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  2. El Guapo

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    Really? Than why are Jon and Davos still alive? Last time I checked neither of them bowed to her when they first met her. And where are you getting this "my way or the highway" nonsense in a episode where she listened to the what the people around her were saying in regards to Jamie and then deferred to their opinion and let Jamie join the fight? Last season she deferred to Tyrion more often than not as well. Honestly, I think you are watching a different show.
  3. OldGimletEye

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Now why would would you conflate the notion of liking reading about the War Of Five Kings with wishing it to continue. Sometimes I like reading books about WW2. Doesn't mean I wish it continued. That sugestion by you is a whole lotta nonsense. As far as it being evident that Prince Aegon would return, since ACOK, well I don't know about that. Sounds like some real creative foreshadowing. Uh yeah, I know he loses to Dany. I've never said he'd be defeated before Dany arrives to Westeros.
  4. Ser Gareth

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    No, because in this case they are both apples. Now if Jaime had killed Tywin with a Crossbow, that would be different. And some time even different fruit will lead to the same outcome, because it depends on what the outcome is. For example. the Mercy chapter versus the show. A different character was killed, in a different manner. But the main point of the chapter wasn't who died or how. It was Arya not being no one. So the same end was achieved.
  5. Greenmonsterff

    Ep3 Death Odds

    The story is written in first person from several different characters’ points of view. I don’t know how Sam could be narrating the story other than the parts that he was involved in. How would he know anything about Dany in Essos or Cersei in KL, or . . . .?
  6. Megorova

    Known Westerosi in Essos?

    Quaithe, who is actually Shiera Seastar. Tattered Prince, who could be either the Wandering Wolf Rodrick Stark, or his son. Pretty Meris, who could be Wenda the White Fawn, descendant of Duncan the Tall, and mother of Brienne Tarth.
  7. Lord Varys

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    But then you just make a very superficial comparison, no? Sort of like pretending it is the same eating apples and pears because they both are fruits. And I always agreed that the broad strokes of the ending would be the same - the Others will be defeated in both things just as good is likely to triumph over evil.
  8. He isn't insignificant. GRRM has confirmed that he struggles to write Bran, especially now that Bran potentially has access to all this revealing knowledge. Therefore I fully expect to get less Bran POVs, but don't take that as him being insignificant or him not having a crucial role to play.
  9. But can Bran see as far of as Essos? Doesn't he need a weirwood closeby to be able to see what happened? At least in the books I think his "powers" work like that, but if D&D would care about that
  10. Lord Varys

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    One assumes you should care what the story you are talking about and, I assume, read is about. I take you would have liked the Stark-Lannister war to continue? You would have liked to read a different story? That's okay, but that's not the story we get. And it was evident since, you know, ACoK that Prince Aegon would come back later in the series. If you didn't catch that or chose to ignore it, etc. it is your mistake. It suggests that giving up the dragons and Dany is going to come back haunt him. It doesn't indicate failure against the present powers in Westeros. If Aegon were defeated/killed before Dany arrives or if he ended up just some sort of semi-successful, sidelined war lord then his entire story would indeed be pointless - which is not going to happen. He has been announced in prophecy as being a lie Dany has to slay.
  11. I think the last scene will be a panning out shot of either King's Landing, Winterfell or the Wall being rebuilt.
  12. There is also a theory that book!Rocking is on the Isle of Faces, so maybe their stories are related somehow
  13. Ser Gareth

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    Yes, 100%. The motivations, dialogue, even the method of the killings are irrelevant. The fact is the events ended up being the same. Tyrion killed his old man with a Crossbow and strangled Shae. And I used the journey analogy because it is the one that GRRM uses himself.
  14. Astromech

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Well the Prague Film Commission does offer rebates : https://www.filmcommission.cz/incentives/key-points/ Now that you've mentioned it, I could see the Two Rivers resembling Bavaria. I've always pictured it as gently rolling farmland, like somewhere in the Midwest. Not sure if he can sing. Oh, please don't jinx Sam Elliott!!!
  15. Lord Varys

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    To use a more adequate comparison. Boromir destroys the Ring in LotR. Is that still the same ending? Or the Pequod not being sunk by Moby-Dick but by some other calamity of the oceans? Two different stories with essentially different characters - because they are conceived and act differently - having 'the same ending' can't have the same ending in a meaningful way. This is not a journey with a destination, it is a story. Take an example from the show: Would you say Tywin and Shae got the same ending as in the books because they were both killed by Tyrion? I'd not say so because they changed the motivations of those characters to the point that the reasons why they were killed greatly differed. If the characters involved and their reasons for doing things are fundamentally different then it is not the same ending. There certainly are similarities but it is not the same.
  16. Johnston

    What’s going to go down in the crypts?

