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  2. Excellent characters, morally very ambiguous, lots of political intrigue, epic battle scenes. What's not to like?
  3. Jo498

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    If you can do a lot of longish runs you can do them slowish. If you run only 3-4 times a week and/or cannot run for an hour or more everytime, I think it helps cranking up the intensity which includes doing the slowish runs faster. Or adding fartlek elements into the otherwise slowish runs. But the best rule of thumb is that the "quality units", i.e. the fastish race-pace or similar workouts (like your mile repeats) should never suffer from too much intensity of your easier runs. It does not make sense to crank up the speed of the base/steady/slowish runs if you are then too tired to meet the specs of your intense workouts.
  4. during the meeting between the kingdoms I just kept seeing Jean grey, prof x, and wolverine. Tyrion honestly reminds me of a drunken gambler that just rolled his dice its a trip
  5. T and A

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    That, I think, is not the point George is trying to make. Sure, Game of Thrones and ASOIAF differ. They have to. The damn books are not out yet (and it is for once not D&D's fault, mind you), they must differ. What he says is, that it is the wrong question to ask, which version is the true one. Since none of the storys is real, you can argue all day long. You won't have an objective answer. Because they differ, all it matters is how people view what is the "right" version. Friends of mine have never read ASOIAF, yet they have lived with Kit Harringtons character of Jon Snow for over 8 years. They have emotions for those characters and have shed tears through his journey. For them, he is real. For them he is Jon Snow. Does this make Jon Snow from the show not real? There are more show watchers than book readers. It is a nonsensiqual question. For George, Jon Snow is the boy, he has in his head, for my best friend, who has never read the books, it is Kit Harringtons "Jon Snow". Same goes for the story of course. I can not tell you, which story is the real one, and nor can George. It is the story you have in your head. Both storys are out there. Both storys are in the mind of people. Both storys are just as real as the other. That is, what Georges statement is all about.
  6. The three Investigators or 3 ??? acquired a cult following among Germans born between the late 60s and mid 80s! Many boys my age started with Enid Blyton around age 7-9 and then "graduated" to the 3 ??? (While the offical translation is "Die drei Detektive", the series is more commonly called "Die drei Fragezeichen" (the three question marks). Even more than the books, the dramatized audio versions (usually on cassette tapes) are considered classics and the original speakers (now around 50 or older) have been on tour with live readings frequently. (There are some changes, e.g. Jupiter Jones became "Justus Jonas" but the setting remains in California and was not adapted to Europe.) I wonder if anyone would particularly recommend a book from Hillerman's Navajo series. I read one "The Ghostway" and while good it did not quite grab me to actively seek out more from the series. But it is so frequently recommended that I am willing to try at least another one.
  7. Not at all. It's actually pretty close to how I wanted the story to end so I guess I'm fairly happy. I'm not thrilled about all the sub-plots that I'm still going to have to wade through but I'm looking forward to a more in depth look at the realm after all is said and done. I'm expecting more emphasis on prophecy, loose ends, and an overall better flow of time. The show was never going to deliver on that stuff with the timeline they were working in. I get that. Martin will be able to address everything us book snobs are complaining about with regards to the show.
  8. Sheiraseastar23

    Two Questions about this Episode

    After Robbs death, and the Boltons being named the Wardens of the North by the crown, they were part of the 7 kingdoms again, until Jon was named the Kind in the Norf.
  9. Cladinator

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    If I had to choose one for the whole series I'd go with Jack Gleeson. I think his talent is often overlooked due to severely cruel nature of the character he played. But damn, did he do an amazing job. As far as season 8 goes I'd probably go with Peter Dinklage.
  10. Cladinator

    The Ending Was very conventional

    I think your "wokeness" has destroyed your ability to effectively judge the ending of this story, to be honest.
  11. The Marquis de Leech

    New Zealand

    Woohoo. We have permission to imprison him next year!
  12. The Red Waste

    The heartless subtext thread...

