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  2. Gertrude

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Is that a thing Trump actually did (press, parents, etc)? Why am I surprised? Is it good that I can still be surprised or bad that half the country doesn't know to be offended? Anyway - I have liked Klobuchar in the past precisely because she was a kind of level-headed moderate and sometimes you just need that when both sides are breathing fire. I've even had thoughts of supporting a presidential run from her. However, the time for her brand of moderate politics in our leader is past IMO and everytime I hear her speak now - rally, ads, debates - she just sounds like someone bitter that the landscape changed under her feet. She doesn't try to persuade you that she's a good candidate, it feels more like she's upset with you for not realizing how great she is.
  3. szbszig

    Shouldn’t Robb have been betrothed at least?

    Betrothing at a young age happens usually in desperate situations (financial crisis, civil war) in order for the ruling elite to consolidate its power, or out of political interest (e.g. gaining influence abroad). At the start of the books the North is an economically, politically stable part of the kingdom, its autonomy (religion, culture, laws) is respected by the crown and the neighbouring realms (well, except for the Ironborn, of course), and it doesn't have any territorial or other claims outside its borders. In such circumstances there's simply no reason to betroth the heir of the realm to a daughter of a lesser lord, who is an ally of the house, or even to a daughter of the house's own vassal.
  4. Anthony Appleyard

    A picture in "Blood and Fire"

    I have been examining a double-spread picture in "Blood and Fire" (pages 140 and 141 in the hardback version). It shows King Jarehaerys I marrying Alysanne. in a large building, which I suppose may have been a big sept or may have been a large ordinary room pressed into service as a wedding room. At left-back in the book behind the congregation are two dragons, presumably Vermithor and Silverwing :: and the book's text says "in the presence of gods and men and dragons" or similar. Bringing two dragons into a sept service seems unexpected and risky. It is to be wondered how much the dragons understood of what was going on. One is standing on all fours (back feet and the wrists of its wings), and the other is rearing up on its hindlegs. I also saw two pairs of dragon wings, one pair mid front, and the other pair showing their wrist joints and claws from behind the lower part of the right edge. I wondered how two more dragons could be posed to show four wings like that, including whether the picture showed what one of them was seeing; but in the end I guessed that those four dragon wings were carved stonework; compare two stone dragon carvings on an opposite wall.
  5. I have a growing feeling (looking from the outside in) Warren is going to get the nomination. In some ways, she's the compromise candidate - she has some of the progressiveness of Bernie, as a woman she takes some of Harris and Klobuchar's shine, and she is clearly trying to angle for some of the Biden votes as well. Add to all this the fact that she's 70, which is still a fair bit younger than Biden/Sanders, and yet significantly older (and hence more comforting for older voters) than Buttigieg and Yang.
  6. mormont

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    And of course he invited the press. Because he thinks that meeting was a photo op. Yeah, he thinks these people's lives are fodder for the Donald Show.
  7. Have you ever heard WoIaF/GoT speech features escaping into real-world conversation? For example, someone who has read the books and/or seen the TV series, saying "Seven alone know" instead of e.g. "God alone knows.".
  8. Today
  9. Which Tyler

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    So, Trump invites the grieving parents of a boy killed in a hit and run to the White House and offers bland sympathy, before revealing that, SURPRISE, we've also invited your son's killer and she's waiting in the room next door! You can hardly tell that he's a reality television star masquerading as a politician at all, can you?
  10. Rhaenys_Targaryen

    Small Questions v. 10106

    No, that has not been described.
  11. BigFatCoward

    The SFF All-Time Sale List (vol 2) (updated Dec 2018)

    I assume this means we are never getting the follow up to Strange and Norrell?
  12. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10106

    It seems he's not active now, but you can try to contact him here https://mattdziuban.com/
  13. honeyed chicken

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    OK, problem solved - I forgot to hit "send reply" on Sniffer's pic. Already have 4 sentences. I forgot to name a deadline: Friday, October 18, midnight GMT, but if I get all eight sentences sooner, I'll move it up and send the sentences out right then.
  14. honeyed chicken

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Hmmm, let's try that again, then . . .
  15. Mindwalker

