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  2. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    I disagree. The oath was to not take up arms against the Tully's so he did not break the oath the moment he took control of the siege. This oath was also forced out of him at knife point so I don't know how much pressure he would be under to keep it. Still he tried to. Jaime didn't take the sword & was under no obligation to give it to Brienne or anyone. The sword, the letter, & the funds all show Jaime trying to do the right thing. Again, he was under no obligation to do any of this so what might his motive be if it isn't to be just? & In doing that would break another oath, like the poster above said. It's hardly fair to condemn the man for shirking duties in one instance & then condemn him for not shirking duties in the next. The whole point is Jaime is trying to balance things. Refusing Casterly Rock wasn't shirking his duties, it was upholding them. He swore an oath to the KG. The same with being the hand. Again you are being contradictive. In one instance you condemn him for only thinking of Cersei but here condemn him for ignoring her. He is trying to be a better person, changing his ways etc. In the past he only thought of Cersei. Now he is trying to do what is right.
  3. Ckram

    George Martin and scale

    What about White Walker's ranged weapons? Would you mind to point a source for this? Not a good excuse, though. Harrenhal is way bigger than those, for instance. I wonder if they were built like that due to the enemies they were designed to resist. In deed. However, are they nearly impossible to mantain or just impractical? [Honest question]
  4. The Mother of The Others

    NFL 2019: After A Quarter, Are They Who We Thought They Were?

    You know how some normal looking guys look really dumb when they put on a helmet? It's been something to chuckle at and then dismiss, but now I wonder if it's an actual indicator! Like, maybe the helmet hides the extraneous details of the person's head and leaves only the true football face. So when they look like a duh..... Statisticians should immediately check to see if this correlates with QB performance, because isn't Goff kindofa 'helmet duh' ?
  5. Yeah, it's going to be a nail biter. The NDP did a little, but the Bloc really cut into the Liberals lead post debates, re: seat projections. Oct 22 is going to be one holy hot mess, for sure.
  6. Alexis-something-Rose

    Shouldn’t Robb have been betrothed at least?

    About Lyanna, Robert is the one who proposed the match, not her father. And taking into consideration the alliances Hoster Tully was trying to forge with House Redwyne and Lannister, I'm willing to wager that he is the one who proposed the match between Brandon and Catelyn. Lysa and Jaime, the Lysa and Jon Arryn. Edmure and Arianne. That said, and more to the point. Ned was the middle man for Lyanna's betrothal to Robert. He was the one who brought the proposal to his father. So perhaps he just wasn't interested in having his children being betrothed at a young age or them being used as a bargaining chip which is exactly what ends up happening.
  7. Fragile Bird

    Canadian Politics: Revenge of the small minds

    Well, this is going to be a close election. The advance poll numbers were huge, with over 2,000,000 voting, 25% higher than the last time, when people were determined to get rid of Harper. So is that good news or bad news for Trudeau? From past elections I know the NDP are very good at getting out the vote, but so are the Conservatives. My brother was watching Winnipeg news the other day and people interviewed after voting were saying they wanted change. I don’t know what channel he was watching though, if it was a CTV station I think they’d skew things to be Conservative positive. The latest Grenier poll compilation suggests 134 seats for the Liberals, 132 for the Conservatives, so damn close. The wild card will be this apparent swing to the Bloc in Quebec. They also predict a 12% chance for a Liberal majority, a 39% chance for a Liberal minority and a 42% chance for a Conservative minority.
  8. Angel Eyes

    Cold-hearted Robb

    Robb could have sent a strike team to infiltrate the capitol and retrieve Sansa. Tyrion tried the same thing with Jaime.
  9. Jace, Basilissa

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Schiff: Do you swear to give accurate and truthful testimony, so help you God? Boltman:
  10. Tywin et al.

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    *The Dark Knight
  11. Rufus Snow

    Why is navy underutilized in Westeros?