    Sam has The Citadel by the balls. He has all the inside dirt on how they almost left the apocalypse happen through institutionalized ignorance. Under the circumstances a rapid promotion in recognition of Sam's outstanding dedication to the furtherance of education and knowledge seems reasonable.
  13. Cladinator

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    No. We really don't get to see the realm post-Daenerys. Don't miss the point though. The realm is now on the up-and-up. That's the whole reason for ending the story with Bran as King. Whether you like that outcome or not, the point is that better days are ahead for the realm.
  14. Buckwheat

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    Yes. This was uncalled for. Poor summer weather does not deserve such language. Summer is great, short-sleeved T-shirts and short skirts for the win.
  15. robasp2

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    I don't understand why people called Robert Baratheon a usurper either. He "DEFEATED" the crown prince in battle and crushed the king's forces. He earned the throne. He believed Lyanna was kidnapped. Didn't know the truth. He lost his beloved and got a throne he had no joy in ruling without her. He was never a "righteous", he was just a lord protesting against the injustice. The kidnapping, the murder of the starks etc. So why do people expect him to think about the realm when he gets a throne yet lost everything?
  16. Ilissa

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Gray Worm is our king?

    Will Tommen and Myrcella die?

    Yes they are going to die . Killed by Melisandre's magic .
  18. Fragile Bird

    Acrophobia 35A: Death Comes As The End, Congrats Dolorous Gabe!

    So who’s in? Do we have enough people? Never mind, whatever, maybe you’ll only have 1 vote...
  19. Charles Stuart

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    No love for Tormund?
  20. Lady Rhodes

    Heresy 222 vindication

    If you watch the after the episode portions (which while certainly should not be required viewing I find interesting) they specifically say it was Shireen’s burning, not just “something happens to Shireen” The show has changed a lot and o am not necessarily happy about t either. However, there are a few things that D&D as well as GRRM have pretty much confirmed as true that seem to be brushed under the rug because they haven’t fit our preconceived theories. Just wanting to point that out. Didnt we have a discussion a few heresy’s back regarding fraying if magical wards that could be in the wall? I also speculated elsewhere that something had to have occurred for the Others to return at this point. I am wondering if bloodraven venturing past the wall may have done something or Alysanne’s attempt to cross.
  21. That isnt how this works either. Being the Lord of a Castle doesnt make you the Lord of that region/kingdom. For example. If Jon is King, or if everyone swears fealty to him, it doesnt matter where his seat is. he is still their lord. Even seatless, he is still above Sansa. Long story short, you swear fealty to the linage, not the building they rule.
  22. Vanadis

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    You know... I think you've described how I feel about this season. It feels like the show runners have been trolling me with the storytelling. But yes, Jamie was definitely a character that didn't make sense in the end. I re-watched the scene where he talks to Brienne about why he killed the mad king. That was some excellent acting and a powerful point of character development. That scene was rendered utterly meaningless. I think that what Jamie experienced was what several of the other characters have gone through, too: He became a plot device for someone else's arc, in this case Brienne and Cersei. They wanted Brienne to have an unhappy romance, and they wanted Cersei to die with her lover in her arms. And since the show runners seem blind with the idea of "shock" and "surprise" as the main, nay only tools for telling a story, they don't need to show any scenes that justify the character's decision. It is supposed to be a surprise after all.
  23. Today
  24. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Not exactly something new, I have, long ago, suggested that “don” could be a suffix that mean son or something to that effect, as seen with Durran-don and perhaps Bran-don since we have people called Bran and Brandon, so likely Brandons are Bransons. Dondarrion may have been Don-Darrion or Don-Dareon, with the Don as a prefix Also another wordplay, Brandishing means to move/wave a weapon to show anger or to threten and Brand has these meanings, which I’ll group in two; fire/flame/burning/torch and sword So Brandon could also be Brand on and Brand part of Brandon could carry a double meaning; a fiery/flaming sword perhaps. Lightbringer? It’a not much, but I invite you, @Seams because you like the wordplays.
  25. DireWolfSpirit

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    I think the Bucks take them with or without Durant.
  26. polishgenius

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Why? Shazam is cracking.
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