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  2. I definitely think the diversity in Randland is contrived. RJ really took a lot of real world cultural aspects and remixed them. It gave the world a unique flavor, but yes, I'm not sure it'll stand to much scrutiny. Here's how I've explained it: Presumably, the common language but distinct culture is a result of the AoL having a single language and a global civilization that had a lot of cultural variation. We know that during the breaking, though, continents and oceans moved around a whole lot. The Spine of the World, which separates the Aiel Waste from the mainland, was an undersea range, for example. And Shayol Ghul used to be a tropical island, which ended up becoming a sub-arctic mountain fastness. I guess that makes it plausible that, say, chopstick using, horse rearing, dark skinned Domani ended up in the same part of the world as golden haired Taraboners who wear veils. You'll notice, though, their distinction is in part because they're buffered by the Almoth Plain, over which they've fought for centuries to a stalemate. The same's the case with Tear and Illian, which are separated by the Plains of Maredo, giving them some excuse for a sharply distinct culture. Andor and Cairhein are less sharply divided, same with the Borderlands, where the cultural differences are gradual and overlaid by many similarities. They're separated from the southern states by large patches of land that aren't part of any nation, again. With regard to why those exist, we're told it's a long decline from the times or Hawkwing. They're not unoccupied, mind. Almoth has Falme, Maredo has Far Madding, and so on. It's just that, post the 100 year war, it looks like the more powerful nations fought each other to a standstill fighting over the weaker one's territories, and they ended up becoming kind of demilitarized zones that act as buffers between the nation's likeliest to feud. Andor and Cairhein are the sole nation's that didn't have this buffer, and they've fought more wars than any save Illian and Tear. So you can see some outline of a bunch of reasons that maybe justify the way the world is. But it doesn't get much deeper. I doubt any of that will matter in the show. They'll happily use the visual and verbal tics that identify different nation's to their advantage, I think. And since, despite there not being much justification for their differences, many of these countries do have a kind of cohesive and distinct feel to them, it'll help show the WoT world to be more "lived in", which I think is the vibe I always got.
  3. Fragile Bird

    U.S. Politics: Pedophilia is Just Acosta Doin' Business

    It’s a pretty standard rule in houses of legislative assembly that certain words are forbidden. A major one in Canada and the UK (I believe) is that you cannot call someone a liar. If you do you’ll get booted out. I assume the liar rule is the same in the US?
  4. If you read the links you'd know. But that's below your pay grade?
  5. kairparavel

    Careerchat III

    I had my second phone screen in 10 years today. The first was in the fall last year. In both cases I tanked it. I mean, I do not expect to get called in for on-site interviews for this one unless my resume wins out [spoiler - it surely won't]. I'm so mad at myself but also I was far too self conscious about not having direct experience in this particular industry. Also I hate phone screens. I'm on speaker phone with who knows who else is in the room. No social or facial queues. <sigh> I prepped too but the questioning format wasn't asking questions about my resume or experience. Instead it was 'go through our job posting and tell me how you meet the requirements' and I just choked. Ah well.
  6. Lost Melnibonean

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Hmm... The what'd he put in the cup?
  7. And if Sansa had relented on independence because a 'Stark' is on the IT, people would have been complaining about her character even more since apparently it was her front for not accepting Dany. As crappy as this story was, I prefer that she stuck to her guns in regards to independence, no matter who is on the IT. Because this way there is no doubt that it had nothing to do with Dany personally. It was about independence, period.
  8. Agree. I feel like some of it was a bit much. Although I don’t know exactly what is allowed in these type of cases. Denis O’hare plays such a great weasel. This was a much better episode than the last few. The season has been really messy, and obviously not needed, but I’m just trying to enjoy the cast and ending we get(this time). Given a do-over and I would’ve probably just stopped after season 1 though. They got us... Meryl Streep manipulation.
  9. Likely Luke Strong

    The Shaggy Dog Story

    I always figured there was more to Bran’s parallels with the Last Hero, so I’m not sure why I never noticed that there were exactly 12 people he interacted with after rising from the crypt. I’m definitely thinking it was deliberate. I’d still think it works better if the twelve all die, but if it’s not necessary I suppose Rickon wouldn’t have to die as long as he permenantly leaves the narrative. There was a theory I saw that I liked in which Rickon is happy on Skagos so Davos might decide to leave him because he believes the life of a child is more important than the war. So maayyyybe that would count. Or at least the very least if he dies Shaggydog could live on and everyone can be slightly less sad. The Rickon living scenario seems less likely considering Roose’s hunting party definitely seems to imply two of the younger Starks will die. So if it’s not Bran and Rickon, that locks us into Arya and Sansa. I wouldn’t totally write it off though.
  10. Wait, I didn't see your post. How exactly am I wrong or Ill informed? Cuz..things happened? I'm entirely unclear on the matter. Kinda seems, maybe, you just wanna denigrate me for your own use. Anyway, came here to post, @Tywin et al., you have officially lost the bet. It's done, Beto has qualified.
  11. Mystical

