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  2. Impmk2

    Happy Metric Day!

    I have to say that while I can covert pounds easily enough, stones get me every time. They're such a uniquely British (& Irish?) measurement.
  3. Corvinus

    Babylon 5

    I remember that, I was just hoping to see that in the timeline. Also, in that future, G'Kar had lost his again. Why?
  4. Renly was a third son who watched both his elder brothers marry and have children. He knows his whole life that there are inheritors before him in the line of succession but chooses to ignore it. Dany spends her whole life believing Viserys is the rightful Targaryen monarch and that she is his heiress and, after his death, the rightful queen. Until, enter stage left a claimant she has known nothing about and who could turn her whole life upside down. It's a lot to wrestle with and I wonder how many of us, mid-glorious return to secure our birthright and save the world, would promptly bend the knee, pack up our banners and our dragons and quietly explain to out hordes of followers that she's not the real deal. It's possible, but it's not likely.
  5. HelenaExMachina

    Happy Metric Day!

    A lot of people talk about their weight in stones and pounds too, it is a weird blend
  6. Quality in art is subjective, quality in craft is objective. Filmmaking or TV making is a combination of art and craft, there’s definitely objective standards you can hold a TV show to. At the same time, whether you enjoyed something despite its flaws, is back to being subjective again. Personally, the GoT finale held my interest despite its many flaws (in fact, it can be enjoyable to watch and slag it off as it goes along). But that’s probably because I don’t really care about GoT. I’ve definitely got sympathy for people who genuinely loved it and feel they were let down. They were, by people at the top of the production tree who made a deliberate decision to put out something half assed and poorly thought through.
  7. The hairy bear

    House Butterwell in the Golden Company

    "When the Black Dragon rose, this lord of cows sent one son to Daemon and one to Daeron, to make certain there was a Butterwell on the winning side. Both perished on the Redgrass Field, and his youngest died in the spring. That's why he's making this new marriage. Unless this new wife gives him a son, Butterwell's name will die with him." Given that he had no male offspring at his middle fifties and that we havn't heard of any Butterwell at the ASOIAF times, it don't think it's unlikely that Ambrose was the last of the Butterwells. But, anyway, I don't think that Butterwell is a name that would bear any prestige in the Golden Company: both sides probably saw lord Ambrose as a coward and ineffectual upjumped cow merchant.
  8. It started with Tyrion cavorting with three prostitutes at Winterfell when he was supposed to be present with the rest of the royal family being formally welcomed by the Warden of the North and his family. Hard to dumb things down from there surely? I gave Season 1 6/10 and found no reason to watch further seasons as the show was ok for what it was worth but offered so much less than the books. A Great Council was required to choose Aerys's successor after the Targaryens were deposed and a mere 20 or so years later we see that repeated to choose Bran as the new monarch. It's not progress at all, just a return to stability after a period of conflict, there's an obvious reason and desire to choose the old familiar system to remove a dangerous power vacuum. The expectation is that Bran will be "Good king Bran" but the system is as dependent as ever on the personality of the monarch and his relative power vis-a-vis internal challengers.
  9. Black Crow

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Yes, as suggested up-thread the over-arching problem with the Mummers Farce is that GRRM revealed the endings for some of the character arcs but not how they came about. In this case I agree with your assessment, which is also consistent with the story of Bran the Blessed in the Mabinogion.
  10. Alexis-something-Rose

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    I'm curious. Are you implying that maybe things with RL started happening before Harrenhal or I am misunderstanding your post?
  11. The hairy bear

    How do you think Tommen and Myrcella will die?

    I'm surprised by the number of people thinking that Myrcella is already dead. I didn't know this theory was so widespread. Not sure I buy it, though. Why would Doran tell Arianne about the secret marriage in Braavos, Quentyn's secret mission, and all his plans of treason, but not that? Wouldn't the entire court of Sunspear notice the change?
  12. ljkeane

    UK Politics: The End of May

    They don’t care about the entire electorate, just people who are possible Conservative voters. Or enough of them think that way that it’s effectively what we need to worry about anyway. This is not the kind of result that’s going to pressure brexiteers in Parliament to have a rethink on the prospect of no deal.
  13. Dragon in the North

