyre may be the event that earned Dany the "Bride of Fire" title that is used to reference her in the House of the Undying. It's customary in a Dothraki wedding for the bride to refuse her weapon-gifts and give them to her husband. Here, she gave her weapon-gifts to the fire, perhaps making the fire her husband. As far as Ned's code goes, Dany's biggest mistake in the Mirri execution might be along the lines of "you must take no pleasure in the task."
  21. divica

    dany and sansa

    And what does sansa know about managing Money? About aplying justice? about the importance of ships? about how to manage an army? Book sansa doesn t know any of these things... And being in charge of organizing a tourney isn t being in charge of the eyrie.
  22. sweetsunray

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    No disagreement from me that Cersei being Queen at all after S6 finale is ridiculous
  23. taurusmoo2004

    [Potential Spoilers] The Exodus Theory and the Show

    Yeh, Hardhome had more than a little dunkirk about it. It would be a fantastic subversion and totally believable. Even in the show at season 8 all the talk is STILL political manoeuvring and the wall is down ffs. So many horrible world events in history have been allowed to happen and fester because of ego and politics. It would be a perfect ending and make sense of Dany still ruling slavers bay etc.
  24. divica

    dany and sansa

    She wasn t in charge of the eyrie. She was in charge of the tournament which is a social event. And what I am saying is that social skills aren t the same as rulling skills. Sansa has no experience in admistering justice, in taxing, in leading, in managing anything… In the books we actually see the dificulties that jon (who has been thought by ned alongside robb to rule) and danny (that has been leading a group of people for a while) face while leading. Sansa isn t learning how to deal with the details of rulling...
  25. MinscS2


    Qyburn is one of those characters on the show that I quite like without really knowing why. Probably because he has a really good heart and a the brain of a curious child. He keeps them both in jars on a shelf. Guess I have a soft spot for mild-mannered necromancers. I also realized that the mountain was the one who nearly killed him at Harrenhal, so turning him into a massive submissive (to him, not Cersei even if she probably thinks it) flesh golem can probably be seen as some sort of poetic revenge. Belief is often the death of reason.
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