    Take a close look at the east coast of Westeros, could this method really be feasible in, say, taking an army from the North to KL, or even Storm's End? (or vice versa for that matter...) The army would need to march maybe four times the distance to follow the coast instead of using the Kingsroad, so the benefit of ship supply is much less valuable, IMHO. Movement east/west would also be more efficient by land, as the only sea option is to go all the way round, passing through the (usually) pirate-infested Stepstones on the way, then skirt the inhospitable south coast of Dorne with its lack of landing places for rewatering and resupply. To my mind, the lack of integration of naval and land forces boils down to a couple of major themes. Firstly, keeping a standing navy is expensive (not for nothing is it said that a boat is just 'a hole in the water for throwing money into'), and since the Targs unified the 7K then the regions have had no real need for separate navies. Secondly, as I think the English invasions of France showed in the 100 Years War (and others), naval invasions take a huge administrative effort - which I think is beyond most of the regions in Westeros. There were times when English armies just kicked their heels in Southampton for a whole year (on full pay) waiting for the ships to be all organised and victualled. And that ws just to cross twenty miles of sea. And to add a thirdly, the weather. The Narrow Sea seems even stormier than the Channel and North Sea around Britain, and the weather there put paid to many an invasion, in each direction, over the centuries. So the tl;dr version: too uncertain, too expensive; too much hassle
  12. Today
  13. JEORDHl

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    Oh, it wasn't just JeHordhi's brother. I saw it yesterday and agree. Doesn't add anything meaningful or compassionate to mental illness or awareness in general. It had far, far less to say about class struggles than, say, American Psycho, but at least that film was honest and didn't try to window dress it's psychopath in pitiable pathology.
  14. Jace, Basilissa

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I can see him watching the last sixty seconds of The Dark Night seven times in a row on his phone outside the impeachment hearing where he's scheduled to speak.
  15. Tywin et al.

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    IIRC, he does have a history of leaking information. John Bolton, not the hero we want or need, but the one we deserve…..
  16. DanteGabriel

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I guess it depends how much you trust the NY Times reporting on the whistleblower. They said he was a CIA officer detailed to the National Security Council. Probably someone that was around Bolton a lot, at any rate.
  17. Jaime L

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    Week 6 Power Rankings 1) Lord Dracarys - 44-10 2) Jaime L - 35-193) Dunknegg - 33-21 3t) Whiskeyjack - 33-21 5) Fuentez - 26-28 6) JJ Lannister - 25-29 7) RaceBannon - 23-31 8) boiled leather - 18-369) Jace, Balissa - 18-36 10) Mya Stone - 15-39 As noted above JJ wins hardest luck loser of the week but there's always the consolation of power rankings in this league. The Fuller trade ended up backfiring for WJ as he dropped 3 TDs in his lineup while 2 bench WRs combined for 5 TDs but still put up a massive score for the week, got the win and has climbed to the upper tier in power rankings. Drac remains undefeated with another big score. He and Dunk have now distanced themselves from the rest of the league record wise. 7 teams are now 3-3 or 2-4 so as always it's shaping up to be a thin line between the playoffs and Jaxoming.
  18. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    My picks for the quarterfinals. England v Australia: Like ithanos says Australia actually do have a solid tight five now so England's traditional way of beating the Wallabies probably won't work. The issue is they don't really seem to have a clear idea what they're going to do with the platform the tight five give them. I think Cheika would like to play the old school incisive wide attacking game of Australia but they don't really have the players for it and chopping and changing your halfbacks certainly doesn't help. The England team of the last couple of years are a pretty well balanced side capable of blowing teams away. The issue has been they don't tend to do it for 80 minutes so they've put a lot of teams to the sword at the start of games then let them back in later on. Overall though I don't think Australia are the kind of side who're going to outlast England so I'll go for England to win. New Zealand v Ireland: The games in which New Zealand have struggled recently (other than the loss against Australia) have tended to be against sides with powerful forward packs and aggressive linespeed orientated defences who're able to slow the tempo of the game down and drag them into an arm wrestle. To win the World Cup they're probably going to have to beat 3 teams capable of playing that way. I think concern about that is why they've switched Barrett to fullback to give them an extra decision making option to pull the ball back to and picked Sonny Bill Williams despite him not being in great form prior to the World Cup. The big test for how well it works will be Saturday though. Ireland are certainly capable of beating the All Blacks as they showed last year and Schmidt's a very smart coach who will no doubt have a good plan to do it. On the downside they've had a pretty terrible year since that win and all the injuries they've had in the back row won't help their ability to slow down New Zealand ball. The fact that they weren't able to impose themselves on Japan is a bad sign for me. Given that I'm going to go for a New Zealand win. Wales v France: I feel like I'm fairly consistently underestimating Wales. Gatland has designed a gameplan for the team which is tailored to their limitations and they very rarely do anything particularly exciting. What they do is defend ferociously, give the opposition no easy opportunities and usually take their chances. They also win a lot. France are kind of the opposite. They're very talented, Dupont, Penaud etc are great to watch and they usually give the opposition lots of chances. If it all clicks for France they might win but overall I don't think they're particularly well coached and I'm dubious that's a great foundation for beating Wales. So I'm going for a Wales win. Japan v South Africa: Japan have been great and I'd love to say I could see them going further but unfortunately I can't. They beat South Africa last time but this Springbok team are a lot better than the 2015 vintage. Fundamentally the up tempo game Japan want to play is very hard to do if you're losing collisions on the gainline pretty consistently which is what I think it going to happen against this South African pack. So, yeah, I'm going for a South Africa win. That was a pretty long winded way of saying I think all the favourites are going to win their quarterfinals.
  19. IheartIheartTesla