    Best and worst TV series finales, and where does GoT rank? *Spoilers*

    I thought “guilty pleasures” were things you liked, but that the majority of people didn’t like, so you were ashamed you like it. Maybe I’m wrong, though. Anyway, I don’t spend my time watching television shows I don’t like, but that’s just me.
  14. Dragon in the North

    Best and worst TV series finales, and where does GoT rank? *Spoilers*

    People only enjoy Twilight because they think it’s good, so it’s not laughable at all. There is no such thing as a perfect television show, so if the flaws of GOT stop it from being high quality, the flaws of Breaking Bad stop it from being high quality.
  15. David Selig

    The Perils of a Reluctant King

    It's very much a fantasy cliche, it appears extremely often in the genre. I'd take training, experience and actual willingness to do the job over theoretical less potential from corruption from power any day of the week. There is a reason companies don't pick their CEOs from the employees who refuse promotions and don't show ambition or a desire to take on extra responsibilities.
  16. Quillon

    Your biggest what if?

    What if Sansa haven't informed Cercei on Ned's plans? He was probably gonna survive KL by the skin of his teeth if it wasn't for Sansa... What if Sansa died at childbirth? What if her direwolf ate Sansa? What if Arya stuck Sansa with the pointy end? What if Sansa choked on a lemon cake? What if Sansa had a heart attack and died?
  17. Today
  18. Ran

    Small Questions v. 10106

    I think the appendices are unlikely to show more such tweaks going forward, but one never knows. New houses? Maybe, though as referenced within the appendices of already established families rather than getting appendices in their own right, I'd think. I think the Mullendores have always been vassals of the Hightowers. George just clarified his sense of things as he progressed.
  19. In the Golden Company there are a number of men who are, or claim to be, from the noble houses of Westeros. Some examples include Franklyn Flowers, a Fossoway bastard, Laswell Peake and his brothers, Marq Mandrake, Jon Connington, and som men claiming to be from Houses Strong, Mudd, Lothston, and Cole. I think there could be men from House Butterwell serving in the Golden Company. Butterwells would have the motivation to join the company, as they lost their castle, Whitewalls, and nearly all their wealth as a punishment for aiding the Second Blackfyre Rebellion. The Golden Company was also founded by Bittersteel, who hated Bloodraven, and Bloodraven was the one who destroyed Whitewalls. Also, the Peakes lost much of their power after the Second Blackfyre Rebellion, as they had two of their three castles taken from them and Lord Gormon Peake was executed, and there are three Peakes in the Golden Company looking to make their house as powerful as it once was. Even if there aren’t any Butterwells currently in the company there may well once have been.
  20. norwaywolf123

    Population of planetos after the events of ASOIAF

    Supposing Westeros is as devestated as you say, what may that lead too? Perhaps there will be a large migration of Valyrian speakers into Westeros? Maybe Westeros or parts of it will become part of the Free Cities cultural sphere? Allthough i doubt it, Westeros will probably end where it started.
  21. Bittersweet Distractor

    How would you have ended it?

    A huge swirling vortex in the sky opens up and this happens would still be my favourite outcome .
  22. norwaywolf123

    Population of planetos after the events of ASOIAF

    The North might not have lost much population yet, but they are likely to take the highest hit from the others. My take too. Will greyscale stay in the South or will it spread northwards?
  23. I feel that Val, fAegon, Arianne, Willas and Garlan, Lady Stoneheart, Jeyne Poole, The Manderlys, Aeron and Victarion, all these characters and stories missing affect a lot the story in a bad way. Also important plot points like Tysa missing and Jeyne Westerling becoming Talisa Maegir weren't welcome changes for the story either.
  24. Lady Rhodes

    Heresy 222 vindication

    The section you have here regarding Jon Con and the Bells is very interesting. I mentioned elsewhere that I thought the burning of KingsLanding was more likely to occur against Arianne and Aegon rather than Cersei. I hadn’t even connected it to Jon Con’s Battle of the Bells PTSD!
  25. Can't believe we are debating the existence of highly subjective opinions in art and entertainment in 2019. It's all subjective. I, for one, hated GoT since season 2. It was fucking garbage, for me, and yet most of you here had no issues with it until later on. Does that make you all idiots?
  26. Burning down the city is worse than a crime, it's a blunder. It's a massively valuable piece of real property. Old Nick would not have approved. But, it's just a plot contrivance.
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