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  2. Arthas? Even current WoW characters have more depth than half the cast of the show, and WoW's writing isn't exactly fantastic. A couple of years ago, I was comparing Cersei's crowning to Sylvanas being named Warchief. Both scenes are roughly two minutes and a half long, both are about an evil scheming bitch being put in charge over a nation. In those two minutes, the bloody in-game cutscene manages to communicate why she gets the title, address the fact that she was an unlikely choice, show us the reactions of the other leaders (who in this case were potential claimants themselves!) and show her some of the people behind her. At the end of the clip, you buy that she's in charge. By comparison, Cersei's clip feels like empty weight. We are served a jarring plot development with no explanation. We don't see the lords or the people reacting to this, the only reaction we get is from Jaime, and he's mostly confused! They didn't even bother to add a simple "By the laws of gods and men" at the start of Qyburn's speech to at least establish on the spot that it is an accepted practice in Westeros for the dead king's mother to inherit the throne. No, that bum straight out "proclaims" her queen and that's that. Cue the music!
  3. GallowKnight

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    I watched Cobra Kai season 2. I liked it, but not as much as I liked the first season. It's not as funny or humours and instead they dialed the melodrama up considerably. It does not feel as heartfelt s the first season and is a bit more soap-y instead. Plus some characters felt like they got shafted pretty hard in terms of screen time and importance in the story. And the new comic relief character is pretty awful.
  4. Amris


    I have said this before and I repeat it here because your thread is about this very subject: In my opinion GRRM when he set up the story took the Dark Overlord fantasy trope (think Sauron as an extreme example) and thought about how he could turn it on it's head: - What if the Dark Overlord was a caring human being instead of just an evil force of nature? - What if the Dark Overlord was a lovely girl instead of a brutish guy? - What if the villain(ess) was white and blond instead of the tropish black? - What if the Dark Overlord had some real historical claim to the throne instead of just being evil for evil's sake? Now due to the above Dany at first glance doesn't look like the Dark Overlord trope. However if you strip her role down to it's bare bones the thing becomes obvious IMO: - she is an outside invader who wants to conquere the whole continent - she has a horde of foreigen barbarian troups under her command with a reputation for bloodlust and rape - she has three fire-breathing dragons which can lay waste to entire castles and even cities - she does burn people alive on occasion. Even so far back as book 1 btw: think of Mirri Maz Duur. So to answer your OP question - is Daenerys a character study in how someone becomes a villain? I think the answer is yes and no both. Daenerys has always had those two sides - the Mhysa side and the Dragon side. Even so far as book 1 she dabbled in necromancy to try to bring her dying husband back to life and she sacrificed her unborn child for that purpose and burned someone alive even back then. Yeah there were reasons and yeah she didn't know - or didn't want to know as may rather be the case, closed her eyes to it - but sacrifice and burn people she did. In that way its not so much of how to 'become' a villain. Her dragon side was always there. She also has the Mhysa side though and the two are often at odds. Sometimes she goes more the one way, sometimes the other. Which is great IMO. And it is my feeling that the Mhysa side will always be a part of her and never be completely eradicated. So my feeling is Daenerys is not slated to become an all-out villainess. She is also not slated to be a 100% heroine. Instead she is a case study on how heroism and villainy are related and sometimes two sides of the same coin. How they are part of her - and really part of all of us. Necessary parts even. And she is a case study on how a 'villain' should be. Not the cardboard-cutout of Sauron. Rather a real person with a real heart. And then you ask yourself: is the villain really a villain? Turns out she is not. Not completely at any rate. There is no such thing.
  5. mormont

    Going to Weddings

    Given that this is an ASOIAF board, I take it this is a reference and you're thinking about getting into shape for the fighting?
  6. PFA team - 6 City, 4 liverpool and Pogba (played well for 2 month's, again proving that having the vote when they do is beyond fucking ridiculius). Also no Hazard.
  7. paulh_85


    it doesnt mean anything as far as i know
  8. DMC

    International thread 2

    It was better without the ETA. Never explain your joke!
  9. bloodsteel bitterraven

    What if the Mad Mouse is actually Howland Reed?