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I don't know about you, but even if there is some non-BS aspect to this pregnancy hoopla it doesn't matter to me. You have to weigh the 1000s of lies told by Trump against one kinda-sorta maybe lie and ask oneself why you would even engage in that discussion. To reiterate, I don't care even if she embellished the truth or reduced a complex situation to an easy to understand story. This is literally of no consequence to anyone except herself, unlike Trump's lies which have real effects on real people.
  20. Rufus Snow

    The search goes on for the Hooded Man

    We see Theon surrounded by the snow, being 'kissed by snowflakes' - or 'Winter's advances' if you like. The HM says nothing that ANY northman wouldn't say. I suspect he is just a personification of 'the North', an everyman figure. For now, the North has 'accepted' Bolton rule, so would leave Theon to Ramsay in that sense. Perhaps we've all been overthinking this?
  21. Fragile Bird

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Once again, we live in a crazy world when John Bolton was the only sane person in the Executive.
  22. Tywin et al.

    Fantasy Football 2019

    The purest victories are the .6 margin ones.
  23. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL 2019: After A Quarter, Are They Who We Thought They Were?

    Yeah, he ain't no rocket surgeon.
  24. Feather Crystal

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time is one story broken into 14 books with the last three installments completed by Brandon Sanderson. I get the sense that George is trying to improve upon both Tolkien's and Jordan's model when he envisioned A Song of Ice and Fire. Jordan was a prolific writer, completing 11 books and 1 prequel in 15 years. The story centers around a central character named Rand Al Thor. While Paul Atreides is a central character in Dune, he's only prominent in three out of six books. The four book Rama series centers around an alien space structure named the Rama, but don't the prominent characters and stories change from book to book? I'm trying to make a distinction between a book series and a single story broken into segments, because I think the latter is much more difficult to write, and a challenge that arguably has never been completed "well" - especially utilizing a multiple POV technique. I think this is what motivates George: he wants to be known as the author that did it well. People criticize Feast and Dance "now", but I think the goal is that after the story is complete, the series will be judged in its entirety.
  25. I think Littlefinger had a few things that were left hanging that I think would have been interesting. One is the conversation he has with Sansa in the crypts in Season 5, where he insinuates that Lyanna may not have left with Rhaegar unwillingly and as we see in the Season 7 finale, we see that Lyanna was willing. I think it could have been possible that Petyr, who might have been on the road after being sent away from Riverrun, deliberately mixed up the message to get Brandon Stark killed, and unintentionally set off Robert's Rebellion.
  26. Tywin et al.

    NFL 2019: After A Quarter, Are They Who We Thought They Were?

    Pretty much. They’d run nickel then bring a safety up and put eight in the box. You’d have no idea who is rushing and who is dropping back. Goff couldn’t figure it out to save his life and was clearly guessing….poorly.
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