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Another outsider here (but hey, Russia, China, and the Ucraine are happily allowed to interfere, but I don't get just one tiny vote?!). So... half-informed ramblings ahead. I'm about one hour in. Warren under massive attack but doing well and coming across as energetic. Clear, concise, reasonable. Biden hasn't majorly slipped up yet, so that's good for him, I guess. Bernie... if you were 20 years younger... And yes, that's unfair, but it is how it is. It's also unfair that women and black people have a harder time, so stand in line, please. Please step down and prove that those who believe you'd rather endorse another white male than the other leftist-ish opponent who has a chance to win the primaries by asking your followers to endorse Warren! (Yeah, who am I kidding.) Why does he never, ever look into the camera? Harris is clearly going for the women electorate, right from the start when she was quoting, if I didn't misunderstand (American accent, people talking fast), Mary Angelou. Buttigieg crawling into the rich people and corporations' behinds... Ugh. Sorry, you're not THAT cute. Yang has always annoyed me with his lame "... but look, let's be real..." schtick. Plus the term "freedom dividend" is just ridiculous. Klobuchar... go away. Although she did get a nice dig at 45 in ("That's the one moment he told the truth"). Harris is very amicable and into harmony this time around, she applying for the vice presidency? Booker beating the same drum ("we have one shot... I've seen that script before").
  16. Castellan

    Acrophobia 36 - Gone Fishin' - ROUND 8!!

    1. 2 2. 10 3. 7
  17. Darryk

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    As an outsider looking in, I see Bernie as representative of a worldwide movement, and I hope he keeps fighting despite the health issues because I don't see Warren as a replacement, she seems to be playing both sides (the establishment and the progressive wing) and it's not clear whose camp she'll end up in. She's also admitted that she'll be accepting big money donations in the general election.
  18. 3CityApache

    El Camino: The Chariot of Destiny (Spoilers)

    I kinda liked to movie, though I do agree most flashbacks were not entirely necessary, to say the least. I hoped for at least a glimse of what Jesse might be up to in his new life in Alaska, but I guess that was too much to ask for. Shame we didn't get Huell cameo after all.
  19. Jeor

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    I like the look of these quarters. All of them have favourites, but there's just enough credibility for an upset in each one, although maybe that's stretching things a little for Australia's sake. I think I'm looking forward to the Wales/France (because of unpredictability) and Japan/South Africa (Japan's style vs South Africa) matches the most.
  20. Ser Hedge

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Btw, the above is assuming he comes back with a deal. If there is no deal in hand, then sadly EU intransigence will be blamed of course and we are back to a few weeks ago. So if the EU are able to humour the Bozo - while of course staying within their red lines - and just allow the Bozo to pretend he got some concessions (even if he didn't) by some fudgy language, then that is not a bad outcome as this ridiculous no deal threat then really falls off the table. After that if Lib-Lab manage to get in a remain vs Bozo deal referendum, great. GE is also fine, it's a referendum of sorts (with first past the post constraints). If this deal passes before of the either two, well, it's theoretically only a withdrawal agreement, there still a chance to influence the future relationship with the EU, so not the end of the world. The worst outcome is easily the current talks breaking down. No one except the craziest leaver should want that.
  21. Jeor

    Cricket 38: Ashes Openers Crash and Burns

    Just after he gave his best Test bowling performance too, when his stock couldn't have been higher. Hah. I feel I'm able to laugh at him though because it's self-inflicted.
  22. Anthony Appleyard

    Danaerys surviving?

    There would be one snag with a dragon at the Wall :: the book Blood and Fire says that when Alysanne wife of King Jaehaerys I visited the Wall, whenever she tried to fly her dragon Silverwing north of the Wall, Silverwing refused, although Silverwing never before this had been known to refuse. If this is caused by magic and is general with all ridden dragons there, it may be part of the magic left there by old events when the first Men arrived.
  23. Ckram

    George Martin and scale

    We know nothing, that's the point.
  24. mormont

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    There has been no first 'Scexit referendum', it was an independence referendum. 'Scexit'? What fresh gibberish is this? What is it with this '-exit' nonsense? It's worse than '-gate'. Now I'm going to leave the room, or 'rexit' as it's becoming known.
  25. Heartofice

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    Nope. Haven’t seen Birds of Prey and am unlikely to, purely because I haven’t bothered to watch most DC movies after BvS due to them being awful. Joker looked more interesting so checked that out. But if Birds of Prey is some lame ‘women get all empowered by killing men’ movie and that gets celebrated for reasons then yeah I’d have a problem with it. You can acknowledge inequalities whilst still thinking it’s not cool to celebrate vengeful violence or paint groups as victims who’s only answer is murder. But then that movie might well be nothing like that so I can’t comment. Again I haven’t seen anything in the Joker that encourages violence or says anything about race, and anyone who tries to paint it as such deserves rebuke
  26. Anthony Appleyard

    Clothes worn by dragon-riders; "falling off the dragon"

    At flight speed the heat from the dragon's body would be quickly be blown away backwards in the slipstream. I said:- > and his eyes would be exposed to the headwind plus any bits and dust and sand and small insects in it. Which brings up :: are WoIaF /GOTS dragons' eyes naked to the wind like my eyes, or is it like in real-world snakes where the eyes are permanently shut and it sees through a big strong transparent scale that occupies the whole of the lower eyelid?
  27. Teng Ai Hui

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

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