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  2. Darth Richard II

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Rumor is it drops 10/21, which is also Carrie Fishers birthday.
  3. A Horse Named Stranger

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Like I said. Popcorn time. Let the Hunger Games Begin. Let's see how Boris wants to worm himself out of it.
  4. redriver

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    I suppose Boris spending so much time on them signifies something.They can be bought it would appear.No big surprise there.I hope it's the case. From a personal point of view Remain is out the window it seems.So a deal with a cash incentive which actually helps business in NI appears th best option for ROI and the whole island.
  5. He was a merchant. Maybe he is a secret investor in businesses a la Savine?
  6. I think this has even bigger implications for the comics. Feige is now in charge of them, too, which is pretty insane. One has to wonder what this means for Perlmutter.
  7. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    The Sun is reporting that Owen Patterson has now attacked the plan and IDS is said to be angry. Baker, on the other hand sounds positive. So mixed signals but signs Boris can't win rally his own troops let alone the DUP.
  8. Trigger Warning

    George Martin and scale

    I basically ignore the scale and imagine everything to be significantly smaller for my own suspension of disbelief, it's less that I can imagine the size of these things and more that GRRM still describes people interacting with them as if they were much smaller which I have a problem with like Theon's men scaling 80 foot walls with grappling hooks, climbing down to swim the moat and then... climb the more than a 100 foot inner wall? Winterfell's so huge that with the comically small amount of people they left behind they could have probably done it in the middle of the day to boot.
  9. Remember also that "libertarians" - and namely both the Pauls - have had a historically close relationship to the John Birch Society, which virulently opposed the Civil Rights Movements and is generally was one of the top racist ultra-right groups even before it was cool. Plus there's the Pauls' documented opposition to the CRA. Yeah if it's Bolton then virtually all the reporting on the whistleblower has been inaccurate - including his "ties" to Biden (just sounds like he was a NSC staffer during the Obama administration, but still). Well, considering Harris' polling is so low as you point out, it doesn't really matter where her supporters go unless one candidate gets, like, almost all of them (which is unlikely). Warren has the second-choice lead among Harris voters, but obviously she's already ate into that. As for Bernie, it's pretty evenly split between Biden and Warren. All the two of them dropping out would do, in all likelihood, is further solidify Biden and Warren as the top two candidates. On Bernie supporters going after Warren, this is from yesterday, but it seems some of them are ready to take the gloves off on Medicare for All as well: It does not appear as if Bernie nor even his campaign is involved in this, but it's yet another reason for him to drop out if his supporters are gonna start in the gotcha stuff.
  10. GallowKnight

    The Deuce

    This show is really firing on all cylinders this season. That Gyllenhaal monologue was fantastic, she deserves way more recognition for this role than she's been getting. I'm really going to miss this show when it's gone.
  11. williamjm

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    On the other hand, the DUP might fear that agreeing to the deal could be doing a lot of harm to their own electoral prospects in the future since it leaves them open to attacks from the other Unionist parties. It would have made more sense for them to demand more from May to agree to her deal.
  12. corbon

    George Martin and scale

    Err, no. Casterly Rock is around 6 miles (2 leagues) long, yes. But its a ROCK, not a walled castle. Think a longer Ayres Rock (Uluru), vaguely lion shaped, jutting into the sea. Its been mined for literally thousands of years, and also for literally thousands of years some of those mined out areas have been built into inhabited areas. Its GRRMs version of a typical fantasy dwarven fortress, literally built inside the Rock. You don't need men to cover all those square metres internally. They are literally rock, not space. The only 'space' is literally the rooms and corridors. Nor are there great walls around it you have to defend. Just the entrances and a presumably small (since it has only a lookout functional need) castle* perched on top, which siege gear can't get to anyway. Literally the entire place is choke points, not massive defenses. That way it can be any size it wants internally and only need a relatively small garrison and non-military population. But this one actually could be city-sized and work, logistically. (*Well, the Casterlys had a ring fort on the top for the view, no mention of that currently that I could find). Sure, but Pyke is not enormously big. There is nothing suggesting it was all that big originally. Now its just a scattered collection of towers and keeps left behind as the rock literally crumbled into the sea around them, and a short length curtain wall with the gatehouse+towers left on the land from the original entrance. There's hardly any people in it at all, relatively speaking. Sure. Do note though that the Eyrie is the smallest of the great seats, and not even occupied year-round. The Gates of the Moon is the main fortress in truth, the Eyrie not much more than an overdone inner Keep. I see the Eyrie as a disney castle really. A more spectacularly located Neuschwantsein or Eltz castle, not much bigger, probably in fact smaller than these, mostly just the 7 slender towers. It took over 70years to build IIRC. Logistically you are supply a few hundred people, not 10s of thousands. Nope. Into the mountain, not up it. The main entrance can ride twenty horsemen abreast through it, though thats up steps, so not where the food comes in. There are surely other entrances probably large enough for carts, and almost certainly including the natural sea caverns that no doubt include facilities for unloading food cargoes direct to store rooms. Again, its not a huge populated city that need supplying, just a somewhat larger (and richer, and more easily supplied, literally with the sea caverns) "castle" population. The City is nearby/adjacent Lannisport. Do we? Dragonstone isn't supposed to be particularly massive. Its clealry a large-ish castle, but its features are about sorcerously aided shape, not size. Storms End is famed for its strength - apparently magically aided construction that withstands wind and storm and salt better than normal castles and thus probably costs less in maintenance - not its massive size. Nothign indicates either of these strongholds have or require city-sized populations, or particularly difficult logistics. No, we aren't. You've incorrectly extrapolated that out from one case and applied it to all. You do need to pay closer attention to the sources. Having said that, yes GRRM has deliberately overscaled almost everything about Westeros, and sometimes the logistics don't work. It was an admitted reaction to being 'confined' by the limitations of 70s and 80s television screenwriting.
  13. Feige is now in charge of all of Marvel Entertainment So no longer will one group of people be running Marvel TV and another group running the film division...that is also starting to make shows. This shouldn't really effect Agents of SHIELD. But if Helstrom ever gets made I guess it can be part of MCU proper. Also if they revived any of the netflix shows the heroes might actually have a chance of appearing in the films.
  14. williamjm

