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  2. Martyn Bull

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    Yes, I agree. What I tried to explain was that Jon actually has the strongest claim between him and Dany. That Dany's claim to be the "righteous queen of the 7 kingdoms" falls completely apart when it is known that Jon actually is the "truest" heir. In my opinion, the "realest" heir to the throne is always the heir to the one sitting on the throne. Cersei didn't mind getting an heir, so i guess it's kind of open after her demise :-)
  3. Techmaester

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    Her ancestors came and forged the kingdoms with fire. Ultimately her conquering them again would have hardly been inconsistent with her ancestors, she was a much truer successor than Jon(who totally failed his own bloodline). In essence she was the correct heir in spirit if not in established inheritance law.
  4. Nightwish

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    No, because he said to her that he doesn't want the throne and even if people support him, he will refuse. So since he passed to her this right, if we believe they have a claim, she is the rightfull heir since he doesn't want it and has declared it to her. The throne has to be conquered because of Cersei. So in reality it is by conquest and belongs to the one who will claim it by force in this case.
  5. Yes, it was. That assumes that a three eyed raven is still necessary for Westeros. I have wondered about that myself. In the books, they call the 3ER the Last Greenseer. Does anyone know if the books say how and when the 3ER originated? I'm thinking he had to be a product of the CotF's magic. The wiki doesn't say.
  6. Belgarad

    New Zealand

    Considering his usual reluctance to give anything resembling a timeline to when the book will be released, to basically say "it will be out within a year" is a pretty bold move if he doesn't already know it's done, or is in the final editing stages.
  7. kissdbyfire

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Well then, this means they’re also very arrogant. If they said they’re not writers, they should have remained as show runners and hired a team of proper writers for the job.
  8. Bernie Mac

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    While that is true to a point, it should be noted that the series is almost 2/3rds through and he's introduced a pretty detailed history of the first 150 years of Royal rule in Westeros. He's established a rich history which he can't really ignore. The reason why the last three books have taken him far longer to complete than the first three is precisely because he is trying to perfect it and make it seem logical. I genuinely can't see him abandoning that in the final book. Jaehaerys I was not in a position to appoint a commoner as his Hand or a foreigner as his Master of Coin until he was firmly established as King a decade later. He had to obey certain conventions, appointing men who were trusted by the realm. Both Jahaerys and Daeron II had women in mind for the position of Master of Coin but both had to obey the conventions of the day and hire their husbands to be officially on the Small Council. Westeros in the books is not going to become woke over night. The end of the series is still going to resemble our own middle ages society. See I don't really think what the show did was incomprehensible. The show and the book are two interpretations of the same story, but the show is far less burdened with history, rules and customs as the books are. It just about works for the show as there has always been a looseness with what is and is not possible in their world. its not weighed down with greater nuance of the books.
  9. Nowy Tends

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    With Daario telling everyone: “the Queen won't come back, she's been killed by her dragon because she turned into Arnolf Hitler!”
  10. Martyn Bull

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    Yes, but then she would have to get rid of Jon first. As long as he exists she is NOT the "rightful heir to the 7 kingdoms" according to her own logic. She can of course conquer the throne, but that isn't pressing any claim that actually makes sense - it's only conquering.
  11. The Snow Queen

    ASoIaF and LotR commentary, comparison and parallels

    Dany as Gollum is a good comparison, but Galadriel with the one ring is a better one.
  12. I don't even see it as wrong. If they wanted me to see her telling Tyrion as a power grab for herself or her using Jon for something, they should have put that in the show. Sansa stated her reason very clearly. She knows Jon is a threat to Dany's rule which could put his life in danger. The men in her family don't do well in KL. It's the same reason she didn't want him to go to Dragonstone in S7 (Stark men don't do well in the South). She noticed that even Tyrion was afraid of Dany. And only after all these stated reasons did she tell Tyrion. None of the reasons stated on screen suggest anything other than 'Sansa fears for Jon's life'. I give it less than a year. The council is a joke. Seriously, Tyrion and freaking Bronn? The King himself is always off getting high and doesn't give a damn about people anyway. Tyrion is essentially the ruler of the 6 Kingdoms. Once that becomes clear, all bets are off. The imp, the Kinslayer, the Kingslayer (most people don't know he didn't kill Joffrey), the Hand to the woman who torched KL. People are surely going to love him in charge. And it was his actions, plans and divided loyalties that lead to the fall of the wall and a million dead people in KL. That took him 2 years, imagine how much damage he can do in 1. Bronn will pull a book LF and stuff as much coin into his own pocket as he can and bankrupt the realm.
  13. I think the idea is to make it seem as though everyone thought that everything was great until Daenerys's heel turn and the underwhelming finale. Obviously, that couldn't be further from the truth, as the show was in decline long before these last few straws.
  14. Jaxom 1974