    Sansa didn't lie about Arya and Joffrey. She just didn't say anything. There's a big difference, so please stop making stuff up.
  10. rotting sea cow

    What if the Mad Mouse is actually Howland Reed?

    Yes, the size and age as well as the painting in his shield are suspicious. On the other hand, hair's color is probably wrong and there is nothing in his speech that would indicate he is Howland. Why not? He is the only crannogmen we know with the right age. For the purpose of the story, it makes more sense that he would go himself than sending someone at random. This is an interesting question. If Howland Reed is as good as Ned claims to be, why he did nothing when Theon took Winterfell? Why is he doing nothing to find out the fate of his children? The only possible answer is that Bloodraven told him (in dreams?) they are fine and they are needed for the fight.
  11. Black Arya


    Excuse me, please. What does AFAIK mean? Thanks
  12. DMC

    Jeopardy! A salute to Alex Trebek

    Here's an article on it: Last time I checked, Jeopardy! has yet to comment on their specific policy, but they presumably have something. I always wonder who insures these ridiculously lucrative type of things - e.g. who's actually been paying Jacoby Ellsbury for the past four years?
  13. If Lyanna's stay had been arranged prior the tourney, it would have been a huge insult to House Whent to renege on the arrangement (basically implying that you don't trust them not to pimp Lyanna out to Rhaegar). Furthermore, offending the Whents wouldn't sit well with the Tullys, either, for obvious reasons This feels like a rather modern concept, though. Do we have any such example in-world? The only one coming to mind is Myrcella, but that was more of a political move to appease Dorne. I don't think it was customable for young maidens to spend the time in a different household to get to know their betrothed, even under supervision. You're forgetting another option - pulling an Alys to run from an unwanted marriage. In that scenario, Lyanna would indeed travel alone.
  14. denstorebog

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    Geez, I hope someone remembered to notify James Gunn about this change during all the Disney hubbub ...
  15. PrinceHenryris

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    I'd have to say that my favorite new introduction was Alyssa Targaryean. I know she was mentioned in the World Book, but we didn't learn anything about her personality. I found it especially cool that she took Viserys and Daemon on her dragon within a month of their birth. Actually, I find Aemon, Baelon and Alyssa likeable, interesting and capable. Sadly, they all had to die young or there wouldn't have been much of a story.
  16. DireWolfSpirit

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    Yes im quite eager to see these electric F150's when they hit the market. My commute is about 50 miles daily as well. I would probably use the electric truck in warm weather and still use the gas truck in inclement weather, which in northern Wisconsin/ Mich. U.P is easily 6 mos. (insert frowny face here).
  17. Today
  18. 21st Century Moose