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    It's not illogical as that was the story in S7. They had Theon freaking come to Dragonstone to ask Dany for help with a captured Yara. And we saw him leave empty handed. I think like all things this was an accident because D&D are that dumb. But I thought 'gee Dany doesn't care much for allies unless she really, really wants to bone the does she?'. It's not illogical or irrational Dany hate when that's something that actually happened, whether accidental due to crappy writing or not.
  12. Lord Varys

    Tactical Overview: Golden Company

    Laswell should think about his cousin (?) Lord Titus - who, as husband to Margot Lannister, might also have some ties/weight in the West - and, in my opinion, the Merryweathers since Orton and/or his late father could have fought with the Golden Company during their exile. There is an actual possibility for a camaraderie connection there - whereas the idea that some random officers in the Golden Company actually have close connections with significant lords in the Reach they are not related to is not all that likely. It would be more likely if the last proper Blackfyre invasion of Westeros hadn't happened back in 236 AC. All men fighting in that war on either side should long be dead and forgotten. If Tommen/Myrcella were to be declared illegitimate - or if Margaery or Tommen were to die - before the Tyrell army faces Aegon Mace's motivation to fight against Aegon at all would drop considerably. He himself could not lay claim to the throne, so an alliance with Aegon would look rather promising. If his army faced and defeated Aegon before such things happened, besieging him in Storm's End, then actually trying to usurp the Iron Throne himself - or by backing some obscure Targaryen-Baratheon cousin as figurehead - might look like a better idea. However, I don't think such a scenario is very likely. In the long run the Tyrells should understand that to continue to back the lion is a bad idea. If Mace doesn't realize this then Willas and Garlan definitely will. And they aren't involved in the KL situation. Even if Mace fought against Aegon and lost - a Lord Willas could still easily declare for Aegon.
  13. Daendrew

    New additions to my ASOIAF book collection

    Thanks. I had no idea who designed the ARC.
  14. Platypus Rex

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    GRRM, on August 22, 2000, in response to whether Catelyn is changed in mind as well as body: "Death does change a person. No, I do not think Catelyn is as she was, no more than Lord Beric... And by the way, there will no Catelyn POVs in future volumes, which may tell you something." Hmm. Catelyn is not the only person whose POV chapters seem to have ceased. GRRM told a French newspaper that there would be 13 POVs in TWOW. That hardly seems to leave room for Brienne. Nor Jaime either.
  15. Was it this, or did it represent their rejection of their Lannister identity? Cersei tried to be true (failing miserably, of course) to Tywin's vision and her hair remained gold (although darker), while Jaime and Tyrion became increasingly distant from the ideal of House Lannister and their hair darkened.
  16. Lord Varys

    Tactical Overview: Golden Company

    Oh, actually everybody seems to be knowing that Randyll Tarly is the hero of Ashford. His victory there is the reason why he is seen as 'the finest soldier of the Realm'. There is no indication that Tarly suffers or broods over the fact that Mace claims or pretends he won the victory at Ashford. He is not like Stannis, who complains all day long that he is not Lord of Storm's End, he knows what he can do, and everybody else does, too, it seems. In that sense, there is no reason to suspect that the man feels slighted. And there was certainly reward for the victory at Ashford, especially not after King Robert sat on the Iron Throne. And Tarly certainly reaped rewards for his role at the Blackwater and at Duskendale and Maidenpool. And by the time of the Epilogue he reaped even another reward - the office of Master of Laws. This certainly is a possibility. How likely it is is going to depend on the KL situation and how things with the queens and the Faith, etc. unfold there. Is Mace also going to command the troops if his daughter is not yet safe or the situation in the capital uncertain? I don't know. Is a scenario imaginable in which Mace and Tarly would both command the army marching against Storm's End? Certainly, although that would be utter stupidity considering that it would weaken the Tyrell position in KL. As per the sample chapters
  17. Darth Richard II

    Elizabeth Moon Palladin's Legacy series

    Yeah too bad she’s a racist.
  18. lucia-saturn

    Worst Line Ever

    "She's the smartest person I've ever met." This is coming from someone who met Tywin Lannister.
  19. Platypus Rex

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    How do we know that Beric did not pass on all 7 of his undead lives, when he decided he had had enough? Anyhow, Beric wanted out. I don't think Stoneheart wants out. There are Freys and Lannisters and distant relatives of Freys and Lannisters, and distant relatives of the wives of Freys and Lannisters, still alive. But again, you have forgotten Thoros. He is still on hand. He refused to resurrect Catelyn because she was too long dead, and not for any other reason. He refused a command from Beric, but somehow I doubt he would dare refuse a command from Stoneheart.
  20. To be honest, I don't think a lot of people out there think of asexuality as anything more than a phase, aside from psychologists, people well-versed in sexuality and, of course, asexuals themselves. It's probably going to be a very long time before we see more awareness grow on that front. I would consider myself pretty young (like I said earlier, I was in college when the first two seasons dropped), but I can still remember how coming out was a big deal even ten years ago. This show isn't very strict with having it's characters behave in a way that matches the times (which was one of the big criticisms I've seen of this series), but I have a hard time picturing anyone in 1980s rural Indiana coming out prior to 30. I've seen a lot of people (most of whom are probably younger than I am) saying how badly they want to see Will get a boyfriend, and I don't think they realize just how truly dangerous that would be for a teenage boy as recently as a decade ago, let alone three. On another front, even if this season (allegedly) got higher viewership ratings than the last two, it doesn't seem to have taken over the media in quite the same way as the last time. When season two dropped, every website was putting out pieces ranking the characters and episodes, dissecting Easter eggs, making season three predictions, etc. Now it's mostly just Buzzfeed and Screen Rant recycling click bait. I don't mind the decreased coverage--as we saw with GOT, sometimes a show getting so big can make it less fun, not more--but I guess this does say something about the longevity of our new binge-watch routine.
  21. Lord Varys