    I actually just had a thought, isn't it mentioned (In books anyway) that the castle has a second graveyard for non-Lords/Ladys and servants. Isn't that where Ned sent Lady to be buried?
  17. sologdin

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    Literature is judging a piece of art on its own terms - themes, characters, symbolism, et cetera these are reasonable components of one set of interpretive assumptions, yeah. i don't think they are either necessary outside or sufficient inside those assumptions, though. the first readerly division will be in constituting 'art' as a theoretical object, of which 'literature' could be a salient subset, as differentiated from other sorts of writing. professor eagleton has some worthwhile comments on that issue.
  18. VladLXXXI

    Who is Going to Die

    When it comes to unexpected dead in the next battle, I put my money on Bran (his plan will fail somehow) + Greyjoy. Dondarion, Thormund, Podrick, Edd, Greyworm, Missandei seem to be pretty much useless at the moment, so I would kill them off too. 1 dragon, 1 direwolf - less CGI for the last battle. Jorah, Brienne seems to be important sacrifices... I give then 50/50. Jaime, Hound, Tyrion, Varys still have some important role in the story, so wouldnt expect them to die. Jon, Dany, Arya, Sansa are safe for the next episode.
  19. I totally agree!! Howland Reed was supposed to be the one to confirm Jon's parentage (or maube even Meera), at least as a book reader it is what I was expecting. I have a bet going with some friends of who will still appear in the next episodes and I have bet on Papa Reed, maybe I'm losing this one
  20. Yes, I'm sure you have plenty of old posts to prove your prescience... not.
  21. Vastrok

    Dany’s denial

    Completely agree, it would've been more realistic if Rhaegal were to come to the rescue of Jon in the middle of the battle.
  22. HelenaExMachina

    Known Westerosi in Essos?

    Gerris Drinkwater, Archibald Yronwood, Barristan Selmy, (if all went to plan) Edric Storm, Andrew Estermont (and the other guards of Edric), Andrey Dalt, Victarion Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet...as you can see the list grows quite long
  23. Rose of Red Lake

    Ep3 Death Odds

    The Night King.
  24. VersusAllOdds

    What does Stannis’ chapter reveal about the Pink Letter

    If you're looking for hints in the pink letter that might show who wrote it (or didn't), you won't find it within the letter itself. I've read it countless times, trying to find hope in it that Stannis is actually alive and well, but it's impossible to conclude that. The version in which Ramsay truly smashed Stannis and that the pink letter is genuine is still one with the highest probability of all others. First of all, whether other characters know who Reek is - is completely inconsequential, and changes nothing. They all consider Ramsay a psychopath, and incomprehensible banter in a letter filled with threats is expected from such a monster. I doubt any of them would smash their heads to decipher every single word of the letter... they would much rather be interested in the facts he states. My belief is that the Bastard of Bolton truly did write the letter, however that he lied about beating Stannis... he probably did catch Mance and his spearwives, and wrote to Jon in a desperate attempt to improve his situation... if he did beat him, he'd already have Theon and Jeyne back to him, now wouldn't he? The letter goes into detail describing the Mance situation, and mentions nothing regarding the Stannis situation, which I see as another proof. Secondly, whether he hang the skins or heads is one of the same things. He did mention he made a blanket out of his spearwives, so there's that. On another note, it take a hellish not to get the Game of Thrones spoil everything in the last season...
  25. Pebble

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an electric car. I do a 50mile round trip to work every day and I can park my car on my drive. So I can have my own charge point easily. I currently drive a smoky diesel focus that’s 15 years old I've had from new. I am concerned about battery life, and how easy it is to charge if I go on a longer trip. Although we would probably take Hubbys car if that was the case. I'd also like to keep any car for at least 5 years maybe 10. I'm looking at the Nissan Leaf something like this one https://www.toomeymotorgroup.co.uk/nissan/used-cars/leaf/tekna/ey16kvp I'm also considering the Ford fiesta but really that don't fit me physically half as well as the Nissan leaf. Its ok, but not great. I work for Ford so it make sense to buy a ford as I get a really good discount on parts. however Ford don't make an electric or Hybrid. Other Ford cars fit me less well than the fiesta and although I might be able to drive them occasionally I would not choose to own one due to the physical limitations. - We make some really great cars if your just a little bit taller. Does anyone have any experience with electric cars, and is able to offer any comments / advise.
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