    The forging of Lightbringer

    Thoros could also light his sword, but otherwise I agree - the magic isn't in the sword, it's in the wielder. You could give Beric or Thoros any old sword and they'd be able to light it, but their swords are otherwise quite mundane.
  19. My main problem with this is that is seems highly unlikely that the Starks would allow Lyanna to stay with a loyalist house so closely aligned with Rhaegar. After the events at Harrenhal is seems a highly unlikely choice for her to stay. Much more likely, it seems to me, is if Lyanna travels with her brothers to the Vale. The better for her and Robert to spend some quality supervised time together getting to know each other. Whether or not Lyanna goes north with Benjen, only to turn around and come back with Rickard seems an open question to me. But, either traveling from the Vale or ahead of her father's column it seems likely she leaves with a small party to go onto Riverrun herself, and it is on this journey that she is "kidnapped." My major questions about this time period concerns whether or not the Starks respond to Rhaegar's crowning of Lyanna by moving up the wedding of Lyanna to Robert. If so it would likely mean a marriage before Lyanna turns sixteen. Maybe a joint marriage of Robert and Lyanna at the same time as Brandon's and Catelyn's impending nuptials. But it would be a response we would expect from the Starks after Rhaegar declares his interest in Lyanna before the assembled realm. In effect, saying even the royal house has no right to interfere in a marriage pact pledged between House Stark and House Baratheon. If so, it seems likely Lyanna may have asked Rhaegar for his help in getting out of a quickly approaching wedding she wanted no part of. I favor a chance meeting to spark these developments, mainly because it would fit Martin's homages to Tolkien. Specifically the chance meeting between Gandalf and Thorin in the Prancing Pony in Bree. A chance encounter that change the face of Middle Earth. It would fit Martin's style, I think, to have Lyanna and Rhaegar have a chance encounter at the Inn of the Crossroads as each are on journeys that fate them to other lives. Lyanna to marry Robert, and Rhaegar to find the Ghost of High Heart to help him explain how Elia's infertility after Aegon's birth effect the prophecy of the dragon must have three heads. Let me ask you this, @Ran, concerning Brandon's companions. It is a peculiar party for a Prince of the North to have as his wedding party, which I agree it likely is. Other than his squire Ethan Glover, there are no northerners. Just how do you think these young noblemen are picked for this honor? I have a guess, but it isn't something I can claim comes from me. Stefan Stasse over at the Tower of the Hand, The Nerdstream Era, and Boiled Leather audio first wrote about this idea as far as I can see. Perhaps you have heard of it before and can point me to other origins. Whoever thought this up, Stasse has theorized that, at least Elbert, is in this party because a foster brother relationship between Brandon and Elbert. That along with sending Ned south to the Eyrie to be fostered in the Vale, we have Elbert coming north to be foster alongside of Brandon in Barrowton. I like this idea quite a bit and think the presence of a hero of the War of the Sevenpenny Kings in Barrowton is an attraction for both heirs to be trained there. The same could be true for young Royce and Mallister. Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this speculation.
  20. DireWolfSpirit

    International thread 2

    I dont see anything wrong with calling the muslims and christians ramadan and easter worshippers. Seems like perfectly apt descripions, I truly fail to see what the whining is about?
  21. Loge

    Who is Jon Snow?

    It doesn't make sense for Rhaegar to name his son by Lyanna Aegon as he already had a son named Aegon. As for legitimacy, we don't know for sure but the presence of the kingsguard at the Tower of Joy hints at Jon being the legitimate heir to the throne. Polygamy isn't exactly unheard of in the Targaryen dynasty.
  22. PetyrPunkinhead

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    No Gamorah's not in that scene and she's not at the funeral either. She's "missing" post final battle, and Quill is conducing a search for her on the Benetar when that "who's in charge" scene first begins. My guess is Guardians volume3 (aka Asgardians of the Galaxy) will involve a search for Gamorrah and a fight with Adam Warlock.
  23. A lot of this is just navel gazing. Cartel parties always will have intra-conflict - even as the GOP continues to shrink they have factional strife. Plus of course more and more candidates want to run because it's becoming a very beneficial career move for politicians, that isn't at all party specific. As for a brokered convention, again, that's just something junkies dream about imagining cuz we got nothing better to do. My stated policy on that is I'll believe it when I see it.
  24. DaveSumm

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    Do you mean Infinity War? Captain Marvel was just a comedic scene where something we knew full well was going to happen ... happened. Unless you mean the mid-credit scene, but then if that is or isn’t in Endgame, I don’t want to know. I’d grant you Infinity War, but they’ve mostly been entirely disposable for a long time. There’s been very few that aren’t either scenes borrowed from an upcoming film, or are just a quick joke that nothing really turns on.
  25. Impmk2

    International thread 2

    If you google it seems the rightwing media (Fox, Hannity and co) are going nuts about this. And looking at her twitter feed, prior to a couple hours ago she'd done 1 post total in the past week*. She was visiting her grandmother in Puerto Rico. But apparently she needs to be tweeting about world news 24/7 regardless of her personal circumstances. *And that 1 tweet looks like a promotional tweet for a documentary about her posted on her behalf.
  26. Mikael

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    Yeah ill definitely keep watching, but that is the real question, are they going somewhere with this? Anyway, for now i think one just have to roll with the more out there stuff and see if they make sense later on.
  27. mormont

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    I could only play the first 40 minutes of the Bagon event. Still got four shinies. Yeah, I know. :p They've been taking their time over the gen 4 rollout but i feel like we'll get some new ones soon.
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