    Rules of inheritance

    Rhaenyra was never Viserys I's presumptive heir. His presumptive heir was his brother Daemon, since the Great Council and King Jaehaerys before had dismissed the female claim. Rhaenyra became Heir Apparent to the Iron Throne when King Viserys I declared Rhaenyra his heir in 105 AC. And then she was his heir even after his second wife gave birth to sons - which fits with the Widow's Law since Rhaenyra would have to be disinherited to favor the children from the second marriage. Rhaenyra was the only living child from the king's first marriage, after all. A child that had formally been anointed heir before the king got a son. I expect that this scenario could also work if a lord formally anointed his daughter his heir and then (much later) got a son from a new wife.
  22. Lord Varys

    Why weren’t Robert’s brothers princes

    If we take Maekar and the various Princes of Dragonstone (and the one Queen of Dragonstone - Rhaena) as examples then this doesn't fly. Maekar, the Prince of Summerhall effectively was a lord in his own right, just as the rulers of Dragonstone before Stannis. People have suggested that lord may be a more prestigious title, but that is very convincing considering that everybody is a lord. Stannis and Renly the lords are not visibly distinct from the non-royal great houses, nor from the average petty lord. Granted, the fact that the Starks have the same titles as some petty lords is also problematic, but there are royals in this series that are princes - meaning it is rather odd that they are not princes. It seems King Daeron II granted Summerhall to Maekar and his heirs as a permanent seat. Meaning if Baelor Breakspear or Aerys I or Rhaegel had continued the Targaryen royal line Maekar's eldest son Daeron - or if he predeceased him other sons/descendants of him - would have succeeded his father as Prince of Summerhall. In fact, we can also assume/speculate that Daeron the Drunk actually became Prince of Summerhall after Maekar was named Prince of Dragonstone by King Aerys. In addition, chances are pretty good that King Maekar eventually granted Egg Summerhall since Daeron eventually became Prince of Dragonstone (although he preferred to be styled Prince of Summerhall because that was less gloomy, indicating he also was Prince of Summerhall at one time). And after Daeron's death Aerion would have become Prince of Dragonstone, meaning Egg may have been Prince of Summerhall then. And during Egg's reign one of the younger sons - Jaehaerys II originally, perhaps, or Daeron later on, possibly even Duncan the Small after he had given up his claim to the throne - could have been Prince of Summerhall. It is very much implied that both the Princes of Dragonstone and the Princes of Summerhall were effectively lords in their own right. The Princes of Dragonstone effectively ruled over all the lordships and domains the Targaryens controlled before the Conquest, and the Princes of Summerhall would have had enough lands and incomes attached to their seat to finance it. After all, they were supposed to be established as a cadet branch with a castle of their own. I'm also contemplating the idea that King Aegon III may have intended to grant Dragonstone and its holdings to his brother Viserys. The tradition that the Heir Apparent to the Iron Throne is the Prince of Dragonstone has long been established by then, but Prince Viserys was working very closely with Aegon III, had children at a very early age long before Aegon III fathered children, and he was his brother's presumptive heir until the birth of the future Daeron I. Thus I'd not be surprised if Aegon III granted Dragonstone to Viserys the way Jaehaerys I gave it to his sister Rhaena. The reason why it would eventually have become the seat to the Heir Apparent again would have been because Viserys II eventually became king himself.
  23. Today
  24. This is how you do it: https://www.etonline.com/bad-bunny-urges-fans-to-protest-puerto-rican-governor-ricardo-rossello https://www.nbcsandiego.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/How-Ricky-Martin-Bad-Bunny-and-Lin-Manuel-Miranda-Got-Caught-Up-in-Puerto-Ricos-Gov-Ricardo-Rossello-Leaked-Chat-Scandal-512754181.html He's cutting his European tour short, and flying back to PR to be part the continuing protests. Who has gotten their The Squad t-shirts? Or -- ooops, that's too aggressive of people of color and will make white people feel bad, so no, don't get one.
  25. I’m poking around in B&N right now and it’s interesting how everything here seems to be the exact inverse of what Pat described. Not that I’m accusing him of lying, just that region differences are...very different.
  26. Inigima

    Board Issues 4

    Still getting these on the regular. Posting screenshots is extremely annoying on mobile since we don't allow inline images. I don't have this problem at all anywhere else. Maybe the ads aren't the problem but there is definitely a problem. Edit: this one was to wwwa dot innovativescientificjournal dot xyz
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