    Scott Lynch's Thorn of Emberlain is Completed

    Not much I won't buy by him.
  15. Nightwish

    A season of Jons betrayal

    I don't think that she cares for this anymore at this point (after the Bells). She views herself as such but she has lost any threshold, so actually and deep down she doesn't. But unrelated to her choice, Jon shouldn't have killed her in such a way for the message it conveys: https://www.fatherly.com/play/game-of-thrones-finale-daenerys-partner-violence/ It's really a bad taste to kill a young woman pretending to love her and while holding her to your arms. Not to mention that Drogon is upset: https://toofab.com/2019/05/22/jason-momoa-wanted-bar-fight-jon-snow-kill-game-of-thrones-wife-daenerys/ LOL
  16. King Jon Snow Stark

    Castrating Jon (Literally)

    Sam is lord commander of the NW and is the one who came up with sending Jon to the wall as revenge for leaving him for death. (I’m joking).
  17. I strongly disagree that all characters had the same chance of succumbing to their bad side. Can you see Brienne, or Tommen turning into murderers? Or Margarey, for all her scheming, was not a killer. On the other hand, Arya could very well have turned into a cold blooded killer, with the hate she harbored in her heart, and I was really afraid that was where her character was going to end up. The thing that makes it more likely for Dany is that she carries the "Mad Targaryen" gene, which made it a question for her character from the very beginning. Oh, and Jon did not kill Ygritte (his first lover). Olly shot her, Jon caught her as she fell and she died in his arms, so that argument is a non starter.
  18. The Mother of The Others

    Who is the great other?

    Mayhaps the singular importance of getting this prophecied Ice & Fire blooded character on the board is so they can live through the initial gauntlet of elemental death long enough to look back and forth at Fire forces and at Ice forces and ask them both "WTF?" Does only that bloodblended person have the vantage point to discern that the big elemental conflict is stupid (the result of things being out of proper alignment). The 'last heroes' are the ones who see the Ice and Fire equation clear enough to know how to balance it. (Where Mel's view is askew, Etc.)
  19. Squab

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    The idea that Adam Bandt or some greenie in Tasmania has a better idea than people on the ground in central queensland in regards to jobs and Adani is laughable. During the downturn people were kept on because of the work in the Galilee (including adani, macmines and waratah) was the only thing ticking along. Since then i know people that have jobs because of that work and thats before the basin even has a rail link. Clermont is basically a hub or stop on the way that undoubtedly kept the 2 pubs and petrol station going. If people outside of Queensland, or even central Queensland, really wanted to help, they could get another caravan together for august or september next year. Maybe get Jackie Trad, Steven Miles and Kate Jones involved. That would be fantastic. The arrogance or smugness of telling someone that you know more about their lives and backyard than they do is why the left wing vote has collapsed in Qld. The Qld senate count currently looks like 3 lnp, 1 ON, 1 ALP and 1 Green. And its so hypocritical. Stop Adani is fine and dandy if it has no effect on you. The moment someone's life is inconvenienced by environmental action, it quickly becomes less appealing and there's always some excuse. Look at the election. Look at Annastacia Palaszczuk's backflip this week. Some of those emigrating to NZ will be flying by burning avgas which is about as bad as you can get for climate change. They could sail but no, <insert excuse> is more important. Fortunately there is a way we can help. There is a change.org petition to install windfarms in the division of Warringah to help Zali Steggall on her crusade. Please sign and do your part.
  20. RFL

    A season of Jons betrayal

    We are defending Dany’s actions by citing Cersei. Does that mean we hold up Cersei as good?
  21. And who gets to choose a new Three-Eyed Raven? You see, that's the thing with GoT. You need two questions and everything falls like a house of cards.
  22. Why was yara even in the council? Aren t the 6 kingdoms dorne, reach, stormlands,riverlands, vale and the westerlands? WHAT THE FUCK IS YARA DOING THERE!?
  23. Ignoring the Jon hating/Bolton loving sentiment that we see occasionally round here,a couple of questions for you Map. How does Mel know about Reek?A Stannis letter?Saw him in her flames? How do the raven logistics work out?Does she steal one herself?Does she have an accomplice in this?What if she chose the wrong raven and it flew to Dorne?Did she wander off down the Kings road herself and set it free? Are you saying that dry parchment/paper that has been tightly rolled up immediately flattens and stays flattened after unrolling?
  24. Ramsay B.

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    From a quick search it is said that a person who is internally contaminated, like the husband, can spread the radioactive material through his blood, sweat or urine. So hugging and touching him was in fact somewhat dangerous.
  25. King Jon Snow Stark

    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    Yes it would have been it’s how Tullys talk to each other.
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