    His Dark Materials Series

    A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she'd seen the first episode at a screening in London and liked it a lot, saying:
  15. Lady Dacey

    The search goes on for the Hooded Man

    Yes! Yeeees! I wholeheartedly agree with this. It’s how I've always read the exchange.
  16. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Well, NI's economy is only 37billion in GDP so that's a big old bribe they want there.
  17. A Horse Named Stranger

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Not enough. May's deal would've kept NI more closely alligned to the UK (well actually the UK to NI, but that's semantics) than this proposal. They rejected it, because they feared a future goverment might cut them loose at some point as a price for a looser UK (minus NI) EU relationship, without upsetting the EU (namely Ireland). Now the new proposal is effectively taking a short cut, by cutting NI loose. So for them it's getting offered to be sold down the river now, instead of potentially in some point in the future. Lesson for the DUP, if somebody - likesay the Tories - can buy you, they can also sell you.
  18. Ser Hedge

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    One person briefed on the negotiations said the DUP was asking for “billions not millions” for Northern Ireland. https://www.ft.com/content/033e6e20-ef19-11e9-ad1e-4367d8281195
  19. williamjm

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    I'm still making my way through Phillip Pullman's The Secret Commonwealth. There's a subplot featuring an author who has written a terrible sounding 900 page fantasy novel that he claims is about the triumph of rationality over superstition and every time he's mentioned I find myself thinking of Terry Goodkind.
  20. Ser Hedge

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    I hear you, FWIW they will still be in the UK customs area as well (de jure) and benefit from any free trade agreements the UK strikes, so the fudge is there if the DUP are willing to use that to sell their electorate. There is unquestionably a hard border through the Irish Sea and if the duty on an item is less in the UK than the EU, the higher duty is paid first and upon consumption in NI itself, a rebate is applied for. Sounds like a real hassle. Another thing in the calculus is if Boris gets this approved by the EU and it nearly passes commons, but is nuked by the DUP, it will be a GE and Boris campaigns on this deal (not no deal) and if the Tories win a simple majority, then the DUP can push their wheelbarrows across the frictionless border all the way to fair Dublin and sell cockles and mussels 'til they die of a fever, 'coz no one in Westminster will have any use for them any more. So, take the cash while it's there.
  21. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    John Rentoul's (chief pol commentator at the Indie) calculation based on MV3 "If there is a deal & DUP support it, it should pass the Commons: 286 MPs voted for May's deal on 29 March: -1 Brecon (C Davies) -2 MPs like A Rudd who say Johnson's deal is worse +20 of 28 Spartans +15 Lab (S Kinnock & co) incl 1 Lib Dem (N Lamb) +10 DUP 328 = majority of 17" If the 10 DUP vote against majority is -3 so the government would lose the vote. And this is not counting the fact that more Spartans would likely vote against if the DUP were against. I think Rentoul might be flowing too many Labour MPs to Johnson too, as this deal is much harder than May's.
  22. redriver

    Acrophobia 36 - Gone Fishin' - ROUND 8!!

    1. 3 2. 9 3. 10
  23. Today
  24. Consigliere

    El Camino: The Chariot of Destiny (Spoilers)

    It was okay. At least Pinkman got a decent ending. The movie was 20-30 minutes longer that it needed to be. Aside from setting up how Jessie knew where to find the money, the flashbacks were largely pointless especially the one with Walt which was nothing more than fan service.
  25. Turinqui-Calima

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Haha, I was panicking a bit cause I hadn't checked the board for a few days and thought I might be late on the description round. Shame shame.
  26. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    I agree with Horse on this; it is an existential question for them. I do think you are right that elements of the ERG may now be thinking, this is all we are going to get. So there could be movement there. And lets not forget we haven't seen the new draft yet and when we do it may all fall apart in a few hours; Johnson has no careful, well-thought out plan; this is being done out of fear of the Benn Act.
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