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  2. Varysblackfyre321

    Canadian Politics: Revenge of the small minds

    Jesus Christ I really do hate using ” both sides” but seriously do tell me how hard Republicans are pushing to have the governor of Alabama to re-sign or outed from her seat? https://www.npr.org/2019/08/29/755649657/alabama-gov-kay-ivey-apologizes-for-wearing-blackface-during-college-skit Because what I gather they're response is to choose to ignore it. I think both of them should have resigned with an apology after this was uncovered. But sure, pretend making gross generalizations of immigrants of being ungrateful parasites is totally not xenophobic because someone important on the left also did something racist at one point. Trump retweeted literal white-supremachist propaganda, multiple times, assumed congresswomen of color weren't born in America, and gave press-credentials to literal neo-nazis during his campaign. But Trudeau did something racist too.
  3. Moiraine Sedai

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Didn't the author himself say people are more alike. Their differences are minor compared to what they have in common.
  4. Moiraine Sedai

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    And all the concerns raised here are why going to war against your king is not a good idea. So they get Ned back. What then? There's no peace until Ned takes the black.
  5. Considered by whom? Remember this, Robert proudly claimed his Targaryen lineage to argue his right to rule. The only people who considered them enemies are the Baratheons. Last we heard, the Baratheons aren't doing too good. Their reign is a minor footnote in history while the three century dynasty of the Targaryens will be remembered for a long time. Right now, it is the Baratheons and the Starks who are enemies of the state. And both of them homeless at that. The stag and the direwolves have suffered humiliating defeats. Robb is a failed rebel and a known oathbreaker. Jon is known as a treasonous commander at the wall. Father Ned is a confessed traitor. If there is a family who is disgraced and lost its lustre, it is the Starks and the Tullys.
  6. Targaryen gold. The golden dragon is higher than the silver stag. And remember also, Robert claimed Targaryen lineage to argue for his right to rule. The Targaryens, in the eyes of many, are the only rightful rulers of Westeros. They built the kingdom.
  7. Power base is a rather vague term. They were not forgotten. Powerful people were secretly working to put them back in power. There were loyalists and sympathizers on both sides of the Narrow Sea. Naturally they can't do this out in the open. The Martell's, Sealord, Varys, Mopatis, Archon of Tyrosh, Marwyn, to name a few. The Targaryens are held in high regard by the smallfolk. What's left of the Velaryons and the Celtigars would likely support a restoration that has a good chance of success.
  8. Jaxom 1974

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    https://nerdist.com/article/mandalorian-samurai-movie-inspiration-disney-plus/?amp&__twitter_impression=true Nerdist seems to agree with my earlier suggestion.
  9. Jaxom 1974

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Got my hands on Legion of Superheroes #1...and I'm not sold in the Bendis style of writing on this book. I'm a huge Legion partisan, and it's relaunch is another reason I'm back in the comic shop more than once in a blue moon these days, but the first issue wasn't all I hoped for. I'll stick with it for now though...
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  11. Kalbear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    When it's good, it's really really awesome. The Maul/Obi-Wan encounter is one of the best things ever. And they absolutely nailed Vader. But there are a lot of very, very dull episodes along that way, and it also isn't particularly good at serializing - most of the eps are self-contained. And that's fine! But it's not what I'm wanting any more.
  12. Rhom

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    So much for Murray...
  13. Rhom

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I figured the child flashes we saw during the blacksmith scene will be his motivation.
  14. RedEyedGhost

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Memphis Oregon has been a pretty good game. Too bad Oregon looks like they've got it wrapped up, was hoping Memphis would keep on winning as they're giving the NCAA the metaphorical bird.
  15. Darth Richard II

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I was thinking of that too. @Kalbear ooof, I think Rebels is possibly the best Star Wars...including the OT.
  16. Maithanet

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    You mean Sean McVay? Or did you mean Kyle Shanahan?
  17. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    Got Disney+ up and running. Of course watched the Mandalorian, but there is some old stuff I'm looking forward to dipping into. Gargoyles is as bad-ass as I remember it being as a pre-teen (Okay, not quite that bad-ass, but it's still entertaining). Now onto Escape To Witch Mountain, which I adored as a kid and hadn't thought about in decades. Tomorrow I think I'll do Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Also, those of you that haven't purchased it yet, if you have a Verizon unlimited data plan, you get a year of it for free! Saved me seventy bucks.
  18. Zorral

    International Thread 3

    Here in the US, the little reporting getting through on what's going on in Bolivia is just atrocious, pathetic and utterly ignorant. I can't even get started, because I just don't know where to begin -- and I'm no expert either. But at school I listen to Bolivians talking and what they are saying is just so not what the little we get in the 'news media' says.
  19. Jaxom 1974

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I think it was a pilot episode. Lots to think about, mainly because we're not given a whole lot. Once they revealed the baby Yod, I assumed we are going to get a riff on Lone Wolf and Cub...
  20. We have a very warped view of this thing, with people essentially making up ship up to fill in the blanks. We simply do not know who would have been loyal to Robert if Viserys III had ever tried to regain his throne. We only have anti-Targaryen POVs in AGoT aside from Daenerys, and we still have no accurate picture how many lords and knights and people might be inclined to rise for Aegon (or later Daenerys) in the immediate future. The Greyjoy Rebellion is not really proof that Robert could rally the Realm against a Targaryen pretender - it just proves that he could rally the Realm behind him when he wanted to put down a non-exactly-popular Ironborn pirate thug. Those are two very different situations.
  21. Yeah, I think there are two more episodes left before the break.
  22. That is difficult to say. They were children. Children are not criminals, not even by the standards of this shitty world. In addition, considering the dynastic categories this people think in, there is simply nobody around who can judge or disinherit Viserys III. He is the rightful king. He could give up his claim/abdicate himself, of course, but Robert and his government do not really have the right or the power to take away his legal right to the Iron Throne. If they could - and people cared about stuff like that - then they wouldn't live in the feudal monarchy they live. People are loyal to dynasties and bloodlines and families in Westeros, not to abstract concepts like states or governments.
  23. Altherion

    International Thread 3

    In a completely different part of the world, the Supreme Court of India has decided that a Hindu temple will be built in Ayodhya and Muslims get land to build a mosque elsewhere:
  24. Kalbear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I have! I haven't watched the latest season, but I've watched everything before, along with most of Clone Wars. And eventually Filoni gets there (sometimes), but it is often kind of trite and not particularly interesting. In particular he rarely has good guys turning particularly bad. Bad guys end up having a heart of gold or whatever, but good guys don't ever get particularly corrupt. I like Rebels, but there are a LOT of filler episodes and a lot of very forgettable generic characters. When it's good it is super awesome - having Vader come in and kick everyone's ass was great, and I like what he does with the Force and balance at times - but most of Zed's story, the fucking Mandalorian subplot, and much of the actual rebel fight wasn't great. I knew that, but I also just don't care that much. I guess it's cool they can finally explore that part, but it's also a baby Yoda that isnt' going to be useful for a while.
  25. Yes they most likely were. No doubt anyone that tried to take them in would be branded as a traitor to the realm.
  26. Darth Richard II

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    She is but she's only shown in TPM briefly and barely mentioned again. (She might be in the background of the council in the other two prequels but I don't think she is)
  27. rocksniffer

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

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